Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Gemini monthly for Oct. 26, 2010


You may have figured out the relationship between sex and your health. When you get the sex you want, you feel good, and when you don’t you may feel sluggish, depressed or like your life lacks meaning. Many people might judge this as a form of addiction; I would say that it’s more like if you don’t eat, you get cranky. For the next couple of months, you can equate sex to food, and apply the same basic principles of choosing what is nourishing, keeping your life in balance and noticing what things in your diet are depleting. It would help if you have contacts available who share this idea. At the moment, you may be feeling like your erotic nature is overly concerned with the idea of power. It’s true that for the foreseeable future, you need to look carefully at every situation and make sure that the power relationship is both conscious and balanced. It will help enormously if you didn’t judge what you want based on the opinions of others who may have more vanilla tastes than you do. If you’re going to explore what is called power exchange in your erotic encounters, it’s wise to do this with full awareness, mutual agreements and limits that both people honor. Just remember, you were born to push the edge, and one of your greatest assets is your curiosity. Therefore I suggest you associate with the edgy and the curious.

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