Pisces 2013

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 20, 2013, #980 | By Eric Francis

Take advantage of excellent opportunities to expand your income the next few weeks, beginning immediately. You already know of some prospects; there are others you have not thought of, and still others that you came up with and set aside or forgot about. You may find it easier now than ever to cast off any doubts or misgivings you have over the so-called profit motive, which you can replace with the elemental fact that your work and your ideas have value and worth to the people who get the benefits. However, you don’t even need to go there; it still has the feeling of an excuse. Look at your life, size up your resources, consider what you’re capable of doing and decide what you want to do. Develop a strategy that you adapt as necessary, but use as a guideline. In worldly terms, this should involve income for work and services provided, how to efficiently handle debt and tax-related matters, and an overall business plan. Get competent help when you need it.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 13, 2013, #979 | By Eric Francis

I suggest you take full advantage of the professional reputation you’ve built. You might hesitate, because to own your reputation would mean to invoke a kind of personal power, perhaps claim an entitlement or to exert influence onto others. This would only be a problem if you have some value that conflicts with it, such as the belief that it’s not right to impose your will or even your vision onto people. That would be a valid issue if you could actually do it. In truth, everyone chooses what influence they want to accept. Everyone has volition and the right to decide what works for them. Therefore, it matters not whether you influence one person or a million people; it amounts to the same thing. The universe does not care whether you’re mildly successful, wildly successful or struggling to succeed — though it matters considerably to you. Therefore, be proud of what you’ve achieved, step into your strength and creativity, and trust that your positive message (and example) will benefit everyone — though especially you.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 6, 2013, #978 | By Eric Francis

People are watching, and noticing. Let’s just say that invisible is the last word I would use to describe your condition right now. So make your comments, your actions and your decisions count. The main risk you face is burning out on your own energy, so pace yourself, and before you do anything, ask if it really needs to be done, and what else might be more important. It may well be impossible to balance what seem to be personal needs against professional ones, but at the moment, professional is very, very personal.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes — December 2013, #977 | By Eric Francis

Remind yourself at all times, whenever you need to, that you are the one who directs the shape and flow of your life. More significantly, you provide the shape and color to the vital force that comes through you. The more you honor these ideas, the more influence you will have over your life. Yet they will not be real to you until you put them into practice, and get some experience doing so. This will necessitate a change of orientation from focusing primarily on the activity and relationships in your life, to your actual existence. Your core relationship is to yourself, though I assure you that this violates every rule of our society — this, despite the prevalence of narcissism and self-obsession, which has nothing to do with the concept of a core relationship. Narcissism is a mockery, and in truth it’s always about someone else. One of the biggest and best favors you can do for yourself this month and for the coming year is to focus your vision. Have some concept of what you want to be doing, and then refine it regularly as you process additional experiences and information. This is not merely a psychological exercise; it’s working with a manifestation principle. You can be a passive recipient of your experience, or you can vision yourself into existence.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 22, 2013 #976 | By Eric Francis

Push yourself, but do so gently. You’ve reached that time in the year when you feel the imperative to get things done, and the only thing that makes this year different is that you’re starting to grasp that you actually can achieve what you set out to do. You’ve been facing challenges the past few weeks that have only increased your desire to rise to the occasion, and have given you both determination and courage. Yet I suggest you disengage any emotions that may be driving you, and rather than push yourself, merely guide yourself in the direction you want to go, using your existing momentum and only adding minimal new energy. You may believe you would be setting aside your ambition and thus your dedication to your goals, though your astrology suggests that the opposite is true. You’re heading in the right direction, and have taken many of the right steps. What you will avoid is blowing yourself off course, or wasting energy sailing against the tide.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 15, 2013 #975 | By Eric Francis

Whatever you do the next few days, reserve some of your creative energy for yourself. It’s true that you’re busy and that your life is moving fast right now; relationship or partnership experiences may be distracting you (though thankfully things are making a bit more sense than they did with Mercury retrograde, as it was recently). Devote some of your primetime and prime resources to doing what you want to do the very most: what you consider your real art, your personal, intimate or impassioned writing, and spending some time with the people you care about most dearly. Part of the challenge of having a successful life is making sure that you have some balance between what you must do (even if you like it) and what you want to do, even if you consider it optional. In truth, it’s anything but.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 8, 2013 #974 | By Eric Francis

If you knew how protected you are, you would worry a lot less. Yet you still have a layer of learning, or programming, that says you have to be vigilant every minute, and to discern, in advance, the influence that something will have on you. I would point out that vigilance and fear are two different things, and that you’re now at a different level of learning. You have mastered, or at least reached, an advanced level on certain skills, including problem-solving. While at one time you may have learned that it’s not a good idea to use your ability to get out of trouble as an excuse to be careless, you can now count on it a little more. Yet something else is working for you, which is a guidance system that it’s taken you years to cultivate. This is a form of vigilance operating beyond normal awareness, working in the background, and with considerable support from what you might think of as spiritual agency. You can trust it; events in the coming days will show you that.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for November 2013,
standing in for weekly #973 | By Eric Francis

Refuse to be persuaded by what anyone believes — or by what you think they believe. You know you have access to direct knowledge, which will serve you well as long as you don’t allow other people to distract you from your own inner truth. What you may notice over the next few weeks is that 1. it doesn’t matter if other people don’t believe what you believe or even consider the world as you see it and 2. if you remain true to yourself and set a solid example, others are likely to see the wisdom in your way of thinking. That cannot, however, be the goal — as far as you’re concerned, assessing the intelligence of others is really an estimation of whether they can see the obvious. You can, and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2013,
standing in for weekly #972 | By Eric Francis

It is amazing how the division between that which is erotic and that which is spiritual is so successfully pushed as a political agenda. Perhaps it’s even more astounding that it still works. I reckon it’ll work for as long as people feel misgivings about themselves. It will work for as long as sex and/or some form of allegedly spiritual idea are accepted as ways to gain power over people — and people are willing to give that power away. You’ve reached a point in your growth where this is simply untenable. Rather than trying to dismantle the power trip, I suggest you focus on the essentially spiritual beauty of pleasure, be it of body, of soul, of the emotions, of nature or all of the above. This is not a matter of theory — it’s about appreciating your existence and recognizing as birthrights feeling good, feeling open and being able to share yourself. It’s easy to let yourself be distracted by those preaching hellfire, including its more subtle form as guilt. Consider the extent to which, if you ever experience these things, they are an inheritance from previous generations. Those who passed them on to you lacked your knowledge, your freedom and your appreciation of life. They were more subject to superstition and had fewer resources available. Simply put, they were not you, right now, living the life you are living.

