Measure Twice (or More), Cut Once

From now into the weekend — but especially today and tomorrow — is one of those times when your motivation is likely running high to move on projects that would otherwise be daunting. This is good news, though it comes with some caveats: you’ll need to plan; watch out for unnecessary risks (especially of the physical variety); and keep a tight rein on things like stubbornness and ego. Some subtler, slipperier factors will be at play, too.

Photo by Amanda Painter.

Photo by Amanda Painter.

The main event is Mars in Taurus squaring Jupiter in Leo. This is exact Friday at 8:29 pm EDT (00:29 UTC Saturday).

Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, is not the most comfortable sign for Mars; it can be patient and persistent there, but that persistence can easily become stubbornness and possessiveness — especially with regard to money and sex. Jupiter in Leo can be very courageous and generous, but it can also get egotistical, prideful and extravagant.

With these two planets squaring each other from fixed signs, you’ll want to beware of getting stuck in one (or more) of those less-productive frames of mind. Because if you do, your judgment will become compromised, especially regarding impulsive risks. You might feel determined to barrel through whatever you’re facing, and you’ll have plenty of energy with this aspect to launch yourself and keep going. It’s the very energetic nature of this aspect, according to Rob Hand, that can be put to productive use.

What you might then lack, however, is the perspective to determine when enough is enough — or when jumping in is ill advised to begin with. There is risk of physical injury when Mars and Jupiter square, especially when such a physically oriented sign as Taurus is involved.

With the Moon exactly conjunct Uranus in Aries right as Mars-Jupiter is exact, the potential for rash, impulsive acts and sudden, surprising mood changes increases Friday evening. Be especially aware of your impatience (and that of others) if alcohol is involved.

This doesn’t mean you should fear every impulse or desire you have for the next two to three days. It does mean that since ‘getting going’ is the easy part with this energy, you’ll want to be extra conscious of your planning, preparation and evaluation steps. Those are the parts that won’t come as naturally.

Hence the title of this piece: ‘measure twice (or more) and cut once’ should be your metaphorical mantra right now. With some planning and foresight, you can be really productive and energetic when Mars and Jupiter square. And you don’t have to wait till they’re exact; Mars aspects are known to be potent and palpable as they build. Partly this is because ‘what could be’ is emphasized over ‘what is.’

This is great news for business and creative endeavors, the latter of which are being supported by another aspect now and into the weekend. Asteroid Vesta is conjunct Neptune (exact today) in Pisces, and the two of them are being squared by Venus in Gemini (exact Sunday).

I’m going to offer some ideas about this aspect pattern in the form of questions for you to consider:

— How devoted are you to exploring your imagination? How devoted are you to your artistic expression?

— Do you hold space in your life/self for deep, boundless love and ‘spiritual’ or ‘selfless’ sexual connection?

On the flip side:

— Are you romanticizing your sacrifices?

If so, be particularly aware of giving too much money or energy (under the guise of ‘love’) as a result of deception or denial.

It’s one thing to be devoted to an ideal. It’s another thing to be deluded as to what that ideal really is. Venus in Gemini is capable of holding two emotional truths in mind at once. You may want to measure each of them a couple times before you cut.

16 thoughts on “Measure Twice (or More), Cut Once

  1. Len Wallick

    Amanda: Thank you ever so much for this poetic yet practical piece. By heeding the beauty of the astrology while conveying the truth it contains you show beauty and truth to be one. By making clear some probable upsides and downsides going into and through the weekend, you have illuminated our path so as maximize the chance of productivity and minimize the possibility of loss. By bringing it all together under one thematic protocol, you have provided us with a simple, yet comprehensive guideline to apply in our lives. Magnificent!

  2. Fishgoat

    I’m glad you got something out of it. I’m just more confused and more terrified of making a misstep. So now I’m paralyzed again.

    Sorry, but having a hard time.

    1. Amanda Painter Post author

      Fishgoat: I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling paralyzed! Certainly not my intent, though I can say I’ve been there plenty of times in my life. Without knowing your natal chart, I can’t really give specific insights as how this astrology might be working with your own planets.

      But my initial thought is: rather than turning any desire to do something into an immediate self-message of, “stop! Too risky!” instead just take a few moments to plan the steps from getting from where you are to tat thing/action/project calling to you. This astrology is not about *not* acting; we have two squares at play involving personal planets (Venus and Mars). Squares urge us to take action — so the idea with these particular squares is to take that action very consciously.

      As in: if you get the urge to completely rearrange the house, take time to visualize where things might go before you up-end everything. Or maybe you’ve decided to train for a marathon: do a little research into how to start gently with that training, don’t skip the beginning steps, and listen carefully to your body’s signals of fatigue/tightness/etc. That kind of thing.

      The Venus-Vesta-Neptune configuration might be trickier to pin down, and with the two signs involved, the “duality thing” is emphasized. I know sometimes when I have two choices/options that feel relatively equal, I can get caught up in intellectually trying to weigh them, and I get paralyzed. I forget to *feel* into what my heart is saying, or my body. But just as Venus square Neptune is exact, the Moon is in Taurus making a conjunction to Mercury.

      My take on that is this: if you’re feeling torn or conflicted (especially come Sunday), or as though you can’t sort out which thing is “true,” try leaning on that lunar energy. See if you can *feel* (either physically, intuitively, or emotionally — or all three in some combination) what is right for you. What grounds you? What feels in tune with your values, or makes your whole body relax and say “ahhhhh” when you lean toward it?

