Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Thursday, July 25, 2019

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Libra weekly for January 13, 2012.


Events this week are asking you to confront the past and let go of your attachment to it. What this really means is letting go of an idea you have about someone. This may not be easy, but relax long enough to stay in the present and you will see your strength in the light of all you’ve been through. As you more consciously confront the shadows cast on your early life, you can reclaim it and your authority to live your life by your rules. Use this opportunity — and the space you’re clearing — to create a more colorful reality with this newfound power. You may be making up your mind to trust a situation even though you have no real proof of why you feel this way. As long as you are being honest with yourself and are in no denial of the lessons you’ve learned, you can trust your judgment and be guided by the love you feel. Give your shadows their place, and then freely dive into the soulful pleasures stirring in your heart.


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