Weekly horoscope for Friday, Oct. 18, 2013 #971 | By Eric Francis

You need fear no one. Whatever rattles or chills your bones — be it aggression, deception, delusion or chaos inflicted by others — you are larger than it, and it’s no match for you. For this to work, though, you need to remain open, and you need to remain connected to yourself. It’s your true essence that will protect you, not your defenses. Your values are what protect you from being swallowed by the madness of the world, and guide you away from conforming to what others say you should believe or how you should act. It’s your openness to others and your willingness to relate on mutually acceptable terms that gives you your standing among them, rather than any illusion of ‘going it alone’. You can therefore afford to look at everyone and everything with a twinkle in your eye, remembering that your presence in the world is based on strength, openness and love.

The Oracle Horoscope, standing in for Weekly Horoscope 970, Oct. 11, 2013

Apply creativity to everything you touch, thought you think and person you know. That’s how to access the miracle no matter what situation you find yourself in. Living is an art; loving is a science; emotion is a craft in which we sail the waters of feeling and passion. You can afford to take absolutely any chance you want as long as you keep your mind in the most alert state available. This may seem like a great responsibility but the alternative is far too dull to seriously consider.

Weekly horoscope for Friday, Oct. 4, 2013 #969 | By Eric Francis

You may find that unresolved circumstances and hanging questions progress rapidly over the next couple of days. I suggest therefore that you make no investment in what you don’t want, or in solving problems that have resisted your best efforts, and focus on affirming what you want. If you’re unsure of that in the ultimate sense, focus on what is working in your life by doing more of it. Emphasize the positive, and people who keep you in a life-affirming state of mind, if only to increase your chances of feeling good. If you find yourself resisting something, focus on something that is easier, more fun or more personally relevant. I would remind you of one other thing: you may be the missing presence in any situation that requires a catalyst, spiritual boost or infusion of energy. This is less about what you do and more about the fact that you show up with an open mind and consciously choose to allow the situation to unfold.

Monthly Horoscope for October 2013 #968 | By Eric Francis

You would be amazed, if you could see the truth, the extent to which your choices today are based on beliefs that are many years or many generations old — and which are no longer applicable to the world in which we live. Some of these may masquerade as traditions, respect for the way things are done, morals, ethics and ‘fundamental values’. I suggest you put the lot of it up for evaluation. It’s impossible to question a belief unless you know you have it, so the first step is knowing what it is you think is true. Then take the next step and evaluate why you think it’s true. Question every assumption until it’s a habit, which may lead you to reject assuming anything at all. The very most important thing you can question is anything — anything and everything — taught to you by your parents. Questioning it does not make it, or them, or you, wrong — rather, it’s that once you start clearing the clutter, you will discover windows and doors, and the light and fresh air they allow into your awareness is known as a vision. I don’t mean this as a metaphor, but rather as a direct idea: what has the strongest potential is what you can actually see, and visualize, down to the details. Visualizations might ‘come to you’ or you might construct them like a draftsman makes a drawing. Either way or both — have at it.

Inner Space Horoscope for October 2013 #967 | By Eric Francis

Notice that your long-term vision is coming into focus. Events and circumstances of the past year have conspired to enforce this — with many reminders that you simply cannot ignore the concept of the future and what you want to create with it. That means focusing ideas and making tangible decisions now, such that you are taking solid, measurable steps toward what you’re envisioning. Over the next two months this process will accelerate rapidly: both the information and the points of decision are going to be coming in faster, and you may be enacting your plans long before you thought you would. Keep your mind in order; use your resources wisely, which means being ready to use them when necessary. Remember that you are the only person who can be a visionary of your own life. Notice who supports you in that, and collaborate with them.

Pisces Full Moon Moonshine Horoscopes, Tuesday, Sep. 17, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

At the moment, certain emotions may feel particularly hard to understand or work with. I suggest resisting the urge to ignore them all together. What you are making contact with are feelings about your authentic self, which you’ve been encouraged for many years to ignore or avoid. Making contact again with these emotions may feel too intense or hot to handle. Your relationships are providing a tethering point for you to actively and consciously explore these feelings. I don’t mean that you are dependent on the other person; rather they are holding open the space for you to connect clearly with certain tough emotions. I suggest taking note of the kinds of people who provide this feeling. They can offer the bridge you need to ground yourself in emotions that may seem too large or intense to live in or understand otherwise.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Sept. 13, 2013 #966 | By Eric Francis

Emotions are complex; lately yours have been especially so, though you now seem to be in a moment of clarity. I would suggest you not push too hard against anyone or anything. There is always an easier way to get a result, and I suggest you look for that easier way. One thing to bear in mind is that time is on your side, and that momentum is carrying you in the right direction. Plant the seed of an idea in anyone you need to persuade, and then allow the conversation to develop. Don’t worry if negotiations are stalled or if you seem to hold inferior cards. There are a number of developments that will come to light, as partners and associates gain an understanding of the environment and their own responsibilities. Then over the next week, as the Full Moon in your birth sign approaches, it will be easier for you to work out stalemates, deadlocks and impasses without needing to exert much effort.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Sept. 6, 2013 #965 | By Eric Francis

You would be surprised the extent to which you’re living under an externally imposed belief system of some kind. It could be something installed by your parents, by teachers or by religion; it could go back much further than that, including being legacy material from institutions who have held down humanity for a long time. If you know this, you stand a decent chance of getting free from whatever this is. The way to do that is not to dissect or dismantle it but rather to make contact with what you value, and in particular, how radical it is in contrast to much of what you see, feel and hear going on around you. Make peace that you’re the weird one. Trust that even if you don’t have an influence on some of the stuffy people around you (which you do) that your determination to live your own truth is attracting people who appreciate you and whose company you will enjoy.

