Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016


The written readings for Vision Quest, Planet Waves’ 2016 annual edition, have now been published. Order all 12 signs at a great value or choose your individual signs.

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Aries weekly Feb. 13, 2009


By now you may have decided that you need to be more careful who you call a friend. Lately they seem to be arriving in every flavor, and only occasionally what could be properly called friendly. As for this other thing called love, I doubt you’ve been left with the feeling that your luck is running high right now. The paradox of your astrology is about you possessing a distinct magnetism at the same time you’re feeling like you may need to retreat into yourself for a while — which would be a good idea, though not especially easy. You need, at the least, some nights alone and time to consider the many things you feel but which you cannot say. If you’re struggling with anyone, decide whether you want them to be part of your fantasy or part of your reality — or neither.

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