Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Tuesday, June 7, 2016


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Today’s Oracle takes us to the Taurus weekly for Oct. 10, 2008.


You may have the sense that you’ve been going nowhere fast, bogged in deliberating over meaningless decisions and meanwhile obsessed with the conspiracy of love. Oh, I forgot to include adding up money that isn’t here yet. You can count on events over the next few days to help you get your priorities in order — and that, as it turns out, is the one thing you need. Knowing your priorities is the remedy for confusion. This word manifested in the English language in 1550 and it meant “mix or mingle things so as to render the elements indistinguishable.” Before you know what order your priorities need to come in, you can start by observing what they are, and seeing one as different from another. Then you can arrange them as you need.

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