Aquarius 2013

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 20, 2013, #980 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be asking yourself some deep questions about a relationship, and about the meaning of all intimate partnerships. This is not a fleeting inquiry but rather a crux point where you are finally getting to the heart of the matter. These questions involve whether you’re able to fully express your emotional needs, what kinds of commitment you’re comfortable with, and the role of marriage in your life. There is the ever-present question of negotiating your independence. This is a moment to consider all of your reasoning around the concept of permanence, and the way that it influences your emotional climate. There is also the not-so-small matter of how and why resources are exchanged. What falls under the category of an obligation, what do you feel is taken from you, what is a fair exchange and what is freely given? Once you have unpacked these subjects, you’ll find it a lot easier to relate to others in a way that is fair, and that you understand.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 13, 2013, #979 | By Eric Francis

You’re probably aware that you have the reputation among your friends of being an advanced soul. You know what you must go through in order to maintain your sense of balance and to resolve the inner wrinkles and twists that seem so natural to who you are. This may, at times, lead to you feeling like there is a contradiction between how others see you and who you are inwardly. There are moments when you might feel like a hypocrite for not living up to the ideals that others perceive of you. Events of the next few days will go a long way toward allaying any such fears. It is your transparency that people respect the most; what you may not recognize is that people close to you, and even those who just meet you, already understand that you’re a complex individual with many inner dimensions and contradictions. These are nothing to hide from but rather something to embrace. People love you and you can love yourself.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 6, 2013, #978 | By Eric Francis

Aquarians share a reputation, whether deserved or not, for being some of the most revolutionary people in the world, though also some of the most practical. I would encourage you not to compromise and think you have to be one way or the other right now. It turns out that the most innovative choice you can make or idea you can create has enormous practical value that will only increase with time. Yet it’s true that you need to cast aside all your brittle beliefs about what is possible or impossible, and go straight for what you know you want, or better still, what you know must be. Then, make it so.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes — December 2013, #977 | By Eric Francis

Rather than project your values onto a ’cause’ or going overboard to express your devotion to a relationship, I suggest you take an even bolder step: embody what matters to you the most. We all know the human tendency to have high ideals in some abstract dimension — and those born under your sign are especially susceptible. You can apply this to any desire to become a better person, or the notion that you will accomplish something great in the future. I suggest you skip the whole ‘becoming’ thing and go right into being. This may seem like a leap, but really, it’s a kind of un-leap. Try gathering your existence, your values, your desires into the present moment and noticing how you feel, and where you are. I know you may be experiencing a powerful need to lead by example, which implies demonstrating a level of certainty. I would propose that certainty is the last thing you want now, and the last thing that’s in the stars. You are however in a moment of dancing with some rich, fertile uncertainty, which will do more to nourish you than any goal-setting or devotion to anything outside yourself. Stay with the feeling and have faith what it will give birth to, in each moment as you live it.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 22, 2013 #976 | By Eric Francis

There is a bit of information you need that will help you with your abundant responsibilities, and it’s coming straight to you. The problem is, you might decide it’s not important enough to act on or even to acknowledge. You may also believe you can get better news from someone else, and set out to shop for something you prefer. The news you want is what is accurate, so that you can address whatever circumstance you’re dealing with. I suggest you not allow yourself to be biased by fear or any form of negative expectation. Be bold and devote yourself to getting all of the facts; don’t stop until you’re satisfied that you actually understand the full scenario. Once you do that, you will discover another dimension to the situation that provides you with a whole set of alternatives you would not have found otherwise. Pay attention to the specifics. The details matter, a lot.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 15, 2013 #975 | By Eric Francis

Events over the next few days may raise your awareness of an internal influence associated with controlling others. Under certain circumstances it may spook you a little, because you recognize it’s a little creepy. However, you’re not the only one who has this experience — it’s something that influences all of society; you just happen to be picking it up on your inner tuner. Think of it as a distorted impulse to take responsibility for yourself, your choices and your actions. Once you see it that way, it’ll make a lot more sense, and your intuition will guide your focus away from others and onto yourself. You may then grapple with the issue of whether you should, or can, control you. I would note that control is a different thing than making conscious choices, or being accountable for your own feelings. Very, very different.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 8, 2013 #974 | By Eric Francis

You can finally divorce your parents. It’s about time. The thing about some divorces (if not all) is they make it easier to move on and be friends. The thing about divorcing your parents is that this makes it possible for the kid who is grafted to them, or to an idea of who they are (or were), to step up and be an adult. It’s not easy to see the influence that unhealthy bonding with mother and father has, especially if that influence is everywhere. You have reached the point in your life when you know it’s time to be your own authority. That’s the only way to get over what some call ‘authority issues’. It’s not necessary to project authority onto others, then rebel against it. I would say that if you want to be happy, it’s necessary to claim the right to run your own life. It’s not easy but it is possible — now.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for November 2013,
standing in for weekly #973 | By Eric Francis

Your charts are once again calling you to leadership, though you need to be clever about this. Use psychology, which is another way of saying listen for a while before you say anything, or make a decision. You would also do well to bide your time. Events between Nov. 1 and 3 will bring both a series of revelations and also a sense that you’re in new territory — which will call for a new approach to your situation. It won’t be until Mercury stations direct on the 10th that you know fully where you stand, and when the last of the missing pieces will be filled in. That idea about knowledge being power was never truer for you than it is now. Or said another way, knowledge that you use wisely will help you use your power in a humane way.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2013,
standing in for weekly #972 | By Eric Francis

I’ve often pondered the phrase ‘authority issues’. One definition is not knowing one’s place in the order of things. The result can be attempting to act with greater influence than one has, or with far less. We see manifestations of both in our society, and the particularly toxic equation of those on a power trip acting out on those on a powerlessness trip. Noticing this dynamic may convince you that you want to get out of the game entirely. True authority begins with your relationship to yourself. It becomes real the moment you recognize that no other person can dictate that relationship, no matter how hard they try and regardless of what happened in the past. This month’s solar eclipse is a reminder to be on the lookout for what you might call ‘shadow figures’ from the past who you’ve internalized. They may boss you around and attempt to tell you who you are and how to feel about yourself. One attribute of finding your authority will be taking back your consciousness from hijacking by these inner voices. The first step in this process is recognizing that they are not you. They may seem convincing but really, if you listen carefully, you will be able to hear the difference. Then you’ll be able to feel the difference, in the form of feeling a lot better about yourself.

