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  1. Sheila Ashburn

    Eric: Thanks for being willing to risk the TV camera. You gave me a very relevant message of the feelings that surround today’s Sun conjunct Chiron. Sheila

  2. sojourn

    Let’s keep President Obama surrounded with our positive thoughts and prayers today.

    Great podcast, Eric – inspires me to do something outside my usual comfort zone.

    1. Linda Knowles

      Yes, let’s all ,the unbigoted, hold Obama in our esteem for taking on this endless assault, and maintaining his dignity in the face of so much racist crap. He is, I feel, a good man – not sure about his political strategies. I don’t know enough about them to comment intelligently. But I do respect him for what he took on.

  3. Jaimie

    Well done, Eric! Even your playful expression of discomfort was endearing.

    Yesterday’s murder in Madison, WI, of the 19-year-old black youth in his own home after an officer invaded it and the protests occurring now also dovetails with the Selma tragedy anniversary. The movement continues. It lives and grows. #BlackLivesMatter May we recognize the continuation of this struggle for equity and civil rights, including the right to not be harrassed, invaded and murdered by a militarized law enforcement gang with legal rights to do most anything and get away with it, and may we honor this ongoing struggle with our attention and service.

    I’ve been feeling lately like Chiron’s been sitting atop my heart. There is that magnification you spoke of, and sense of urgency, and my constant strategizing on how to meet what has arisen and continues to. Intense stuff. I thank you for this exploration of the wounded healer’s meeting with the Sun.

    In the spirit of this offering, and my unexpected desire to share personal shit, I offer this old poem from 2005. I’d submitted it to McSweeney’s, and they seriously considered publishing it, which I considered a satisfying result.

    Chiron & The Moon: A Sestina

    You aftershave is poison
    a potion prepared for your face after anointing it with water
    when you cut yourself, and you bleed,
    and it hurts like a sunnuvvabitch, baby,
    but with my touch, I say I can heal,
    I can heal you with my touch.

    As I wonder about your touch
    if it would be poison,
    a scorpion to sting me, not heal,
    perhaps a breeze on the water,
    where ocean salt tastes like tears, baby,
    where waves plead and make my heart bleed.

    But as I bleed
    I speak to you of rivers that do not touch
    of whether I will ever conceive a baby
    whether my womb is poison,
    whether it would fill with foul water
    or after birthing, heal.

    Chiron speaks of wounds that never heal
    always picking the scab, waiting for it to bleed,
    the eternal peroxide bottle on standby for water,
    you, for a mother’s hands, a gentle touch,
    me, for the hot thing to relinquish its poison,
    for the moon to speak my name, baby.

    I will not eat the meat if it comes from a baby.
    I pray for our culture to heal
    while we both wait for it to eject its poison,
    believing that to live is to bleed,
    for the dead do not bleed or feel a lover’s touch
    and blood is always thicker than water;

    water is not thicker than blood.
    And my pillows sigh as they wait for you, baby,
    my ivy tangled in the cornfields waits for your touch,
    for our shackled souls to heal,
    though every 28 days I bleed,
    glad to be alive and know the fear of poison.

    My soul bleeds water and by firelight I heal,
    for it is a blessing to bleed and by a full moon wait for your touch,
    but some still say that your touch is poison.

  4. Barbara

    Eric……….Thanks for the sage words………coming in handy…..WELL DONE DELIVERY…….very authentic…..hope you will do more…………….

  5. Eskimobee

    You’re a natural and your feelings of discomfort will ease. I bet it was already more fun than you thought it would be! congratulations, I loved it 🙂

  6. Tana

    Eric, I liked it very much! It’s you and you’re a special person who has the ability and gift to bring knowledge to help heal others. Doing it by video is just an addition way we can all appreciate you for being you.

  7. Lizzy

    Yes – ditto Tania. You’re a great communicator, Eric – your warmth, spontaneity and humour shine through whether it’s written, audio or video. And thanks so much for this great podcast, which soothed my fevered brow.

  8. P. Sophia

    Really sweet. And good information Eric. Yes, please continue in this format along with the podcasts.

    This has already been a crazy day dealing with this fire energy. Sagittarius ASC man i am seeing has gone from emotional extremes over the last couple of days. And today the imbalance seemed to snap into run and hide.. Whereas for me feels like the opposite of healing growth. Well it is what it is for him at the moment anyway. . But it does seem the Sun-Chrion conjunction aspect hit counter intuitive for him. How long does this aspect last, and is there hope in an upcoming aspect of a turn around? In the meantime, just letting it go.

  9. Mandy

    You’re like the Sun emerging from behind clouds, Eric. This is great! Thanks for the inspirational example to expand beyond our comfy zone, along with the really helpful info. Simple hit the mark.