Virgo New Moon Moonshine Horoscopes, Tuesday, Sep. 3, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

The Virgo New Moon is highlighting your relationships and the fine edge of a new concept you and a partner are working with. It may feel like a precarious balancing act, like you’re on the brink of breaking through a threshold. This can come with the feeling of no turning back. As you and a partner re-work your relationship, an aspect of a past relationship is coming up for healing. As you get clear healing this material, you will see your current partnership differently. There will be an expansion of sorts in your emotional connection that will lead to a key realization about what relating authentically to others means to you. Trust that a close partner is holding space for you to move through this process and share with them what you find.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscopes for September 2013, #964 | By Eric Francis

All the facts in the word don’t add up to the truth. So where you’re inundated with data, make sure you look at it in a way that tells you something. Now, that something may well be subjective. You may get an opinion confirmed; you may see a pattern and come up with a new theory. The message of your charts is all about seeing patterns and discerning what they tell you. Here is a clue: To do this well, you need to have faith in yourself and in your intelligence. Pisces is good at being circumspect, which is a way of saying taking in a diversity of viewpoints — though you have to trust your own, and give the opinions of others weight only to the extent that they’re presenting something compelling. Just keep that theory in mind — that a lot of information is not necessarily what you need. It’s a coherent point of view and a flexible plan of at least three steps toward the goal.

Monthly Horoscopes for September 2013, #963 | By Eric Francis

Emotional material will be easier to move through than you may think. You may have the fear or expectation that going deep will mean having to process or respond to something you cannot handle. Ordinarily the astrology evoking this feeling might be more challenging, but there are mitigating factors — particularly, such an impressive collection of planets currently in the water signs. That’s providing you with plenty of your most important element. Said another way, you have what you need to have the emotional, relational and sexual experiences you want. It seems more a matter of putting the ingredients together, and responding to your circumstances appropriately. One hint I can give you is to use emotional tension productively. If you have friction with someone, that is potentially a helpful indication that you have some energy with them. Take the risk, go beyond your prejudices and first impressions, and go deeper. Those prejudices might involve the residue of moralism from whatever source. This needs to be seen for what it is, which is a philosophy that will eventually determine that any human pleasure is wrong. This is more than unhelpful; it’s void on its face, and I suggest you treat it that way and move onto your mission of making contact with whoever focuses your attention in a lusty, sparky, appealing or provocative way.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Aug. 16, 2013, #962 | By Eric Francis

Given the choice between focusing your energy on healing or pleasure, I suggest you opt for pleasure. It’s just as healing as anything else, especially now. Given the choice between taking on more responsibility or expressing yourself creatively, I suggest you go for passion rather than duty. Given the choice between taking care of yourself or others, take care of yourself first. Your sense of passion is, at least at the moment, closely tuned to or synchronized with the deeper levels of necessity than what you will encounter in the work-a-day world. You may need to guide yourself into that frame of reference, however, making a series of choices until you find an easy opening. This may take some gentle persistence but it’s easier than solving the Rubik’s Cube with your eyes open. In fact you are incredibly perceptive at the moment, and if you look through both your normal sense and your Piscean ‘extra’ senses, and have a good idea of what you want, you are very likely to find whatever that is.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Aug. 9, 2013, #961| By Eric Francis

You may finally be able to tackle a problem that has been elusive for months on end. It would seem, from the look of your solar chart, that you already know what this is about, but that you haven’t come up with the words to describe it, or the ideas to consider it tangibly. As you bring your intuitive impressions into form, you will gain power over your situation. As you develop the language to speak about it clearly, including to yourself, it will seem to hold far less power over you. If at any point you notice the thought form that what you’re dealing with is something intractable, something that just won’t budge, remember — this is just an idea, it’s not a reality. If you think of it as a reality, you will be unlikely to do anything about it. If you remember that it’s a concept, it will seem to be much more flexible. One thing to remember is that all concepts come from the past. I suggest you figure out where this one came from, and take an inventory of the many alternative possibilities that you have.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for August 2013 | By Eric Francis

If there’s one pitfall to the otherwise brilliant astrology that’s blessing you right now, it involves making the choice to send clear signals. You have both Neptune and Chiron in your sign; you can express yourself as either of them or as a blend of both. Neptune is dreamy and is not exactly the deacon of firm commitment. Chiron is on mission, focused and alert, but can come off as having rough edges or something to prove. Healthy Neptune serves to cultivate a vision. Healthy Chiron focuses on healing, which is then conveyed into creativity and a sense of commitment that you want to express in real ways. I suggest you borrow the best elements of both planets, which work beautifully together. Use Chiron to focus your vision. Use Neptune to help you dream a little — in truth so much is possible.

Monthly Horoscope for August 2013 | By Eric Francis

Your charts say you have everything going for you, all at the same time. These are rare moments and thanks to astrology you can have some confirmation that this particular one is real. The highlight of your astrology is not just equal emphasis on both creativity and work, but the removal of the dividing wall between the art studio and the office. Similarly, there is emphasis on passion and on healing, on self-focused experience and absolute devotion to service. There is equal emphasis on what you do in private spaces and how this radiates out into the culture around you. If there’s a problem with this astrology, here it is: most humans I’ve met or heard about struggle with recognizing their capacity to be so much at once. Said another way, we struggle with our human potential; with our potential to be fully human. In my experience on the planet, that’s the biggest risk that a person can take. It calls for courage, and for setting aside the fear of consequences that in so many lifetimes has proved to be worth heeding. Sooner or later we all must get over the pain and sense of limitation that we’ve accumulated from past experiences, and for you this is an excellent time to do just that.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, July 19, 2013, #959 | By Eric Francis

This is the boldest and most confident I’ve ever seen the charts for Pisces. Therefore if you’re not feeling good, you need to make some adjustments, by which I mean basic adjustments. One of them is to set aside your fears. As a Pisces you’re more aware than anyone that all things are possible, though at this point you can afford to consider the better possibilities and the highest potentials. The word confidence means ‘with faith’, and I suggest that you find that within yourself. It won’t be difficult, and one success will build on another. If you’re not the outgoing type, now is the time to practice that. Go to the point where you feel a little pushy or like you’re winning people over with your charm and the force of your personality. Trust that your ideas probably are the best ones in the neighborhood, and remind yourself every now and then about all you’ve accomplished. The best is yet to come.