Weekly horoscope for Friday, Oct. 18, 2013 #971 | By Eric Francis

Even the principle of accountability can be taken too far — such as when you’re expected to take responsibility for the actions of others. This is an important boundary though one demarcated by a fine line, perhaps a bit too fine. In my reading of Friday’s lunar eclipse chart, your accountability centers around knowing what you are and are not responsible for. Perhaps the most challenging thing is being responsible for your own feelings, especially when you’re in the context of a relationship to someone else. One thing I would remind you of is that you’ve covered this territory before, and quite possibly mastered it more than once. You don’t need to go back to a prior level of knowledge or experience, though to do that you must use what you know. So I suggest you spend some time considering what you’ve learned about yourself, in recent years and over the course of your lifetime. Your situation will feel a lot simpler.

The Oracle Horoscope, standing in for Weekly Horoscope 970, Oct. 11, 2013

Things seem to be going well. But how well is well enough? Usually we have no idea how good life is until we express our wealth, personal gifts or success in some tangible way. Misers are miserable simply because they withhold themselves. The prevailing logic of the world says that to give something is to give it up. I would propose that in this case, to give what you have is to keep it. And it gets better yet. The accompanying discovery is that you have far more than you ever imagined. Take this on the most private level (rather than business or social) and you’re more likely to see what I mean. Your instincts are telling you that you need to express an emotional reality of some kind, and express it from the deepest and most generous place within you. It may feel like a tremendous personal risk. More good will come of it than you think.

Weekly horoscope for Friday, Oct. 4, 2013 #969 | By Eric Francis

There is a spiritual solution to what you’re facing, which is to say that nothing is impossible and nothing is beyond the reach of healing. Yet two things are necessary. One is focusing on your relationship with your inner Source, wisdom and intelligence as a higher priority than focusing on a human relationship. This is not an either/or situation but rather an order of priorities in a moment when you are trying to work out something that may seem beyond human power. Allow the light to work through you, and then stand back and allow it to work through the situation. Ask for a change of perception, that is, to see the situation a different way. I suggest you not focus on the results, but rather on how you see things and how you feel. Your willingness is the essential ingredient. So be willing, state it to yourself out loud, take a breath and know that your next steps are guided.

Monthly Horoscope for October 2013 #968 | By Eric Francis

You may be thinking: is this all some kind of test of character, or of my integrity? I don’t know if it’s a test, but you may be experiencing the consequences aspect of life more than you’re experiencing its promise or potential. They are all related. All consequences are results, and what they are results of is, precisely, some form of potential. This works for ‘good’ things and for ‘bad’ things. The law of cause and effect is in action all the time. The difference between a sleeping person and an awake one is consciously using causes (motives, intent, decision) to get an effect (a result of some kind). This implies becoming conscious of all the superstition that is used as a substitute for good, old-fashioned karma. You are moving into a time of increased power of manifestation — what some astrologers might call success, but I think it’s edgier than that. Your choices will get results, though those results are the product of something. You are also living with the effects of what you have created — and the astrology I’m describing will grant you extra power to make adjustments to what currently exists. This will be especially true if you develop your understanding of how things got to be the way they are. And once you arrive at that understanding, consider it a rough draft and go deeper. Cause and effect are never separate, which is an idea that could save the world.

Inner Space Horoscope for October 2013 #967 | By Eric Francis

Use your charm as you untangle your latest leadership challenge. I can promise that this will not be your last such challenge of the year — there are more coming, and they get more interesting — and the whole journey will call on you to employ the highest and deepest levels of your intelligence. Yet more significantly, you will need a dependable way to get people working together. Sometimes it’s necessary to use your power and/or authority, but it’s energy consuming, and there is often collateral damage. Being charming and a bit seductive is a way of getting people to do what they want to do anyway. I would remind you that as the next few weeks develop, circumstances, motives and rationales involved in your work (and other) responsibilities will be too complicated to explain to everyone around you. That won’t be necessary, as long as you know what you have to do.

Pisces Full Moon Moonshine Horoscopes, Tuesday, Sep. 17, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

The Pisces Full Moon is taking place in the area of your chart that has to do with how you feel about who you are. You can also think of this as self-esteem. Feeling good about who you are on a weekly, daily, hourly basis is an important component to happiness. At times, your self-esteem may feel particularly slippery. It’s tangible one moment, and the next it’s too wispy to grab hold of. This week’s Full Moon is drawing attention to this feeling, making it easier for you to see clearly any issues that may have been blocking you from living with a fuller sense of self-esteem. What is on offer is a chance to clear out these blocks, connecting you with a strong sense of your right to exist in your own way.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Sept. 13, 2013 #966 | By Eric Francis

You have a lot on your hands, including much that you were not expecting to be dealing with. Help is on the way. The key element in receiving that help will be trust, in particular, trusting whomever responds to your needs is not also running another agenda. If you have a real question, ask — and listen to the answer. You may choose to have faith in the situation despite some actual concerns. Sort those out. If you do, you’ll see that some are old and no longer apply to you or your current environment; this is a good time to address any lingering hangover from the past. Some will involve what may be a level of mistrusting women. That, too, is a lingering artifact of history. Treat people as who they are today. Setting all that aside, you need to delegate at least some of your responsibility to someone who arrives to assist you, which is always a matter of having faith in a person; so keep this on a human level and start there.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Sept. 6, 2013 #965 | By Eric Francis

You may feel out of your element, or like a certain relationship situation is pushing you beyond your limits. Yet in a strange way you also might feel entirely comfortable with where you are. You’re moving through the emotions and demands of your situation more gracefully than you may reckon, and in many ways it’s bringing out the best in you. Still, I am sure you would appreciate some relief from the constant pressure, particularly where the necessities of a personal situation intersect with those of a professional one. It would be great if you could devote yourself to one or the other and really go in deep. Yet your astrology as it’s currently structured is suggesting that the opposite is true. As you toggle back and forth between commitments, you will gradually design your life in a way that integrates both and excludes neither.

