Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, June 6, 2016


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Today’s Oracle takes us to the Taurus weekly for March 8, 2013.


It’s time to loosen up your perspective and your perception. You know all the times you were seeing the world in black and white, and then it turned out that you could see in many colors? That’s where you are at right now. Yes, the spectrum of possibilities, of personalities, of what is simply interesting rather than being a moral issue, is more than most people think they can handle. However, your own sense of potential is directly linked to what you’re able to perceive and be at peace with in the world around you. The more you embrace what is so, without any need to judge it, the more you will expand into who you are and what you’re becoming. Most notions of right vs. wrong make no sense at all, and to some extent, we’re all carrying around the residue of moralism. If you take even one step toward freedom, you’re likely to feel like an anarchist. That’s not really true; that sensation is just an indication of how wound up you were in the past, and how much you’re letting go of today.

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2 thoughts on “Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, June 6, 2016

  1. marie hawthorne

    So Eris is quite persistently nudging my ascendant with ‘where’s the energy going?’And now Uranus is reminding me of the ‘private’ feeding frenzies in the collective unconscionable consciousness. As Democritus, Tesla, Kepler, Watson, and Einstein (to name a few) have pointed out, and every mystic and shaman has ever known, the Universe is energy, all of it. Salvador Dali demonstrated how easy it was (for him) to access the collective mind and bring back a clear picture. Rodin and Claudel did the same.

    So the physicists, biologists, philosophers, mathematicians, engineers, artists, poets, mystics, and shamans all agree, yet the debate is still about the political left and right. It’s one thing to accept the cosmological truth and another to fully integrate the consequences.

    And now we have the internet…

    For example (adult material, not for the squeamish):
    Is that Anonymous anonymous? or some other anonymous? Hmm, the price of celebrity is very high indeed, for all of us. One last, how is it that there are no images of the erect male penis?

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