Mercury-Sun, Mercury-Venus in Libra: Insights and Art

By Amanda Painter

Thursday, Oct. 16, Mercury reaches the midpoint of its current retrograde, heralded by its conjunction to the Sun in late Libra (exact at 4:40 pm EDT / 20:40 UT). So if you’ve been finding communication and technical issues to be challenging, take heart that the retrograde is halfway over.

Given that this Sun-Mercury conjunction also coincides with the approximate midpoint between eclipses, continue to stay open to whatever insights have been coming into view, especially about past patterns of relating to others. No matter how uncomfortable the surfacing of these insights — I realize that some people are dealing with a lot of challenging material right now — they are valuable; perhaps even more so than usual for their potential to help you make new choices and set new patterns going forward.

Almost simultaneously with Sun-Mercury, Mercury also makes a conjunction to Venus in Libra (exact tomorrow, Oct. 17, at 1:55 pm EDT / 17:55 UT). Mercury-Venus offers “refinement of consciousness,” according to Isabel Hickey — though with Mercury retrograde, that may apply more to your inner self-perceptions.

Mercury-Venus can lend optimism; but Mercury conjunct the Sun can indicate a blind spot in understanding, or a lack of awareness of one’s biases. So, you might find that optimism clearer-sighted as Mercury and the Sun separate.

Sun-Mercury-Venus in Libra indicates taking initiative in looking for (and expressing) balance and beauty. However, the configuration is opposite Eris in Aries — and sextile the Mars-Pholus-Ixion configuration in Sagittarius.

Generally speaking, Mars sextiling the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Libra indicates the synthesis of emotions and thoughts, and suggests pursuing creative, artistic outlets. There’s an indication to stay open and receptive to any collaborators as you do so. Mars also comes with a caution.

As Eric noted earlier in the week, the presence of Mars with Pholus and Ixion in Sagittarius suggests that a little bit of desire will go a long way. That is, use a light touch in going for what you want. With Mercury retrograde in Libra, it will pay to take your time in crafting an email (or any communication) to be clear and honest about your desires yet balanced — graceful, even.

Then there is the presence of Eris in Aries, opposite the Sun, Mercury and Venus (and trine the Mars configuration in Sagittarius). Eris in Aries represents that part of you that feels cast off or unappreciated, or a sense of confusion or fracturing about who you are and what you really want. In an opposition, you may see this mirrored back to you by another person.

Eris wants to be heard and acknowledged, but might not take the direct route to achieve that. Retrograde Mercury conjunct the Sun, across the dial in Libra, could shed some light on what your inner Eris has to say — if you’re willing to look within for the echo of what you’re seeing in front of you.

Backward-looking Mercury may be picking up an old message from Eris, one no longer applicable to your current relationship situation. But it has to be heard and received with that understanding to be of use; Venus offers increased receptivity there, along with emotional/intellectual integration.

As we head toward the weekend, let receptiveness, your insights about past patterns, and an eye toward co-creating a sense of balance (and art) be your guiding principles. Beware of acting primarily from a place of unacknowledged wounded-ness, or of letting any confusion about who you are, or what you used to want, to drive the bus.

6 thoughts on “Mercury-Sun, Mercury-Venus in Libra: Insights and Art

  1. Len Wallick

    Thank you, Amanda, for an excellent synthesis of the complex astrology with useful advice (especially the part about being aware of what or who is driving the bus).

  2. Bette

    It’s interesting to read this analysis of what is indeed complex astrology. SO much is happening in my 5th house, including the Sun, Mercury, Venus activity, all around my Jupiter-Chiron conjunction. I do hope this will be favourable for my participation this weekend in an art show & sale!

    I’ve been sorting through paintings, doing framing, making my lists of what needs to go with me….Mercury Rx never far from mind.

    There doesn’t seem to be a lot of relationship-related material surfacing for me – at least not yet – but I shall bear in mind your counsel here, & hopefully be prepared. The opposing Aries placements in my 11th could present surprises, I suppose.

    Thanks, Amanda!

  3. Mary

    Intermittently and all at once, everyone I talk to experiencing this on some level. Thank you Amanda, for detailing out a clearer path – to drive the bus!

  4. Amanda Painter Post author

    Hi William — not sure what you mean by, “Hey how about those blood moons? I tried to talk to someone about THAT the other day and they almost punched me in the face haha. wow. nobody wants to hear it man. ”

    While I understand that there is a character in Mayan mythology named Blood Moon, the phrase is not really an accurate or necessary name for lunar eclipses, and seems mainly to be used by mainstream media for hype purposes. Given the bad rap eclipses generally got throughout history, Planet Waves has an informal policy not to use the term, so as not to feed misinformation, fear, and hype.

    But if you’re talking about people being unwilling to discuss the (sometimes difficult) life changes that eclipses can usher in, that’s another story. Change is scary for many! And you just can’t make someone see it otherwise if that’s where they’re camped out — all you can do is offer resources and more productive perspectives for them to consider, and to be a model of such attitudes and approaches yourself.


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