Virgo New Moon Moonshine Horoscopes, Tuesday, Sep. 3, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

For the past month you’ve moved through what may feel like a series of doorways — each coming with a sense of completion. This process has made you more sensitive and tuned in to the multifaceted nature of your existence. What you’ve been moving through is a space of learning. You’ve discovered a lot about yourself and your needs. As the New Moon takes place in Virgo, you have a unique opportunity to apply all you’ve learned. A fertile moment is opening for you to use this new knowledge in your life. I suggest you proceed boldly, focusing on your vision of where you are growing. As you state your needs through your actions and words people around you will respond. You will be putting out a message that will attract to you people who will provide the support you seek.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscopes for September 2013, #964 | By Eric Francis

Others may challenge your authority over the next few weeks. It could be some professional situation, or a household-related theme, or your moral authority — and you will need to figure out a way to handle it that works for everyone, or for as many people as possible. Remember that often, when someone is trying to razz you, they’re doing it for its own sake. It may be a form of amusement or a not-so-dangerous way to take a little risk. That said, take a real look at any beef someone has with you and offer them some kind of compromise. Leave yourself room to negotiate; don’t give it all away at first — just enough to send the signal that you’re open to a discussion and that you have a fair mind. This will work anywhere along the spectrum from personal to political.

Monthly Horoscopes for September 2013, #963 | By Eric Francis

Will you depend on others to push you, or will you allow yourself to do what you want? Will you play a game of resisting, perhaps to make some point to yourself or to them, or will you say yes when yes is appropriate to say? By that I mean: you have the option to do what you want to do, without a lot of drama, and it’s enough that you want to do it and nobody else’s influence needs to matter. Yet what I see in your chart is that you may decide it’s easier to allow someone else to provide the initiative or motivation, and you come along for the ride. You have that option but it won’t be as much fun. This is akin to the difference between reading something in a book or discovering it yourself — or seeing a picture of someplace as opposed to going there personally. Which has a deeper influence on you? You will have a deeper experience of someone or something if you make the choice yourself, rather than allowing yourself to be pressured or seduced. The only question is what you want, though this is not as urgent as you think. This is about tuning into your feelings. It’s also about not being a control freak, though you would be surprised how much these two things have in common.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Aug. 16, 2013, #962 | By Eric Francis

You may feel like someone is trying to reveal the deepest flaws in your fears or sense of betrayal. Part of this sensation is an internal phenomenon. Something inside you, some set of conditions or the results of past experiences, is becoming undeniable, and you may feel like everyone else can see and feel your thoughts. This, in turn, could have you feeling a bit paranoid or edgy. When someone actually can perceive your situation clearly, that is likely to arrive with a sensation of strength, being willing to rise to a challenge, or as noticing someone is an example that you want to take on. You still may feel a bit nervous at the prospect. Yet that’s a different experience than the paranoia that your weaknesses will be revealed and taken advantage of. At this stage of your life, I would propose that you be honest about the issues you’re addressing, as well as their histories. You will feel better and safer for being known than for trying to conceal your reality.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Aug. 9, 2013, #961| By Eric Francis

Mercury is stirring up the need for a conversation about sex, or rather, many of them. There’s just one little problem: sex is the one thing that everyone is an expert on, hardly anyone has read a book about and that few people have the courage (or the vocabulary) to discuss. It’s commonly avoided; that’s not a shock. Then there are numerous taboos thrown over the topic, as well as not just the acceptability of lying about it but also a kind of urgency to do so. This is, however, the area of existence that wants more than any other to be invited into the light of day. It’s likely to be the stuck point in one or more of your partnerships, though if you follow the threads, you’ll discover that may go deeper. For example, you might recognize that you simply must come to terms with this subject in its many forms. These include sex for fun, for healing, for reproduction, sexual health and, finally, the financial value you put on your favors. Everyone has a price. What is yours, and more to the point, why?

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for August 2013 | By Eric Francis

There seem to be two parallel worlds in your relationships. One looks like passion and chaos, complete with mixed signals flying in all directions, bright light, dark shadows, passion and repulsion. In a parallel world there is focus, devotion, purpose and clarity. There is the honoring of what is vital and what is real. There is a conscious relationship to tradition, with everyone doing their part to uphold something that’s older than everyone involved. I would propose that your life would be easier if you were to choose one of these worlds rather than trying to live in both at the same time. I can understand wanting elements of both, but not making up your mind is denying you either of them. Here is a clue: they have a lot in common; but in one, the passion is in a more accessible, available form.

Monthly Horoscope for August 2013 | By Eric Francis

Your charts suggest that this is an interesting, even cosmic, moment in your relationships. Yet the same astrology is also cautioning that you may feel like everyone but you is getting what they need. There’s an illustration of you in the role of healer, facilitator, or the one who holds space for others. You may feel like you’re the last stop before people find the thing they’re looking for; you may feel like you’re the one safe place where others open up, but then somehow get overlooked as the one to make contact with. Usually when I see this kind of astrology, it’s clear that someone is playing what you might call a karmic role, something they’re accustomed to and are good at. But the planet involved, Vesta, often leaves people yearning for personal experience that they can imbibe for their own pleasure. I suggest you take the step and cross that threshold yourself. Make choices that bring you closer to getting what you want. When you find yourself with the option to offer yourself in service to someone, make the decision carefully whether you want to offer yourself. It’s a different role than the person with the human need for play and creature comforts, and at this stage in your life, either option really is a matter of choice.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, July 19, 2013, #959 | By Eric Francis

Wise old astrology books remind Aquarians to fill their urn before trying to ladle out the water to everyone else. This is spiritual healing 101 — take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. There is some good logic to this, including the fact that when you’re nourished, prepared and alert, you will be more helpful and less at risk of hurting anyone in the process of assisting or serving them. That is the message of your charts now. Get yourself oriented in your physical space, which seems to have undergone some changes lately. Make sure that you have whatever provisions you need. Get your work organized to the level where at least you know what you need to do and approximately when you need to do it. This will create some boundaries to work within. Over the next few days, make sure you take plenty of time to yourself. Set aside obligations to others. Get rest and drink water.