Aquarius Full Moon Moonshine Horoscopes, Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

You live as much in your dream world as you do in the physical realm — for you they are both just as real and tangible. You may feel now as though you are barely able to straddle both worlds that you occupy, never in one enough to fully grab hold. I suggest taking a deep breath and trusting that you can in fact make the stretch to occupy both very different landscapes at the same time. Notice how you feel about what you are experiencing. As you record this information, you will be able to connect a few dots and learn something useful about how you can live in both the intuitive and physical worlds even as both realms continue to gain complexity. You need to exist in both mediums to survive, and now you are fine-tuning the details of how you do that.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, July 12, 2013, #958 | By Eric Francis

I can remember no time in my work as an astrologer where the planets were more favorably aligned for Pisces than they are now. It would be fair to call this a visionary moment. Your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, are in excellent shape, placed in water signs; Mars is about to ingress your sympathetic water sign Cancer. Many other factors are adding up to something truly special. There is one factor that you alone can bring, which is the courage to take risks. I could rant endlessly about our society of wimps who are afraid to make eye contact or have a conversation in person, but I will skip that. The risks I suggest you take are mostly human — stating clearly what you feel, without glossing over the important parts; engaging people you’re interested in rather than waiting for them to come to you; and giving yourself direct permission to ignore the ‘rules’ and express yourself boldly. If you can do these things for yourself, you will open the way to miracles.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, July 5, 2013, #957 | By Eric Francis

You’re in a transition process from one life to another right now, and this will take some conscious focus if you want to make the most of the considerable opportunities that are approaching. The theme is getting a handle on your emotional energy, your creativity and your sexual gifts. By this I mean remembering what you’ve learned, and focusing your awareness, to the point where you have the confidence to see your own potential and to make the choices that you want to make. The sensation is one of gathering: your knowledge, your awareness of how trusted you are, and the abundant ideas that you have. The process of choosing begins with identifying options, evaluating them, and if none of them are suitable — here is the real lever — creating new possibilities that are more in line with what is brewing in your heart and soul. You can think of this as the actual creative aspect of your current quest, and the thing that will give you the experience of true freedom.

Cancer New Moon for Tuesday, July 2 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

A powerful New Moon is drawing attention to the resources at your disposal — specifically your creativity and the people you can reach out to, and where those two areas of your life intersect. You are learning to leverage your network of contacts and your creativity to build your vision. Think of your network as your net worth. Who you know and how you apply your creativity to situations will help you make a lot of progress. You are in a watershed moment of understanding some of your past motivations for believing that you did not have the resources to create what you desired for your life. As you work with what you are learning, I suggest applying the approach that what has happened belongs in the past and does not dictate what the future can be — that is something you continually reinvent to match your evolving vision.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for July 2013, #956 | By Eric Francis

It takes a lot to let go of control on this planet right now, whether it’s actual control or the illusion thereof. You have compelling reasons to do that, most significantly your peace of mind. But in order for this to be sincere, you need to replace control with something else. The one-word description of that ‘something else’ is faith — though that too may be challenging for you at times, and it’s nothing that you can contrive. What I suggest you replace it with is an experiment in how far your creativity can get you. If you see a problem, a puzzle or a conflict, try having faith that your creativity can turn it to something positive for everyone, then give it a try. Your results will speak for themselves.

Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, June 25, 2013 | By Eric Francis

This is the time to throw away any doubts you may be feeling about yourself or what you’re committed to. You choose what voice in your mind you listen to, though if I may intervene in that conversation, Jupiter’s move into Cancer will ease your doubts and open up new horizons that you may have dreamed of, but never imagined possible.

Daily Horoscope for Monday, June 24, 2013 | By Eric Francis

For the past few weeks or even longer, you’ve felt like you were hanging on by a thread. If you look back, though, you’ll notice that there was just enough of what you needed, and just enough time to get things done. Yet that sensation was a real feeling — and experience of abundance, safety and the freedom to take risks will be, too.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2013, #955 | By Eric Francis

I reckon the past month has been a nonstop frenzy with so much activity blowing through Gemini. However, with Jupiter’s move into Cancer (where it will spend one year), you’re being invited into some bold new adventures — ones that neither you nor I can predict. There will be many turns of the story of your life over the next 12 months, not just unusual ones but of a kind you’ve never experienced. It looks like you’re about to slip into the full stream of our weird, beautiful moment in time — that is to say, you’re about to be dealt into the game of life in a whole new way. I suggest taking two things along. One is your skill at pleasure-seeking. Rather than the mindless or diversion kind of pleasure, this is about bringing your passion to everyone and everything in our tired world. The other is the awareness that your wisdom and creativity are things that you can gamble on. You can take larger risks than you think because you have unusual spiritual resources to draw on. You always do, but Jupiter’s move into Cancer is one of the best things that can happen to a Pisces, especially the way the rest of the sky is set up. Remember that your life is not a matter of either/or at this point, of giving up one thing for another. This is a moment when you can have it all, though I suggest starting with what you want to create the very most.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, June 14, 2013, #954 | By Eric Francis

You may feel like you’re taking a long walk along the edge in the dark, though I don’t think you’ll feel that way for long. I suggest you not try to do anything too fast or especially declarative, particularly if you have more questions than answers. You can afford to let events and situations develop over the next week and see what discoveries you make. In honor of a magnificent Sun-Jupiter conjunction that’s now developing, I would propose one other thing: set one goal for yourself and start taking steps to make it happen. We can take for granted that you want a happy life, a dry roof over your head and good company. I mean one truly ambitious goal, something you might even think is impossible or improbable. Focus on that to the exclusion of whatever trivia you can get out of the way. Take tangible, fully conscious steps toward that one thing, and then keep paying attention. Remember that last bit.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, June 7, 2013, #953 | By Eric Francis

A rare alignment between Mars, Neptune and Pallas is suggesting that reality is like soft clay in your hands right now. So now is the time to sculpt your life in the way that you want. You will continue to have opportunities to do so, but this is the true formative moment. Therefore, take your time and redesign your life the way you want it. This will invariably involve how you use space, how you project yourself into the world. The astrology is suggesting that you work from the inside out: feel the heat within you, then let that shape the layers of your personality, your decisions and what you do with your time. A helpful metaphor might be to consider the hot molten core at the center of the planet that shapes the continents, and which sometimes erupts and lava flows over the Earth, forming new landmasses and changing the shape of mountains. Yet this natural force will be responsive to your plans and ideas. Said another way, anything is possible.