  10. Brad

    I like the video format, that unfamiliarity added a degree of sensed authenticity. This is in contrast to those who are all too comfortable and certain … thus giving the impression of false confidence. (I attribute this to the ego-desire to *not make a mistake*, trying to appear infallible, and leading to something of a Potemkin façade.)

  11. Dorothy Rodriguez

    Eric, wonderful to see you there in Kingston! You don’t need the makeup or wardrobe people; you did very well just being yourself. I am one of those Venus in Aries women you mentioned and of course you nailed it – Thank you for the Planet Waves TV; loved it!

  12. goatwool

    Thank you.
    On one level, seeing you live on video, created a trusting feeling, adding depth in various ways, to your existing work and astrology. Perhaps the most awesome thing is to witness a certain vulnerable aspect of someone. Personally taking opportunity to allow my vulnerabilities asm situations and courage allow provides wonders to my growth as a more genuine being,and along the same lines as genuine astrology does wonders to discovering my deeper, higher, truer self.
    Your astrology became even more genuine.
    I’m amazed at the type of true connection which can occur through in this portal-esk medium.

  13. Victoria

    I hope you continue on with the video format; as others have remarked there was more of a connection for me being able to see your eyes and facial expressions. I sometimes get lost in your voice during your audio reports (not a bad thing). I think there is a place for both these formats on planetwaves. Thank you for your service and your willingness to share more of yourself with us.

  14. karliecole

    Cool! My only suggestion: if you’re using visual media – add some visuals. I’d love to see how what you’re talking about looks on a chart and stuff like that.

  15. P. Sophia

    Finally upon closer look tonight for me the Sun – Chiron conjunction of openly addressing and looking at our troubles; self-inflicted wounds are brought there for a purpose. They are bridging/feeding into the Mars conjunct Uranus transpersonal theme at Aries 14 and 15 degrees, polarization to relationship fulfillment; wholeness.

  16. Eric Francis Post author

    Great suggestion Karlie, if someone would explain how to do B roll in iMovie I will add that. Usually these commands take three seconds to learn, if one knows how to do it. (Light) editing is the next step.

  17. Diane Lynch

    From a Pisces Sun with Mars and Venus in Aries woman, I could stare at your face and listen to you for hours! Love love love the video. Whether its your words on paper, radio or video, you never disappoint! Always a thought provoking experience! Thank you Eric.

  18. Kelli

    This video was so much more compelling for me than radio and a disembodied voice. Maybe it’s my Venus in Aries talking, but I like seeing my astrologer in person!

  19. DivaCarla Sanders

    Well done. I prefer the intimacy and freedom of radio, as I am not captive to watching the image, but this is fun anyway, and way to stretch and make it easy enough and good enough . Nudge: will we see other Planetwaves authors and staff on PWTV ?

  20. P. Sophia

    Sorry if off topic of Eric, and his very fitting aspect/date of ‘tented revival’, but getting back to, regarding the actual astrology…yep, more stories are coning in this morning…Mars and any one reaching out from egocentricity is having a very difficult time through this Sun – Chiron conjunction. Uranus is working hard to transfigure through awareness tho.

  21. Jeff Fisher

    Great job, Eric! You looked quite at home and you definitely seemed to be digging it.
    It was great seeing facial expressions and gestures accompanying your message.
    Can’t wait for the feature-length film version!

  22. Linda Knowles

    Good job! I know this is new to you, but you did great. Not sure how you kept your train of thought with all the surrounding chaos. That breakfast place was distracting. although I’m sure it was more comfortable for you. Your commentary is a nice slice of where we are “right now”, and I welcome more of those, in a quieter place. Try the grandmotherland? Don’t think I have that right, but you will know what I mean. It inspires you for sure.

  23. Jo

    I loved your video — thank you. The simplicity of your approach made it easy for me to concentrate on the content. Your authentic way of speaking is a real pleasure. Love the breakfast place as backup — so simple and real.

  24. Joelle Lefeuvre

    Very Good! I very much like listening to you, and I tend to drift in and out and therefore always listen several times. Although I didn’t watch the video, I more listened to it, having you “in the room” as it were helped me focus on what you said, and I learned a lot!

    Thank you very much. I shall immediately watch/listen to number 2!

  25. tgarton

    Hey! Just getting around to starting to watch these! It’s so interesting to see you communicate, after all these years. You are adorable! And – now about me – thanks for the tips for me and my Venus in Aries sisters. 😉 One tip as an easily distracted and curious Gemini sun – if you wear a button, please let us know what it says. HAHAHAHA!!!

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