Aquarius Full Moon Moonshine Horoscopes, Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

What it feels like to experience existence as ‘you’ is less a physical structure and more like malleable clay you can continuously re-shape. You are in a process of re-forming your patterns and habits to build healthier, more supportive internal structures. How you experience your existence is changing slightly, like you shifted to the side and suddenly noticed a hidden door that you never saw before. All you need to do is turn sideways to slip through it and into a new space. There are in fact many of these hidden doors and as you shift your perspective slightly you are able to see each one, slipping in and investigating it to try out a different potential emotional pattern. Ultimately, what you are making contact with in this process is an authentic mode of existence, one that provides you with enough flexibility to grow and explore yourself.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, July 12, 2013, #958 | By Eric Francis

You’re entering what may be the busiest month of your life so far. It will be up to you to make it one of the most productive. While you’re likely to feel the impulse to take immediate action, I suggest you take the next week or so and develop a plan, or at least a focused list of priorities. Some items on that list will lend themselves to movement now, and if you’re planning carefully you will notice that some will require preparation. And I think you will notice that one objective or goal stands high above the rest, and you are likely to know about it now. I suggest you organize yourself around your highest priorities and then work in descending order, coming back to that basic structure when in doubt. The thing to avoid is being driven by your emotions. Let them have their place — and make sure that your motto in these days of your life is ‘mind over matter’.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, July 5, 2013, #957 | By Eric Francis

The time has come to ask yourself what you are doing with your power. By ‘power’ I mean the creative gifts you have, such as talent, healing skills and other assets that can help support and sustain the community. We could include your energy, money, time and wisdom. When you look around you at the world and see what’s going on, and then you look at your life and notice how you invest your time, would you say that your allocation of resources is in proportion to what you are witnessing? Focusing specifically on your healing gifts, to the extent that you’ve developed them, where do you invest them and why? Do you use them to serve any purpose other than what they were intended for? This may require some careful untangling. We live in a society that tells us that it’s a sin to do anything except for profit, and that it’s suspect to be generous. Judging by your actions rather than your ideas, where do you stand on that particular theme?

Cancer New Moon for Tuesday, July 2, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

Your health is one of the factors that influences the amount of energy you have to work with. You’ve been learning for quite a while that your energy is a precious resource to be taken care of. You are making significant headway in connecting the dots between your emotional health and physical health. What you are gaining is a shift in perspective that is helping you make some marked changes to your daily routine. Your surrounding environment and your psychic body are all providing you with information on the types of structures that promote feeling strong — emotionally and physically. This may involve some potentially large changes to your habits and also to what your environment contains. Ultimately, as your health is highlighted, even large changes will seem both doable and important to make in your life.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for July 2013, #956 | By Eric Francis

Yours is the sign of the water bearer, and that water has to come from someplace. Some of the sage descriptions of your sign encourage you to fill up your urn so that you have something to give to others when called upon to do so. Jupiter joining many other planets in the water signs is a reminder to pause, fill up and strengthen yourself. To do this, however, you will need to make a conscious choice to trust, and to question your many reasons not to trust. This time in your life only seems to be about the authority you have over your own life and to some extent your responsibility for others. It’s about relaxing into an exchange, and having the faith to receive what you need when it’s offered to you.

Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, June 25, 2013 | By Eric Francis

Many people feel like they have nothing to give because they’ve never tried, or they’ve taken one seeming failure as a sign that something is impossible. Your astrology offers many clues that you will feel worthwhile to yourself and to others the more you make yourself available. This is not a matter of theory; it’s a matter of experience.

Daily Horoscope for Monday, June 24, 2013 | By Eric Francis

If you’ve been struggling with questions of your purpose or what to do for ‘right livelihood’, you may have some guidance sooner than you think. The solution to this puzzle involves sharing with the world what you actually have to offer — the best of what you have, in fact. On this particular topic there is no room for compromise.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2013, #955 | By Eric Francis

Being born under the sign Aquarius includes a sappy, sentimental side that can at times compete with your ability to turn nearly anything into an abstract concept. This would matter less were you not concerned which aspect of yourself is ‘right’ or the real you. Behind this little controversy is your awareness of a form of intelligence you can trust. It’s neither abstract nor sentimental; it’s equally emotional and intellectual but in truth it’s beyond both. That intelligence is telling you something now; it’s pointing you to a potential focus of devotion and sharing that may in many ways defy reason. When you follow this wavelength of wisdom, things tend to go well for you. You possess a depth of understanding that you don’t have to explain, a quality that others trust about you. But closer to home, this is something that you’re learning to trust about yourself. There’s a purpose to the social consciousness, the idealism and quest for applied intelligence of Aquarius, and that’s about the purpose of community: nourishment and healing. These are the areas of life where you seem destined to take on a leadership role. Humanity is a family, though it rarely treats itself as such. Your presence can get that quality moving wherever you go, particularly where you work. Do not be shy about setting the example. Even if it seems a little strange to people, count on the fact that nearly everyone is starving and thirsting for a world in which we actually take care of one another.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, June 14, 2013, #954 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be drawn in many directions, with many options to choose from — and all you want to do is feel good. There’s a relationship between the two sides of that equation, that is, between having the sensation of perhaps confusing or ambivalent potential and your desire to take it a little easier. I suggest you cultivate some receptivity: some time to listen to yourself, to explore some of the experiences and ideas that nourish you, and to give yourself space to think and express yourself. Then the potential you’re feeling will be less confusing and more oriented on something inwardly relevant. Let me say this another way. Accessing creative potential in any satisfying form is less associated with activity and more associated with making contact with an inner reality, and then expressing what you notice. The content of what you express means a lot more than the form in which you express yourself.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, June 7, 2013, #953 | By Eric Francis

