Not Just You

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
— John Muir

Should your life be somewhere between intense and overwhelming right now, it’s almost certainly not just you. If you also have a paradoxical sense of at least one shoe taking forever to drop, you are probably not the only one. Whether unresolved tension or unrelieved intensity is preponderate for you at this time, indications are that you are not alone.


It’s easy to feel alone when you have been too darn busy to stay in touch. Alternatively, you might feel isolated because you have retreated from engagement in order to take rest or nourishment. Either way, it’s tempting to get down on yourself.

Rather than beating yourself up, however, take a moment to at least imagine the possibility that many (or even most of us) are faced with the same temptation.

Were it true that many people (if not most everybody) you know have been similarly unable to cover all their bases recently, you would know what to do. Your own experience would dictate that you show the same patience, compassion and tolerance you hope to receive. It would also assuage your concerns to hear assurances that things will get better one way or another, as opposed to being the recipient of pressure to do more than you can manage.

Interestingly, there is one motif unifying this moment in astrology that symbolically supports the notion that many of us really are in the same tippy canoe. It’s the same tableau that implies an impending release or relief. It’s a pattern currently being expressed by Mercury, Jupiter and retrograde Venus in Leo, along with Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. All are moving through the final few (or ‘anarectic’) degrees of their respective signs this week.

The anaretic part of any sign represents intensity. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. The energetic demands of the Sun, Moon or one of the planets so positioned can often be redeeming. However, with fully half of the sign rulers occupying the latter degrees of their respective signs at the same time, indications are that a sense of both extremity and some sort of strain are probably widespread.

By the same token, any experience concurrently shared by many (no matter how challenging) enhances the possibility of equally widespread understanding. In order for informed compassion to carry the day though, you have to break the icy grip of isolation and reach out to reassure others with words you long to hear and gestures you would be relieved to receive. 

Reassurance is the upside of a planet moving through the anaretic degrees in direct motion. For any such object is by definition on the cusp of entering a new sign. When you consider the palpable refreshment that often accompanies just one planetary ingress, you can easily imagine how several such changes in a short period of time might well correspond to a significant amount of solace.

Indeed, such changes are not long in coming. By this time next week the earthly archetypes of no less than three planets will be manifesting from entirely new fields of expression.

Mercury will move first, entering Virgo on Friday to ease your mind. Mars will follow on Saturday, shifting into Leo to quicken your consciousness and enliven you body. Then, Jupiter will end more than a year in energetic Leo next Tuesday to begin a trek equally as long through the modulated frequency of Virgo.

Finally, Saturn will complete nearly a year of transitioning from one sign to another next month by settling into Sagittarius for the long run of two years more.

If you can only manage to grasp one message from the astrology this week, it would be the proverbial advice that “this too will pass.” Nonetheless, it would be helpful if you could venture a step or two further.

Whenever others express regret, it would soothe so much to simply reply with reassurance. Similarly, requite remorse with forgiveness, and healing will be the result. Responding with compassion for those who are contrite will likewise function to literally change the world for the people in question. 

Most of all, reach out to at least one of those who have withdrawn. Contact those unable or unwilling to either express their bewilderment or ask for pardon; let them know it’s not just them, but all of us on the cusp of changes that promise to be as liberating as the world is now weighty. It’s a promise that all of us (not just you) can act to make real.

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22 thoughts on “Not Just You

  1. chief niwot's son

    As always Len, thank you for this timely check on the Heavens and the energies represented. Intensity has been noticed, and your piece offers the balm of reassurance.

  2. Barbara Koehler

    Will do Len, will try to remember that not all people are blessed with an anarectic Saturn in Aries, still able to take advantage of all those late Leo energies. Or others who aren’t old enough to have lived through as many less-than-jubilant Venus retrogrades as I have. Look to your Saturn I might advise, gently of course, and visualize his long-term plan for the future. Devote some thought and time and even activity toward that goal. Nose to the grindstone stuff. Be grateful that Venus isn’t spending her retro time in Virgo rather than Leo. Now that WOULD be a grind for someone like me.

    With Venus and Jupiter and Mercury in the late, great degrees of Leo we can overcome the emotional block of sullen Saturn in Scorpio. C’mon now, this is too special a time to hide our light under a basket. A movie star before my time, Greta Garbo, was famous for having said “I want to be alone” (or in her case it came out “I vant to be alone”). My momma used to pretend she had a long cigarette holder in her hand, roll her eyes and slink across the room saying that phrase and I would dissolve into giggles. Well, of course, sometimes we DO want to be along, but it shouldn’t be to get down on ourselves for what has yet to be accomplished.

    Yeah I know, a slower-than-usual Saturn can be a drag, and when combined with Venus retro, even more so. Mars in Cancer can be a wet blanket for some as well. The thing I’m telling myself is that I should fall back and regroup. We should stop trying to frantically get all the things done that we feel need attention. If you need rest then give yourself plenty of it while you can.

    On the other hand, if you are restless then work on those chores you have put off forever (I know I’m not the only one who does that) instead. But for heavens sake, don’t mope and kick yourself for something you did or didn’t do and feel you owe someone. Maybe there was a reason for that. Nose to the grindstone. That’s the cure for restlessness. In fact, disconnect for a while and tend to your own needs. We can’t help others when we are depleted ourselves. That goes for you too Len. Heal thyself then you will best serve others.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Barbara (be): Thank you once again for the perspective of your valuable experience with the previous iterations of current transits. It is a special and deeply appreciated honor to receive the unique combination of information, judgement, humor and wisdom you share with us here.