Gemini New Moon for Tuesday, June 4, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

You are currently working with some deeply personal ideas about who you are. This process is drawing you into an investigation of how certain adults’ opinions impacted you during childhood. They influenced what you view as possible in terms of sharing who you are with the larger world. Know that questioning these ideas is a healthy process. You are making contact with how these adopted concepts influenced what you reveal in public situations. As a Pisces Moon, there is a piece of you that will always have one foot in the psychic realm — the part of existence we can’t touch but can connect with emotionally and intuitively. For you it is a very real, tangible place. Over the New Moon, you are dissolving internal blocks that were in the way of fully believing you can share this more ethereal side of yourself. As you move through this opening and show yourself, take note of how many people arrive to connect with you. Quite a few will.

Inner Space Horoscope for June 2013, #952 | By Eric Francis

he more fun you have, the better you will feel. While on one level this is a serious time in your life with so much at stake, what matters more is your motivation to succeed. What some call luck will play a role in this; you’re about to have a rare collection arriving in your solar 5th house, including Venus and Jupiter. This is an invitation to take action rather than to wait for good things to happen. For a Pisces there is no better incentive to live well than play, creative exploration and sex. It’s not every day that you get an opportunity like the one you have now, and if career questions or business are on your mind, you will get better results from fun than from labor. Along a similar line of thought, working in a creative mode is more important than working hard.

Monthly Horoscope for June 2013, #951 | By Eric Francis

I know it may sound silly to those who read old astrology books to suggest that Pisces people seek pleasure as their primary avocation; that’s what, in theory anyway, you do naturally. Yet that’s not my particular prejudice about Pisces; I tend to think of the last sign as signifying devotion to causes, to situations larger than yourself and to existence. When you offer your assistance, that’s not about feeling good for its own sake. Indeed, there are few signs that can persist through discomfort and delayed gratification like Pisces can. With your ‘ruling’ planet Jupiter changing signs this month to Cancer, your solar 5th house, you’re getting a clue that what gives you pleasure is the thing to focus on, at least for a full year till you get the habit down. This in turn will stoke your creativity, allowing you space to go in wholly new directions. If you want human companionship of the friendly erotic kind, that too is Jupiter in the 5th. In your chart that’s the story of something that feeds and strengthens most people — Pisces is the sign for whom sex is an inherently spiritual experience. Focus on the beautification of your home, starting from the kitchen out, and the food you prepare there. The way your chart is set up, everything you do along these lines will feed everything else, and you can get some energy cycling that feeds you and the people you love.

Sagittarius Full Moon for Tuesday, May 21, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

Your connection with a meaningful career may feel slippery, like it’s there one moment and gone the next. Your vision for your career is quite far-reaching, so I suggest not getting distracted by any sense of murkiness that seems to obscure useful information. Instead, focus on your independence. You are free to adopt any point of view you wish. What you are facing now is a more conventional approach to career versus what actually suits your unique situation. Don’t get sucked into other people’s perspectives or seeing yours as lacking because it differs. Don’t be surprised if you see the world a particular way and others don’t quite get it — that’s temporary. At the moment, you’re meeting your career in a way that fits where you wish to go. Proceed boldly, holding onto your sense of adventure. For you, part of living a meaningful life is having a career that speaks to your soul. That is the ultimate criteria by which you gauge which ways to move along your career path.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 17, 2013 #950 | By Liam Carey

There is something extra meaningful coming through your emotions this week. It’s something that you will not only recognize and think about but also seek to clarify and articulate. This is not an easy task, but it’ll be worth it. Emotion is defined in a very circular way in the many dictionaries I checked that keep pointing to ‘feelings’, but one way to think of it is energy in motion. Feelings are definitely not emotions though; feelings are the interpretation of emotions (a Venus function that has merit here). Emotions are something that happen pre-thought and pre-verbal. There is not much control over them happening, although to make it off the playground safely it’s imperative to learn how to deal with them. Emotions are often unprocessed energy that doesn’t necessarily fit in the rational, social world and yet, they pulse through each and every one of us to one degree or another. This will be an important time to examine your emotions and consider how they affect your whole being. It’s possible that the opportunity will come through interactions with family, or simply an event or circumstance that sparks some memory.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 10, 2013 #949 | By Eric Francis

We’ve all heard the term “Think globally, act locally.” The idea is reputed to come from a Scottish town planner and urban theorist named Patrick Geddes (1854-1932). Geddes also gave us the idea of a ‘region’ and coined the term ‘conurbation’, which describes a metropolitan area where towns and cities seem to overlap. These are all themes that relate to how Thursday’s solar eclipse aspected your chart. In a sense, it’s about claiming the space you occupy, though it’s more of the regional space: your community and local slice of the orange on which you live. It’s also describing your relationship to your neighbors and the people in your community, encouraging you to invest your energy locally to the greatest extent possible. There’s likely to be a beautiful result if you do. One other thing — this is the year when you take concrete steps to improve your quality of life, specifically in the spaces that you occupy. This happens every now and then, though the conditions are perfect for creating more space, better space and better use of space. That, in turn, is about creating harmony between your life and your world.