If you’re feeling like you’re bursting with creative and sexual energy, you’re right on time. In many ways your happiness depends on your ability to express yourself, so if you’re delaying for any reason, I suggest you feel some ideas moving, pull the cork and let some of the energy out. The thing about any creative endeavor is that it requires taking a risk. Often that risk is what you might do with potential ‘failure’. That’s exactly the psychology you want to fly into like a headwind. There’s also the small matter of having so many options. This is the time to experiment. One beautiful thing about our modern world is that one need not merely be a painter or a violinist. Very nearly everything is mixed media. As you explore, you’ll discover that there are several specific things you want to get good at — and you will.

Gemini New Moon for Tuesday, June 4, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

A project you’ve been working on for a while is about to take a big leap forward. This may seem to come suddenly when in fact it’s been building for some time. You are synthesizing a number of ideas, resulting in a quick advancement. Continue to work the edge of this project, stretching out further and further into what is possible. I suggest considering a final product that is better than what other people have produced as not really better, but different. To be different there must be a piece of the unknown involved — experimenting with what hasn’t been tried before. Crafting a project that pushes the boundaries of certainty involves boldness and calculated risk-taking, two of your biggest assets. If you encounter any doubts from others, continue proceeding with what you know is right. Out on the edge is where innovation happens and discoveries are made. For many it’s an uncomfortable place to be; you in fact thrive there.

Inner Space Horoscope for June 2013, #952 | By Eric Francis

What your life hinges on is your ability to state your needs and your desires. It would help if you could tell them apart, and have clear ideas what constitutes one or the other (clue, you will have very few needs, and a good few more desires). Knowing about this is not enough; being clear with yourself is not enough. You need to put this information to use. You may have been taught to ‘expect’ your needs and desires to be met, or to hope that doing so for others would result in someone showing up and doing that for you. Many things preclude that, including the aura of independence you put out, however what I suggest you do is tell people — the ones that matter — what your life is about and what role you want them to have. How they respond is up to them, though you’ll learn a lot either way.

Monthly Horoscope for June 2013, #951 | By Eric Francis

If work has been less-than-perfect lately, I think you’ll be happy with what you create over the next few weeks, and how you approach the puzzle of your work environment. For you, what you do is just as important as where and how you do it. You could have the ideal job but if the working environment were not suitable for you, it would just not work. Now you can consider your plans with your environment as the first step in your thought process. Notice how where you work influences your ideas — the quality of light, the space around you and how your body feels. Regarding work, there’s one astrological detail that no Aquarius should be without. You need human contact and a real sense of whom you’re helping. Whatever field this may be in, the way you support others, and relate to others, needs to be more like how an ideal family would relate than what we find in the average workplace. You need real confirmation that your work is nourishing others who actually need you. This is an extension of the ‘humanitarian’ idea of Aquarius, though what I’m reading is Cancer on the 6th house — where Jupiter is about to take up residence. You have a lot to offer and the more you give, the more you’ll discover that you have. For your own peace of mind and encouragement, make sure that you’re offering your gifts where they are appreciated. You have options.

Sagittarius Full Moon for Tuesday, May 21, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

You’re reworking a perspective regarding what you have to give back to the world. I propose an idea — that your visionary nature is one of your assets. To you this may seem a normal way to live, though for many people around you how you perceive the world can be hard to grasp. Many people struggle with stepping out of the pre-constructed boxes of tradition and status quo. For you, though, it’s like slipping behind the wheel of a different car; it takes little effort to step out from a previous way of thinking. Living so far ahead of others at times can feel isolating or like the sensation of being present in your own world is hard to grasp. I suggest you keep putting your vision out there, easy for others to see. An opening is arriving that will help connect you with people who share your unique viewpoint; turn on your neon sign of ‘you’, and you’ll attract a network of people who share your vision.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 17, 2013 #950 | By Liam Carey

I once had a lover tell me to make love to her with my mind. I gotta tell you it drove me nuts. I just didn’t get it and, well, I just didn’t get it. I’m pretty sure you do though, and that you will have a driving urge to do so starting this week. Not only that but it looks like you will have willing partners in your quest for lovemaking through the mind. If this is not where the energy takes you then there will at least be a need to communicate your sense of aesthetics; your senses will be keen to this. There is a deeply creative spark that has been lit and I hope you have the opportunity to fan its flames. This is one of the most difficult and dynamic aspects of life because of the need most of us have to hang onto control in order to feel secure. To let go and play, make love and recite poetry requires a freedom of self that once granted, is a launching pad to other dimensions.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 10, 2013 #949 | By Eric Francis

You may think that you have to get your life in order, or feel perfectly secure, before you dare to express yourself creatively. However, that’s a setup for not expressing yourself much at all, since it’s rare that our lives are in perfect order (and besides, creativity thrives with at least a dash of chaos or challenge). It’s worth questioning these kinds of if/then statements: if I’m healed, or perfect, I can do this or that. Often the healing or the ‘perfecting’ comes in the process of creation, or of somehow taking action. Said another way, creative and sexual experiences are part of the normal flow of life, not the outcome of some special effort, or state of deserving. The confidence you seek you will find through taking chances, not by waiting until you’re confident to take a chance. There may be some obvious signs that this is true, for example an alluring opportunity that you might try if you felt up to it, but which you can still try, even if you’re not sure.

