Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, Jan. 15, 2016


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Today’s Oracle takes us to the Libra weekly Sept. 4, 2009


You’re searching for a new sense of identity, and of your professional role. At times they conflict; at times they are in harmony; at times the two seem to make no contact at all. Lately, they may be doing all three at once. This, in turn, might be having you wonder if you’re ever going to get the pieces to fit. I can assure you of one thing, which is that a lot of the mystery and pressure and confusion will resolve itself when Saturn enters your birth sign next month. There are things in astrology that always make a difference, and Saturn making an important move is one of them. Meanwhile, I suggest you keep mining the distant past for information, particularly if you’re ever feeling isolated or like the ground is too unstable to stand on.

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2 thoughts on “Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, Jan. 15, 2016

  1. P. Sophia

    Interesting, the end of 2009, as Saturn moving into Libra and hitting my Ascendant shortly after is when my life completely began to call the experience of heavy change. Completely tipped 180 degrees. I would say it was the start of what would seem the reversal of fortune, and may e the destruction of old cycles and ways. Saturn hit hard. But liberation was (and continues to be) the plan and new value of security.

  2. Lizzy

    “But liberation was (and continues to be) the plan and new value of security.” Couldn’t agree with you more, dear P. Sophia. Was very struck by this Oracle too.

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