Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Gemini weekly for Oct. 6, 2006.


This is a great time to get lost in your work. You’re likely to find something there if you do, and you’ll set off a series of developments that get you to rethink your ideas about your professional life. The question of what you aspire to, what your true ambitions are, has been nagging you for a few years now. The astrology involved tends to ask more questions than it gives answers, and many people are in a crisis over finding their mission. But yours is calling you; perhaps softly, perhaps from a direction you were not expecting; but for sure. Indulge yourself in the tasks at hand. Fortunately for your Gemini soul, by all indications, they are not remotely boring. Family Focus: An ex-partner’s presence is about the past, not the future.

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