Taurus New Moon for Tuesday, May 7, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

You are in a moment of realization about a question you’ve been wrestling with for a while. This has to do with the nature of your internal world. At times it may have felt like you were having endless heated discussions with yourself about your place in the outer world. You’ve fought a doubt you’ve had about your ability to attain your highest goals or vision for your life. What you desired may have seemed impractical or too out of reach. I pose a question: who defines what is possible? You have a lot more creative power than you think. Think of what you envision for your life like a piggy bank. Each time you invest time and love into where you wish to go, a penny gets added to the bank. The piggy bank won’t be full of pennies right away but, as you continue to add pennies and hold your vision, eventually you’ll have a full bank. In terms of the real world, this represents your arrival at your final destination; you are much closer than you think, so remain focused on what you want no matter now impossible it may seem.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 3, 2013 #948 | By Eric Francis

It seems like every season or every year, you are encountering some new call to leadership. Said another way, life is calling on you to take more responsibility and to associate yourself with a purpose that comes from deep within you. Yet at the moment, you seem to be facing a diversity of challenges that are interfering with that. I say ‘seem to be’ because the emotional and personal situations in your life are calling on you to shore up your foundations. You are being pushed to question every assumption you have about what it means to be ‘safe’ and ‘secure’, and many assumptions from the past are coming up for question as well. Looked at one way, you are being called to build your life on a focused sense of purpose. But there is something that may go deeper, which is a grounded sense of your own existence. It may be that part of how you cultivate that is to take on challenges bigger than you thought you could handle; then logic would say that your ability to meet those challenges was based on something real.

Inner Space Horoscopes for May 2013 | By Eric Francis

I trust that by now you’ve figured out that there’s no point resisting progress. You’re growing, you’re maturing, and you’re being called to bigger and better things than you may have ever dreamed possible. Yet this is not a fairytale; you’re living an actual journey of maturity, which has many elements. One of them is fully embracing adult responsibility. Another is hearing the call to leadership. Yet another is recognizing that time is finite, which is another way of saying that you must use time as your ally rather than treating it as an enemy. Time is a resource, and it’s one that you have the ability to use wisely. One way to avoid wasting time is to invest your energy in who and what is present in your life now, rather than obsessing over the past. The past leads nowhere; the present will lead you into the future.

Monthly Horoscopes for May 2013 #947 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be trying to balance concerns about your home against professional matters that you know are just as significant. You’re more likely to work them out together than separately, as the two are directly related. Yet there seems to be another factor, which is a relationship on which you suspect much will hinge. Well, it could be a relationship or it could be your idea about a relationship — I suggest you sort that out, on your own and if possible with anyone who might be involved. If you leave the matter hanging below the surface of your awareness, it may have a way of running your life from the back seat. If you raise the question consciously, you will take away the negative manifestations of its power and begin to engage the more constructive ones. There’s one theme that comes right back to you: how in contact with your needs and desires are you? How well are you able to articulate them to yourself? By articulate, I mean the kind of thing you can put into sentences that another person could understand. That’s how clear you want to be, starting within your own mind and then extending out to a real discussion with others. One word comes to mind: marriage. What does that word mean to you? What is it about? What did you believe when you were younger and what has life taught you? What would it truly mean to be a partner, and to have one? How flexible is this idea for you?

Scorpio Full Moon for Tuesday, April 23, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

As you move through this week’s Scorpio Full Moon, you are working through a point of tension as though you are being pulled between following what fulfills you on an emotional level and working out the detailed steps of how you get from point A to point B. One question you’re encountering is what information was kept from you, or that you did not see, that caused an exaggerated sense of inner complexity or confusion. Going beyond this means getting out of your head and seeing the world around you, or the larger pattern of your life as you actually live it. Allow your experiences to reveal your motivations and point to how you got them. You’ll make many discoveries as you learn to do this. I’m talking about a conscious investigation or exploration. This process will help you discern what you were taught versus what you learned on your own. In turn, you will notice what you’ve outgrown and what is outdated.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 19, 2013 #946 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be in a moment of revelation. Some idea or development is finally promising to move the story of your life along, rather than overwhelm you with problems and potential. The full idea may not have come to you yet — though you’re working your way toward it. The thing to remember is that there are two dimensions here — the outer and the inner. The outer level involves the conscious thoughts you’re thinking, the facts of which you’re aware and what you might do about them. The inner layer is a much deeper reality check about how you feel about these things. I suggest you include considerations such as what you would need to give up and what you would gain; an assessment of how certain choices have worked or not worked for you in the past; and any influence on your social reality. Practical matters are not everything; emotional matters count for a lot right now, and as the Grateful Dead lyrics go, “Without love in the dream, it will never come true.” Perhaps take that a step further — this is all about love, and awakening to it.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 12, 2013 #945 | By Eric Francis

This whole responsibility thing is getting tired, I know. Or at least it has its low moments and its more meaningful ones. Yet you seem compelled to go there, and to develop that aspect of who you are. I would propose that you’re doing this at the right time in your life; it’s one of those necessary aspects of existence that you need to be in harmony with, as a prerequisite for happiness. Let’s put it this way: regardless of whatever else you may or may not be, you’re not a slacker. You can trust that, and in doing so, I suggest you not push the whole responsibility bit too far. You need to have fun, and I suggest you attend to that sooner rather than later. I am not, however, talking about the kind of fun that’s a diversion or entertainment. I’m talking about the kind of fun that’s about being in creative harmony with your purpose, with the service you offer and most of all with a job well done.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 5, 2013 #944 | By Genevieve Hathaway

