Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Sunday, July 8, 2018

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Aries weekly for July 26, 2007.


Matters have likely progressed faster than you may have expected or thought prudent in a romantic involvement or impassioned creative project, and you may feel you’re once again in over your head. I suggest you let go of the feeling that you’re heading for a minor disaster. If you look, you’ll see not only an escape hatch when you most need it, but an opportunity to direct the course of events in a much more productive direction than your fears were telling you was possible. Note that someone will offer a suggestion for this possibility shortly before it manifests “in reality.” You can save yourself time by recognizing a good thing when you see it.

The Daily Oracle offers a horoscope selected randomly by our Intelligent Archive Oracle program, unique to Planet Waves. It’s also a database of my horoscopes going back to the late 1990s. You can use the Intelligent Archive Oracle to answer questions and give you ideas for how to handle problems and situations you cannot see through. This feature is available to our Galaxy, Backstage and Core Community members. See this link for more information.


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