Taurus New Moon for Tuesday, May 7, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

As someone with a Pisces Moon, you are heavily influenced by your environment. You’re a kind of psychic and emotional sponge, soaking up the energy around you. Lately, you’ve been learning quite a bit about the connection between your environment and how you feel. By environment I mean everything from who you are around to the kind of neighborhood you live in. You pick up on the energy given off by people and places. An opening is available to make some lasting changes in terms of what is in your environment and how it provides you with grounding for a balanced and nurturing emotional state. First, start from a point of living each day in mindfulness. You can think of this as consciously observing who and what influences your energy. Then take steps to choose what surrounds you; limit your exposure to situations, surroundings and people that deplete your energy. Ultimately, you are learning to be the steward of your emotional energy as well as your environment.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 3, 2013 #948 | By Eric Francis

Your intuition will guide you perfectly right now, and to feel that working you may need to tune into a different level than your sentient mind. That may be a challenge because there’s so much keeping you alert, thinking and driven to be productive. You can keep doing all of that, though I suggest that you give yourself space to be reflective. One reason to stay close to home for the next few days is that it’s probably the most interesting and indeed exciting place to be. Do what you can to keep parts of your days open so that your receptive mind is available to pick up the abundant information that’s coming your way. If you’re feeling restless, one way to express that is to write. All the planets currently gathered in Taurus are in your 3rd solar house of writing and communications. I know that for many this is a delightfully busy time of year. If you give yourself time alone, it will also be a beautifully productive time, including benefits in growth, guiding your life and deepening your understanding of yourself.

Inner Space Horoscopes for May 2013 | By Eric Francis

This is a passionate season and it may be especially so for you. I suggest you put your heat and light into everything you’re doing, and be fully present in your own life and in the world. You’re radiating from the inside out, and you’ve surpassed the whole ‘invisible Pisces’ thing. You don’t have to concern yourself with what results you’re going to get. Do what feels right; associate with the people who feel right; and make the changes you need to make along the way. I suggest you put lots of energy into communicating what you feel, including in conversations, in writing and in creative modes like music, photography and art. This is all leading to something, though I won’t predict what. I can tell you that there will be some exciting developments later in the month that will spring from the love that you pour into your life and the world right now.

Monthly Horoscopes for May 2013 #947 | By Eric Francis

A storm of change and progress passed through your life recently, which rearranged your orientation on existence and seemed to redirect the course of your life. All the fast-moving planets have come and gone; you’re now left with the slow-movers, the deeper influences, remaining in your sign. The changes you make from here on out are less about circumstances and more about the deeper alchemy of your consciousness: that is to say, what you do with your mind. You will get what you tune into. You will make more of what you are aware of, so I suggest you make conscious choices where to focus that awareness; remember that it’s a magnifier. Though Pisces is often described as being dreamy and ethereal, you have a mind that is capable of handling practical, tangible material — and of persisting with an idea or thought process for a long time. You’re about to see some unusual results, which combine many different factors into a focused moment of evolution. It’s as if your whole perspective suddenly changes, and in hindsight, you see all the factors that led up to this. One thing that would help you immensely now is to practice making decisions. It doesn’t matter the scale, though attention to the smallest choices means a lot right now, because you’re in a situation where many seemingly innocuous factors will add up to something unexpectedly significant. I don’t suggest you practice rosy-eyed optimism as much as remain faithful of your ability to guide your life competently.

Scorpio Full Moon for Tuesday, April 23, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

You’re working through what may initially appear as a point of tension between an old and new viewpoint. I suggest thinking of this less as something wrong, and more as an opportunity or opening to cover a lot of ground in reworking a particular belief. Our beliefs can have a lot of power to shape how we experience existence. Imagine the viewpoint you hold as the filter and the lens is the experience of being you. Imagine that the experience of being you is a lens on a camera, and the viewpoint you hold is a filter on that lens. Just like changing filters on a camera lens to get a different color or effect, when you slip on the filter of your viewpoint, how you see through that lens changes. A situation at the moment is giving you a push to re-examine the filters you use. Despite what at times may feel like set patterns, the filter you use is one you can shape, mold, create and choose.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 19, 2013 #946 | By Eric Francis

Your personal revelation of our rather stunning moment might go something like this: You can now see how many of your prior self-assessments of being unworthy, not good enough, not talented enough, not determined enough or any form thereof were not just incorrect but ridiculously off the mark. You have all the talent and resources you need; the next step is to engage with life more assertively, even competitively. Set clear goals for yourself, draw up a list of steps that will get you to each goal, and proceed with a clear strategy. Since you’re a Pisces you will always yield to intuition, so you don’t need to have any concerns that having a plan will hem you in. Your strategy is like a notebook that will help you guide your decisions, keep track of your priorities and help you ensure that you don’t miss any steps. Your intuition is working just fine. Add logic, reason and some consciously adapted skill at politics and you will be unstoppable.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 12, 2013 #945 | By Eric Francis

You have a lot to offer the world — especially right now. You also have plenty that you want to do and experience. I suggest you emphasize that rather than what you have to offer, since no matter what you’re doing, people will benefit from it. Let’s put it this way: What if you didn’t have to prove yourself to anyone? What if you needed no validation of your ‘worth’ whatsoever? How would you live differently? The truly beautiful development in the current astrology is that you can indeed experiment with living this way — and explore what it’s like. Your self-esteem fuel tank is just about all the way full, and you’ve tapped into some unusual mode or source of confidence in yourself. This will allow you to shift your needs to wants, which in turn defines them as something fun rather than something in response to any urgency or survival need. I suggest you proceed with the confidence that your survival needs are all met, or will be met without a fuss.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 5, 2013 #944 | By Genevieve Hathaway

You’ve recently been through some potent and meaningful astrology in your sign, bringing you into contact with both the complexity of who you are and any blockages to your ability to exist fully as your whole self. You’ve been learning what you can and cannot do, and who you can and cannot be. During Mercury’s recent retrograde in Pisces, important information came out that is now up for examination. Think of this process as being like washing clothes on an old-fashioned washing board. You lather, scrub, rinse and repeat. Through each scrub against the washing board a new layer of denial is peeled away. As you hang up each freshly scrubbed concept about who you are, you’ll be able to inspect it thoroughly without layers of issues getting in the way. In this process of examination, notice the connection between these concepts of ‘you’ and your sense of self-worth. The first step to reconciling these ideas is drawing a line between the two.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2013 | By Eric Francis