We tend to think of our thought processes as part of our conscious self; something we have control over. Yet, how often does a thought enter your mind and then you mentally correct yourself or have an internal debate with yourself over that thought? How often does this internal dialogue seem to go on for far too long, reaching surprising levels of complexity? Lately many of your mental processes are coming up for review — these are the thoughts you seem to have before you have a chance to think them. These mental patterns contain many of the themes you inherited from your parents, which have been passed down for many generations. You have the tool of perspective at your disposal to see the patterns for what they are and make changes. You can see your thought patterns laid out, not only their structure, but also where in your family they came from. As you work to restructure how you think, I suggest requiring that all mental patterns must support your sense of feeling good about your existence.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2013 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be struggling with some persistent doubt about yourself, which may work out to be a positive thing. I say that because if you’re grappling with an issue, you’re less likely to be in denial about it — and denial was very likely how you addressed it in the past. Now you have another challenge: framing any issue in a way that actually has the potential for progress. If you’ve described something the same way for a while and you’re not getting results, I suggest you take a different approach. For example, if you’re asking ‘how do I solve this problem’ and that’s not working, maybe ask, ‘why do I need this problem?’ Then once you address the need, the situation will change. Speaking of needs, this would be a great time to learn how to express yours. That may involve finding language; it may involve deciding it’s OK to speak up; it may involve facing the fear of rejection from someone close to you if you dare to write yourself into the story. Actually this has a lot to do with relationships, and what you were told your role was supposed to be. That relates to what you expect (and were told to expect) others would do for you, and be for you. Reality is always different from theory, especially where the BS that we’re fed about relationships is concerned. Commitment does not mean commitment to another person, but rather a shared devotion to a higher principle than oneself.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, March 15, 2013 #942 | By Genevieve Hathaway

Self-esteem has continued to be a theme in your life for some time now. If there is any aspect of yourself to spend the time on to get right, this is it. How you feel about being ‘you’ is your greatest resource and essential to shaping your outer world. At times this exploration of your concept of self-esteem has come with plenty of deeply personal and emotional energy as you tapped into a piece of yourself that is raw and real. Over the next week, a realization will shift your perspective on your self-worth even further. Think of it as an illusion dissolving to reveal a new way to access a stronger sense of self-esteem. It’s like you find an unlocked door that you didn’t know existed, which takes you directly to your inner core of being. I suggest you make this re-orientation on your feeling of self-esteem one of your top priorities. You are at the very end of what has been a long, yet ultimately rewarding process. The work you are doing is building an inner strength that will carry you for a very long time.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, March 8, 2013 #941 | By Eric Francis

Among the most significant decisions you can ever make are the ones about what is the most meaningful to you, which are a reflection of yourself. Right now you are making some profound decisions about what you want, what is possible, what you believe and what you deserve. You can safely think of this as the very core of growth or evolution. There seems to be one critical point that you’re struggling with, one belief that has the power to throw your whole life out of alignment. If not for that one thing, you would have the freedom to be fully present in your own life. I will offer a few words from A Course in Miracles that I’ve quoted a number of times, and which seem relevant to you in this moment of your journey. “Every decision you make stems from what you think you are, and represents the value that you put upon yourself. Believe that little can content you, and by limiting yourself you will not be satisfied. For your function is not little, and it is only by finding your function and fulfilling it that you can escape from littleness.” Or translated into two words: Be Bold.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, March 1, 2013 #940 | By Eric Francis

By one measure, everything comes down to self-esteem. I feel like I keep mentioning this for you, and given what’s developing in your chart, it’s worth another look. In fact, this is likely to be an ongoing spiritual project for the next few years, though you have a great opportunity to make some unusual progress right now. The only thing that could get in the way of feeling good about yourself is an incorrect idea, or a self-deception of some kind. Belief, and in particular, your beliefs about you, have a way of dictating your whole reality. You don’t need to worry about what is true — only what is false. Therefore, I suggest you go on a search for ideas or concepts that are in some way self-deceptive; for lies about yourself that you’ve believed; and for thoughts that are based on being in any way ‘less than’. If you recognize what is not true, what is true will be obvious, as will what to do about it.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2013 | By Eric Francis

You’re going through a process of exploring your depths and your shadow side, all as part of a search for something within yourself. It looks almost as if you’re searching for self-respect in spite of something, some feeling or idea to the contrary. Yet is this really an approach that you have to take? At a certain point, you must accept and claim your own assets, despite any doubts about yourself that you may have. You will use what you have going for you, despite whatever you might think you lack. While this is not strictly a matter of self-esteem, a habit of doubting or even questioning yourself can in fact block your awareness of your gifts. This is really a choice of whether to focus your awareness on a sense of loss or doubt, or on the incredible wealth you have access to within yourself. If you’re not aware of that wealth, let me be the first to tell you it’s there, and it’s available. You have access to resources — creative, emotional, financial and many other kinds. Some may belong to others, some may belong to you, some are collective resources. The most precious among them is your ability to feel your worth on a planet where so much is not valued, where so much is plundered and where everything seems to be running out. Having a lot in a time of scarcity could be intimidating, you might want to check in and see if that thought form is influencing you in any way.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 #938 | By Eric Francis

This may be one of the most intense times in your life. And yet you may feel curiously like you’re left out. That’s just a feeling — you are most certainly the central figure in what is happening, and the sense of being left out is really about many areas of your psyche opening up and becoming available — and you have not quite claimed those spaces as yourself. Said another way, your interior mindspace is expanding, and you’re realizing how much of who you are is unexplored territory, much of it long left vacant or uninhabited: hence, the sensation that you’re ‘not there.’ Walking into these spaces is not like walking into a hotel room; it’s more like an empty, unfinished loft space, which will seem empty at first. Go in, and claim a corner of the space. Hang out long enough to get some sense of where you are, and ask yourself not just why you’re there, but what you want to do with the space. You don’t have to invite anyone in — you cannot, really, at this stage. As you tune into your surroundings, you’ll get over the awkward feeling — and you’ll likely discover that the space is anything but empty.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 #937 | By Eric Francis