      Hope this helps, Fishgoat! And any further insight from others is most welcome.

      1. puma pink

        Yes!! VERY helpful piece Amanda. Thank You!

        Fear is a motor. It doesn’t say slam on the breaks. Fear guides us to ADVANCE WITH CAUTION. Seems to be full-perfect for RIGHT NOW.

        Slow n Steady beautiful people 🙂

    2. goatwool

      I’ve been paralized many a time and it’s never been comforting !
      the following poem by Hafiz has rescued me time and time again !

      The Hearts Coronation by Hafiz 

      The pawn
      Always sits stunned,
      Chained, unable to move
      Beneath God’s magnificent power.
      It is essential for the heart’s coronation
      For the pawn to realize
      There is nothing but divine movement
      In this

  3. Lizzy

    Yes. Great advice Amanda, and much needed right now (also ties in nicely with yeserday’s Oracle,) particularly as a tiny seed of an idea I had last summer has just blossomed into something huge and inspiring (without any effort on my part, I might add). After reading your piece, I reflected on how , when ego joins the party, things can get out of hand – time to keep it well in check. Thank you!

  4. Lizzy

    P.S. But hey – perhaps for the first time in my life I’m getting a glimpse of a different way of being in the world. It’s been an agonizing few weeks – so for those of you who are still struggling, hang on in there, think that many of us are being faced with old demons, so that we can move past them.

  5. Sara Victoria

    Excellent advise. Venus opp Saturn fills in this whole dynamic with the need to work with reality and limits in the quest of fulfilling our desires… VERY helpful piece, Thank you!

  6. Susy

    A new poem that speaks somewhat to this theme:

    You ask why should I suffer so?

    First, I say, my children.
    And then, theirs.

    A reflection of the past glares back at me.
    I see my own blindness and cruelty.
    This wound that stitches us together.

    Must each line be so complete?
    The world opens eyes, or, she doesn’t.
    How hard to trust her feral hand.
    I watch and withhold mine.

  7. Len Wallick

    Fishgoat: You have my empathy also. Your feelings are valid. My wish in this comment is to validate and affirm you and your feelings while also asking you to reconsider Amanda’s blog today. Please consider how the very feelings you expressed, and the words you used to express them, might be proof of the astrology (as described in Amanda’s blog today) expressing itself through you and your experience.

    You used the word “confused”. You used the word “paralyzed”. You used the phrase “terrified of making a misstep.” Can you see how the astrology Amanda interpreted, if ascertained without the fully conscious awareness Amanda sought to provide us with, might very well also be described by the very words you used to express your condition?  There is a difference between reaction and response.

    1. Pisces Sun

      Yes, I agree. No decision is a decision, the question is, will you make an indecision consciously (as nonsensical as that seems). Sonya Ramirez states: “Some things are meant to happen in the meantime and the between time but either way its the right time because you always have choice.”

  8. goatwool

    Thank you for bringing to us, your awarenesses of the current aspects, and as I undeniably sync them up with my current thoughts and feelings and overall experience.

    “”— Are you romanticizing your sacrifices?””

    I am so guilty of this way to often, and what perfect timing to question where I’m at with it.
    With my natal vestal 12th house capricorn, amongst a bunch of company, It’s easy to withdraw and devote to that path …

    “”If so, be particularly aware of giving too much money or energy (under the guise of ‘love’) as a result of deception or denial.””

    and then / if with that (“guise” of ‘love’) my results become another self deception and denial …

    It feels like a strong force to battle with right now, yet with putting some particular awareness towards it – that – me … it seems to release a bit and that feels welcome.
    many thanks for the message !!!!

  9. Michael Mayes

    It’s a constant game of balance in relationships. The more self-aware I become, the more enriched my relationships become, but that has to be balanced with the fact that the more self-aware I become, the more I need to be myself, which can sometimes be challenging for others to deal with. It’s a growing process on both sides.

  10. Pisces Sun

    Amanda, thank you. Your piece and Len’s piece will be my touchstone throughout the weekend. It is helpful to know that squares mean action. Your probing questions for our use, as well as Len’s suggestions in his postings (including article) when coupled will be my guide this weekend when setting up my plans and taking action. Add this to my horoscope provided by Eric and I should be set.
    You and Len gave a great response to Fishgoat regarding honoring your emotions. Interestingly, earlier today, I had just posted my own trepidations about this weekend’s cosmic energy on Len’s article about “simmer and sizzle,” then went for a guided meditative walk where I listened to a Deepak Chopra meditation series. Lo’ and behold the discussions (listened to two) were on both topics: valuing and listening to your emotions and changing your thinking (that is getting past thought patterns on a given topic when you feel that you can’t tackle something, i,e., moving/changing perspective). For me, it was synchronicity in action, especially when I returned and read your postings. I offer the description here for anyone else who may also be struggling with similar feelings. The message is: honor your emotions, determine what it is that is bothering you, work with it and then think it through. (Similar to working your dragon exercise for anyone who is familiar with that concept–google it, if interested, it does help).
    Again, thank you Len and Amanda for your explanation of the cosmic themes crafted in in such excellent probing and personalized prose for our use, very helpful.

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