Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Aquarius weekly for June 11, 1999


Two compelling Aquarians recently mentioned that they have a block involving what they call “meditation.” I have never been much of a meditator, so I am not a good source of advice on the subject. But I just looked the word up, and it turns out to mean not a fancy spiritual technique, but rather, “To reflect upon, to ponder, to contemplate.” As it turns out, I do a lot of this. I learned how from reading, but a special kind of reading in which I needed to penetrate into the core reality of an issue or an idea; in my case, it was usually fraud (a necessary meditation for any investigative journalist), and in contemplating the nature of systematic lies, I was able to come to an understanding of the truth. Try it, hmmm?

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4 thoughts on “Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015

  1. Hugging Scorpio

    I think there are three types of meditation, although my terminology is prob off. They are actively probing a subject or image, passively allowing thoughts to arise without any attachment while using the breath as a focal point, and a luminous meditation where thoughts simply are still and unnoticed. It’s a threshold where experience becomes alive, creative, and completely free from ego.

    I always like to give the analogy to people that meditation allows the mind to be drained of toxins much like a muscle. It can be uncomfortable at the beginning, but later becomes easier and easier to allow the “blood” and nutrients to flow through it. For myself, I am always surprised how much useless info, images, impressions, stories and beliefs get stuck in our mind stream. Meditation allows these toxins to be flushed out. And a lot of truth surfaces in the process.

    Thank you Eric for the reminder to keep up my practice.

  2. Lizzy

    Great description of the effects of meditation, Hugging. Very much how I feel about it. After years of classic sitting (and sometime walking) meditation have recently discovered the wonders of meditation in motion, through my Qi Gong – Tai chi classes, very grounding and healing. When I sit these days I tend to let the mind go more – and just watch it at work, and see how much judgment comes up here too.

  3. Jere

    I had a cat ask me once, “How do you meditate?”

    After a slight perplexing, I answered, “I’m always in a constant state of meditation.”

    It never occurred to me that thinking, mindfulness, un-mindfulness, or awareness wasn’t meditation..

    Excellent conveyance. Perspective, as well as understanding, are valuable tools… for meditation!! 🙂


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