Have your persistent self-doubt and self-questioning actually gotten you anywhere? They may have, though not as far as you think, and even if so, whatever purpose it had now seems to be served. Get used to the idea that self-improvement doesn’t necessarily improve you. What does? Let’s see — it looks like your passion for beauty is both helpful and in full bloom right now. Beauty might come in any form of art or music, talents I would be surprised if you would hear any astrologer ascribe to your sign. However, we both know you deeply value them, though you may not have come as far as counting yourself in. I suggest you do that. There are spiritual and psychological approaches to growth and healing, and if you ask me most of them are getting pretty old. And then there is the creative approach, which is always new, and which is designed to get your whole brain thinking, feeling and growing.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 1, 2013 #936 | By Eric Francis

Over the next few days, Mercury will be conjunct Nessus in your birth sign. This is going to focus some ideas for you, and you may become passionate about them. Let’s start with Nessus, which I’ve been writing about frequently — just check the Planet Waves blog for deeper information about this planet associated with healing abuse and betrayal. On one level, Nessus describes the failure of ethics that we experience, so often associated with sexuality. Your chart suggests you may find yourself feeling obsessed with resolving all that has happened to you — other aspects are adding passionate drive to your experience of life, and a sense of immediacy. Actually what you’re figuring out now has been trying to get your attention for a long time. Certain fixed ideas were getting in the way: beliefs you refused to change, an attachment to your public image and the fear of being less than perfect. These are all a ruse thrown over your fear of simply admitting what is true for you. That’s the place to start. Action comes later.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for February 2013 | By Eric Francis

It may feel like the direction of your life hangs in the balance this month — you’re certainly considering your overall direction and making up your mind about which way to head. Don’t push the decision. Rather, consciously proceed in the direction you’re headed, though allowing yourself to drift a little. That’s to say, allow yourself to hang loose and not force yourself to make any decisions. Circumstances are very likely to conspire to offer you some clear guidance on what you want to do next. There does seem to be something unusual brewing: a creative project of some kind, or perhaps something with an authentic flair of social justice, or both. Move from an inner space of authentic sincerity. You will know it when you feel it.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2013 | By Eric Francis

Remember what is the most meaningful to you. You might forget, or take it for granted. Who you value, what you value and what ideas you hold dear are worth not only contemplating, but acting on. Love in any form is an active process, though as frantic as the world is (and as your world gets at times), what you crave is love in action. I would add that this is not a magical process, but a human experience of making your way through an uncertain world; it’s the very opposite of taking anything for granted. In this spirit, I would propose that for you, failure is a means to success. Willingness to make mistakes is a key element of what is called ‘correct action’ that can lead to a good, whole and wholesome destination. You are a person who loves ideas, though fully engaging in the beauty of being a creature of blood and flesh and feelings is essential to your participation in the human family right now. Spirit is our home, though you are an incarnation, and that has a purpose — to embrace the complexities and challenges of existence rather than to avoid them in any way, and that includes embracing what you care deeply about but which in some way challenges you. You’ve probably thought of all of this before, though in my reading of the planets, now is a poignant moment for getting it from the realm of theory to that of tangible reality.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Jan. 18, 2013 #934 | By Eric Francis

With the Sun and Mercury about to enter your sign, you may be feeling a mix of apprehension and excitement. What you may actually experience is a sense of grounding, and the ability to catch up with where some of your desires have been going. It’s true that they’ve been running ahead of what you think you’re ready for; that’s another way to say that you’re making progress and are oriented on forward motion. Over the past few weeks you’ve been through some kind of inner odyssey. Remember what you’ve been through; commemorate it in some way, preferably in a way that preserves a few of the details that may not seem important now but which will be significant reference points as the weeks and months of this year unfold. Always remember your inner reality, even as you make your way in the world. Always remember that you’re part of a community even in your most deeply introspective or solitary moments.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Jan. 11, 2013 #933 | By Eric Francis

Your mission is to foster cooperation without worrying about your popularity, and without going out of your way to make enemies. In other words, the people around you are not going to work together so well because they like you so much; and they are not going to work together because they hate you so much. They’re going to do it because it’s the right thing to do and because everyone’s life will be easier. Therefore, you have to be gentle in your approach to leadership, and recognize that you have a real measure of authority before you ever open your mouth. However, I suggest you tune into certain facts of the underlying psychology — both your own and that of the circumstances around you. It seems to be driving everything, and you may be the only person in the environment who has the ability to perceive what’s going on, including being able to suss out the sexual politics that are involved and are, as usual, significantly influential.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for January 2013 | By Eric Francis

We all have secrets, and yours are pretty interesting. The ones that you would think are likely to make you feel the most guilty for revealing are actually those most likely to stir up your passion. They are the most nourishing and (dare I suggest) empowering. Don’t keep this stuff to yourself. Find people to share your most intimate thoughts with, and keep letting it out, engaging in an actual dialog with those who want to know you and, for that matter, those who express any interest. The release of pressure will remind you that you’re a whole person with nothing to hide. That, in turn, will help you feel more comfortable in your skin, which will increase your sense of presence and stature. In other words, keeping secrets is not good for success. Feeling good is excellent for it, though.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2013 | By Eric Francis

If you haven’t figured out that it’s useless to keep secrets from yourself, now would be a fantastic time to come around to that discovery. Indeed, the essence of your life is all about self-discovery, which implies a courageous inner quest. To go there, you will need to learn how to work with fear. Though it’s usually put down as unnecessary, that’s of little consequence when you’re confronted by it. The question is, what, within yourself, do you have to fear? Well, there is a source, but it’s a lot older than you. It’s so old you would be shocked, and that’s precisely the point of why you will benefit from a conscious embrace of the issue. Think of yourself as dancing with it instead of running from it. Or, perhaps, as a kind of homing signal back to its source, which may be one single ancestor whose thoughts and feelings got a grip on your entire lineage, or on you personally. You’re on a kind of search and rescue mission, to search out the fear and rescue the substantial piece of your soul that’s being held hostage by it. This has been going on for a while, but through the next few seasons you have the benefit of knowing what you’re looking for, and how it feels. You’re closer than you may think, though I can suggest a kind of secret portal into the place you want to get to: if you carefully consider any idea, thought, or relationship that involves authority, your use of it or its use on you, you will have big clues.

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