  3. Bette

    Yes, I can see that it’s “not just me” – most people I know are either on a dead run to get as much done as possible, or feeling a bit overwhelmed just contemplating their lists. I’ve been doing a bit of both, I suppose, but learning more lessons in patience & bearing in heart/mind what you so aptly named “informed compassion”, have been helpful. I have long tended to do a bunch of “shoulda-coulda…” on my Self, which I know full well is a good way to flatten rather than augment my available energy.

    With a Mars return imminent, which will trine my natal sun shortly (& then square my moon), I doubt I’ll be resting much on my current laurels.

    Transiting Neptune remains square my sun, something I kept in mind as I carefully scrutinized & evaluated the newer vehicle I bought a couple of weeks back. Its condition seems to be excellent, & it should offer good value. BUT – & could this be Neptune’s touch? – it had been quite saturated with air fresheners/sprays, to which I’m extremely allergic, so I simply can’t drive it with the windows closed, & have been trying to let it air out. A good wipe-down with vinegar in the water may help also. It strikes me as so ironic – nicest vehicle I’ve owned in 25 years & I’m sniffling & sneezing! If I can’t make it better, I’ll sell it. Most people LOVE “nice smells”!

    In the meantime, gardening, work on house, culling/organizing “stuff” – & yes, YES – time out to take care of me.

    Thanks, Len for the insights & support toward that balancing.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Bette: Speaking of wisdom, experience with transits (and life), and generous spirit – please allow me to thank you as well for sharing all of the above with with us here at Planet Waves. May your vinegar cleansing do the trick to make your new vehicle as habitable as it is serviceable.

    2. Carol

      A couple of suggestions to assist with the chemical sensitivity and the unfortunate saturation in your nice newer car.

      One: There is a group of stones called Zeolite that have the capacity to assist in the improvement of the environment and to ethereally absorb toxic products and odors. It could be very helpful to get a Zeolite to keep in your car, or get four of them and grid your vehicle. One kind of Zeolite is called Apophyllite and comes in the form of a lovely crystal.

      Two: Another stone that can be beneficial is Aquamarine. You can wear it on or near your throat, carry it on your person or even imagine the essence of aquamarine in the air on all sides of you to protect yourself.

      I use both of these stones to enable myself to walk past a field of gmo corn that is on my way to the organic farm where I volunteer to help my local farmer. I have been extremely sensitive to many chemicals, including air fresheners, perfumes, laundry products for many years. It is possible that the chemicals used in that corn field have helped to cause the sensitivities. I have been using the stones for nearly two years and my chemical sensitivities are fading.

      The vinegar wipe-down is a good idea. It will most likely require many applications to get the smell out.

      Eating all organically grown food can also be helpful to clean out the dregs of chemicals in your system that have caused you to develop allergies.

      Best wishes to you in finding your way through it.

  4. Barbara

    Len…………Thank you once again for all that you bring……….”Reassurance is the upside of a planet moving through the anaretic degrees in direct motion”….I’m curious….how does the direct motion of transits impact natal retrograde planets in the late degrees?…………..take care

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Barbara: Good question. Thank you for asking. The first thing to remember is that natal positions capture a moment in time which characterizes the native’s initiation into life, AND should be considered as a whole. That being said, a transit to a natal planet in the anaretic degrees will often function to EITHER trigger unresolved intensities OR further develop unexpressed potentials (even though both correlations can also appear simultaneously). It’s usually a fortunate (if also trying) occasion when such transits take place because there is nothing like having an anaretic planet transited to remind us that growth, learning and personal evolution never stop for as long as we live. Please let me know if my answer was not satisfactory.

      1. Barbara

        Thank you Len…………I appreciate your response……………CONFIRMATION…………more to ponder…………..thank you so much…………………………..

  5. abc123

    “Whenever others express regret, it would soothe so much to simply reply with reassurance. Similarly, requite remorse with forgiveness, and healing will be the result. Responding with compassion for those who are contrite will likewise function to literally change the world for the people in question.”

    Thanks for this, Len. I had quite a tangled situation to address today. I went through dread, annoyance, irritation and resentment. I wrote out my response, then saved it as a draft and took a break. 30 minutes later, after a little time relaxing outdoors, I suddenly saw another option. It was like finding a hidden door and the key was compassion. I held my ground, yet did so in kindness, in the most respectful way I could. I’m not sure of the outcome yet, but in my heart, I feel good about my actions so far.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      abc 123: It is for me to tank you. There are few things more gratifying than being informed that my service here is of practical use to you. May your thoughtful discovery of the “hidden door” lead to the best possible outcome for all involved.

  6. Martha

    Lovely sentiments, lovely language, lovely images (my favorite: all of us together in the same “tippy canoe.”). Thank you for the reassurance, insight and, always, positive perspective!

  7. Martha

    Hmmm, maybe “imagery” would be a better noun than “images”, especially for a website that does so much with photographic, not just linguistic, images. 🙂

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