Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, April 4, 2015

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Scorpio daily for May 4, 2006


Can you really make plans for another person? Can you really gamble your security on their choices? It’s rather unlike you to do such a thing, particularly since so much of your stability comes from knowing that, above all else, you can count on yourself. If you find yourself making plans for another person, I suggest you pause and ask yourself what you’re doing. If you have the occasion, ask the most important people in your life to share their plans with you. Keep the discussion honest, open and above the table.

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One thought on “Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, April 4, 2015

  1. Hugging Scorpio

    I find myself placing some intention around allowing others to be themselves in the context of letting social situations play out with little control over it or them. Why would I want to control situations or people? I think it stems from when I was very young observing my parents, my mom and my sister, and then any other situation that put me in a neutral position but as an observer of discord.

    I always got along with my parents, I always seemed to find balance with others, and I think I avoided conflict because I didn’t push a whole lot. Then I became interested in trying to fix the conflict. Then others sought me out.

    And then, when I became insecure about a situation, I would have anxiety and fear that I would be pulled into trying to keep the peace, trying to soothe a situation, or offer better perspective. But I can’t control people or their beliefs or reactions.

    It’s not always easy when it involves people that you love and care about. So, I relax into allowing people to be themselves. If I start, then I may just set the stage for such relaxation to unfold in others around me easily and without effort. Wellbeing is contagious, and laughter is medicine for the soul.

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