It’s not all about money, though you don’t need someone to tell you that. What you do need is someone to remind you that money is a legitimate pursuit, if connected to what you consider to be a worthwhile goal. I suggest you work with that equation, and make sure that your values about money and how it is attained are clear. You have what you need to break new ground in this area of your life; you no longer need any form of the idea that money is somehow unspiritual, uncreative or evil. It is a form of highly versatile energy that can be converted into anything. Yet confidence around money has many precursors, one of which is your sense of your own presence in the world. That is likely to be running strong right now, though you may also feel unstable if you focus too much on that sensation. This is a kind of paradox that many people face on the way to tapping their strength — there’s a lot of vulnerability involved; there is a risk involved; there is the possibility of failure. You might get to a point where you’re absolutely confident of what is important to you, and then that’s scrambled by one thing you learn, or one experience. Yet you may notice that one thing is consistent beneath the surface, which I would describe as initiative. You have a pioneering spirit, and there are few times in your life, if any, when it’s been stronger than it is today. Lead on.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, March 15, 2013 #942 | By Genevieve Hathaway

With all the high-powered astrology in Pisces lately, your internal world at times may have felt like a major international airport during peak hours — one busy, almost hectic place. So much was shifting and moving through, you didn’t necessarily have time to take stock of all of the changes. What you are experiencing is making contact with your sense of being solid in the world. You are making contact with ‘you’. Some old, deep barriers have been breaking down, putting you in touch with part of your emotional and psychic body that you haven’t reached in a few lifetimes. To feel solid you first need to know what a solid ‘you’ looks like — hold it in your hands and feel the edges, smooth surfaces, fine details and blemishes. As you come to know these new sides of yourself, it will pave the way for you to consistently feel like you’ve arrived in an existence with space held open for you.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, March 8, 2013 #941 | By Eric Francis

I suggest you not occupy your mind with why people do what they do, or think the way they think. It’s a good way to get caught in the very darkness you would be trying to figure out. When you see a mystery that is perplexing, just let it be a mystery. The thing you really want to understand are your own motives and your own goals. Most of the time you’re not a “the ends justify the means” kind of person, however, the choices you make this week may seem to lean in that direction. Once you know what you want and why you want it, you’re likely to become aware of the fact that there is a way to make it happen, if only you have the courage or motivation to make it so. If you determine that something is questionably ethical, then the thing to do is to question the ethics, and remember that any real question has an answer. Your ability to pause and reflect on the nature of your options and the actual impact of your choices is your most important boundary.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, March 1, 2013 #940 | By Eric Francis

At the moment, under a sky with seven planets gathered in your sign, you have a remarkable ability to be seen for who you are. You also have the potential to demonstrate to others the aspects of your personality that you want to emphasize and be known for. However, I would suggest just one thing, in several different forms. Don’t try to convince anyone of anything. Nor is this the time to pursue anyone. Those who have an interest in you will come to you. Those who like and appreciate you will let you know. It may be possible to sell yourself to someone, or to be persuasive in some way. But it’s not necessary and I believe will ultimately work against your best interests. The people you want to connect with are those who are already committed, who see you as you want to be seen, and who value you for who you are. Focusing on anyone else will distract your attention and you may miss the very best that life has to offer you — and it’s definitely offering.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2013 | By Eric Francis

You’re a magnet for attention right now, and you may have a feeling of confidence that is truly unusual for you. It’s fair to say that you have the power to create yourself into anything that you want, as long as you can envision it in some tangible form. So I suggest you practice that vision, amidst much other activity surrounding you and within yourself. Regardless of who may be drawn your way, and how strongly you may feel about others, I would encourage you to practice the yoga that your primary relationship is with yourself. This will facilitate a kind of strength and stability that will make it much easier to keep your relationships with others in context, and to actually be present for the people you care about so much. Which leads to a nice way to sum up the theme: your life right now is not about being occupied or busy or involved; your life is about being present, as much as you can, all the time, if you can. You have some truly stunning opportunities and shall we say potential that is becoming ripe and ready. When you make contact with that potential, you will unfold in ways you might have known were possible but may have never suspected were actually real. On occasion of which, I will leave you with a few words of Antoine de Saint-Exupery: “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.”

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 #938 | By Eric Francis

Planets are collecting in Pisces — as of this writing, Neptune, Chiron, Mars and Mercury, plus some lesser-known ones such as the beautifully Piscean Borasisi (a planet about the power of belief, located a bit beyond Pluto). Now the Sun is about to arrive, and this will feel like the lights suddenly coming on, both in your mind and on the stage where you’re standing. The simplest way to describe this is: this is your moment. This is one of the most magnificent opportunities you’ve ever had to create your life. Therefore: know what you want, and act on it now. Meanwhile, do your best to let go of commitments that are not working for you, drop anything and anyone that wastes your time, and focus your emotional resources on what you want to create. Over the next few days, you may find yourself in circumstances and situations where you are making contact with people. I would point out that due to the presence of Mars, you can afford to be soft-spoken and understated. But you must be clear, direct and honest — and let love guide you: love for yourself, for what you do, for the world, for humanity. Then, with persistence and efficiency, put your plan into action.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 #937 | By Eric Francis

This is a moment of passion, drive and clarity for you. Yet on a deeper level, it’s a moment of authentic alchemy and some truly mysterious transitions. Mars and so many other planets in your sign might be a caution not to overdo things, though I would say you would be better advised to use this moment to focus your intentions and your plans and get into action — now. You know what you need to know, including about yourself; you’ve done all the sorting out you need to do. Therefore, act on what you want. Make the changes you need, and don’t let anyone stop you. You have some unusual mojo going at the moment. I would, however, remind you of its real source — your inner life. As I emphasized extensively in your annual reading, the two fish of Pisces are the introvert and the extravert. This is a moment of contact with the world, of asserting yourself and figuring out that there is room for you here. The other side of this is honoring your interior space, the space where nobody else can really meet you. That is the real source of your inspiration and momentum. If you want the best guidance and the real facts, meet yourself there regularly.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 1, 2013 #936 | By Eric Francis

