Libra New Moon, Makemake and Thoughts about War

Amy Blaschke

Amy Blaschke

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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at Wednesday morning’s Libra New Moon conjunct Makemake, and talk about this elusive, relatively new planet. I also comment on the seemingly perpetual state of war that the United States seems to be involved in. My musical guest is Amy Blaschke, who has invited us to preview two songs from her forthcoming CD “Opaline.” You can reach her website here. Artists on Amy’s level — major talent, not signed to a major record label — thrive on word of mouth. If you like her work, please spread the word.

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7 thoughts on “Libra New Moon, Makemake and Thoughts about War

  1. Pam

    Hello Brian, pretty much anything can turn on a pin, just a matter of finding the pivot or transition.

    Perhaps at this time it is to seek out or ask for renewal, whether that is complete repair, regeneration, or the miracle of the wellspring of renewal arriving spontaneously.

    As ACIM says everyone has the right to miracles.

    Wishing you a miracle!

  2. Pam

    Hi Eric – would renewal be a good word for Makemake – repair, regeneration, anything creating or going towards more aliveness (egg new and life: carrying new life literally and in the dangerous mission to get it ant carry it back?)


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