As of Friday, Mars has arrived in your sign for the first time in two years. This is bringing your passions to a boil, which were already going at a nice simmer. Everything is likely to feel more vibrant, direct and intense. Deeper truths are likely to come flowing into your awareness. People will respond to you more strongly than they usually do — perhaps attracted, perhaps repelled. This will help you see the world in more vivid contrast. And this is your opportunity to see who and what is around you, and choose based on what you want, and what you observe to be true. You may, however, feel pushed to rush ahead; I suggest you slow down. This, I know, is challenging for someone under the influence of Mars, but the thing is, you don’t really know the environment you’re in, because Mars is conjunct Neptune. The only thing you can really trust is your imagination, and that, for purposes of creativity. In all matters relational, sexual and otherwise impassioned, look closely and listen carefully, including to yourself. Pause and think before you do anything you cannot reverse.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for February 2013 | By Eric Francis

Let nothing limit your imagination, particularly a seeming limit that you discover on your imagination. Said another way, if you come to a block, keep going. Remember that it’s most likely to be an inner kind of obstacle rather than someone saying you cannot do something. This would be more accurately described as an inhibition. I know the world seems to be built of hangups, though your world does not have to be. There is so much interesting experience coming your way, coupled with an expanded presence of yourself in the world, that you want to be as open as possible to dive into it all. It’s always a good idea to know, to understand and to have a conscious relationship to your boundaries and inhibitions — this way you run them, they don’t run you.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2013 | By Eric Francis

An unusual alignment is gathering in your sign, which indicates an atypical, as in truly special, time in your life. Find a balance between moving with the flow and guiding yourself toward the destinations that you choose — and note that choosing is key. You may be tempted with moments when pushing the river seems like the thing to do, and others when drifting seems like the thing to do; consider this consciously so you do the right thing at the right time. Mars, Mercury and Chiron (among other influences) in your sign are saying focus on what you want, who you want and what you want to create. For a while you may feel like you are merely fantasizing, or asserting yourself into an energy field that is not exactly responsive, but I would urge you not to fall for that. You’re in one of the most workable environments you’ve ever been in, with lavish resources available to you. Rather than getting caught in the opinions or intentions of others, take what they say under advisement and allow it to inform you without any obligation to act. The complications of others are not yours, and you provide plenty of help, guidance and support merely by being yourself. By the time the Sun ingresses your sign on the 19th, you will feel the strength of your presence on the planet, and recognize that you’re an attractive, creative force, as well as one to be reckoned with.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Jan. 18, 2013 #934 | By Eric Francis

One gift of the next few weeks is going to be the opportunity to understand your fears, particularly the ones that get chalked up to being ‘unconscious’. You want to know about this dimension of yourself because when the energy ramps up, as it will certainly do over the next two or three weeks, all of your emotions will be amplified — and you don’t want any hangups to get in the way of the fun, the opportunities and the potential that are waiting for you. You’re about to become a magnet for human contact, and that will give you choices in the matter of who you associate with. I have a suggestion: stick with people who have a healthy opinion of themselves and their capabilities, rather than those who are overly self-critical or hung up. Resist every urge to ‘fix’ these people and instead, focus on what feels right for you. If you have something to say to someone who experiences struggles that don’t turn you on, be direct, clear and gentle, and maybe remember when you were held down by a similar affliction; then get back to doing what you’ve wanted to do for so long.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Jan. 11, 2013 #933 | By Eric Francis

You may or may not consider yourself ‘marriage material’ though I would propose (pardon the pun) that this is an excellent few weeks to explore your partnership potential. You have your own ideas about what a relationship is, and you may think that few others share those ideas. There are people in your circle of friends who are starting to catch up with you; these may include former partners and those you know through some aspect of work. Anyway, my point is: for the next month, experiment with the idea that your ideas about relationships are right for you and that other people have been learning from your example. There is a kind of collective transformation in progress right now, and it’s likely to manifest in your life as opportunities for contact that you thought were unlikely or impossible before. The challenge for you will be to leave behind the pain of what has not worked; any past struggle with rejection; and any prejudices you still may hold about what other people think about how you live. There is a lot that others have not been saying. Love, listen and learn.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for January 2013 | By Eric Francis

It’s time to start focusing your energy. I suggest you begin that focusing project at home, as New Year’s cleaning and organizing. For good luck, collect everything you don’t need and give it away or throw it out. The next step is focusing your social energy. You are in high-visibility, open-access season right now as the Sun transits through Capricorn, so you may be a little overwhelmed. I suggest that everyone in your life have their specific purpose, even if that purpose is ‘good company’. I know that that functionality is not high on most people’s social agenda, but it is on yours. One other thing: the line between lovers and friends is as permeable as it will ever be right now. There is a space open for deep exchange. Keep an open mind and an open heart.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2013 | By Eric Francis

You may not be sure if you can create yourself, but in that case I would ask who can. You must assume one way or the other — and your own creativity is far more trustworthy than anything anyone might impose on you. You have full access to all the resources you need to do this; tune in and listen. And you’re called to do one other thing: engage with what may seem like opposite or competing psychic currents. One is inviting you to open up and experience the full flow of inspiration. This allows you into the realm of vision, phantasy and empathy with the world and the cosmos, with no special agenda. (That’s one description of Neptune in your sign.) The other is focused, purpose-driven and oriented on your relationship to yourself. You will find yourself needing to stand apart or stand out, and to know yourself in a way that calls for deep acceptance of who and what you are. (That is one description of Chiron in your sign.) These two cosmic forces are more than you may have ever experienced as direct influences, and they are significantly different from what you have lived through in many recent years. Note the changes in your inner and outer climate. Speaking of outer: there is suddenly a lot more room in the world for you to be yourself. Walls have turned to doors. What at one time demanded formality now welcomes originality. Try and see.

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