Sooner or later (usually in adolescence), most of us begin spending more time with unrelated people our own age than with family members. It’s an important period of learning interpersonal skills outside the family dynamic in order to individuate and define yourself among peers. Such skills, in turn, allow you to form friendships, partnerships and participate in community.


Some fundamental proficiency in expressing your thoughts is essential to interpersonal relationships. Letting your mind be known, and understanding what’s going on the minds of others, is a big part of communication.

Learning to communicate is a gradual process, integral to your personal development. It’s more than just saying what you think, it’s thinking about what you and others say.

Typically, how you communicate and comprehend will mature as you do. With experience, you learn to disregard stereotypes and tailor your responses to the specificity of the person, place or situation so as to get along better with others.

At least part of what is called wisdom has to do with learning to get along effectively enough to inspire and promote cooperation with others. If there is any one thing which has allowed human beings to thrive on Planet Earth, it probably is none other than cooperation.

Earlier today, Jupiter started a nearly 13-month journey through Virgo. In correlation, your journey through life during Jupiter’s tenure in Virgo will probably expand upon interpersonal themes of communication and cooperation, especially as regards to moving beyond stereotypes (or not). Indications are that some awareness of astrology will enhance the ultimate outcome.

Jupiter, of course, does not exist in a vacuum any more than you do. Both you and Jupiter are part of the system we call solar. The solar system is a dynamic thing; everything is in motion. Hence, the context of Jupiter (and you) in symbolic relation to the rest of the solar system has changed since it last entered Virgo about 12 years ago.

Understanding the context of Jupiter in Virgo now, and for the year-plus to come, is the equivalent of understanding how to communicate and cooperate with others more effectively in your life. It means, at least in part, discarding stereotypes and focusing on specifics.

One system of stereotype employed by astrology is called “essential dignities.” It’s a useful system of rules that tell you about how planets and signs relate to each other. As with any system of rules, however, it’s important to see everything as part of a whole so as to know when to make an exception. On the whole, it appears that this particular traversal of Virgo by Jupiter will warrant an exception.

According to the system of essential dignities, Jupiter is considered to be relatively weak in Virgo. To use an astrological term, Jupiter is “in detriment” (or “in exile”) in Virgo because Virgo opposes Pisces. Pisces is one of two signs (along with Sagittarius) where Jupiter is said to rule (or be “in domicile”), and therefore strongly expresses with some degree of agency.

Think about how detrimental it would be if you were to be exiled far away from home, friends, community, citizenship, language, currency and everything else that’s familiar to you. That will give you a general idea of how the stereotypical image of Jupiter in Virgo works. 

This particular tour of Virgo, however, will feature a Jupiter in nearly constant communication with most of the rest of the solar system through angular relationships called aspects. The Sun, Venus and Mars will soon pass through Virgo to conjoin (share the same degree) with Jupiter.

Additionally, Saturn will make a relatively rare connection with Jupiter through what is called a square aspect (a separation of 90 degrees) from Sagittarius twice next year. Neptune and Chiron will oppose Jupiter from Pisces in what might be considered to be a continuous connection over the next year or so as well. By the same token, Pluto in Capricorn will be in what you could call a continuous trine (a separation of 120 degrees) with Jupiter for months to come.

Finally, Mercury (already in its Virgo domicile now) will return to Virgo in August of 2016 to conjoin with Jupiter twice (once in direct motion, and once in retrograde). After that, Jupiter will enter Libra in September of next year.

In sum, Jupiter’s time in Virgo will not resemble an exile at all. Rather, it will represent a metaphorical exception to one of the stereotypical rules of astrology. The sheer quantity and quality of connections Jupiter will make while in Virgo will, in essence, overcome those rules.

Based on the idea that what goes on in the skies above correlates with what is going on here on Earth below, the next 12 months or so might be similarly exceptional for you and your interpersonal relationships. In order to realize exceptional outcomes, however, you will need to behave in exceptional ways.

You will need to move beyond the perception of racial, gender and political stereotypes. You will have learn how to extend the boundaries in which community have been contained. You will be required to inspire and promote cooperation. In fact, all of us will.

For we have reached a point in our own personal and collective development when it is no longer appropriate to be separated by community any more than it has ever been feasible to be separate from community. It’s time make an evolutionary leap beyond community to system.

It’s time to become one with the ecosystem of Earth and the solar system of the skies. The time for exile is over. It’s time to come home again. It will admittedly be a long road home, but you can at least know the appropriate direction if you let the example of Jupiter in Virgo show you the way to get started.

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17 thoughts on “Interpersonal

  1. Fe Bongolan


    Thanks for paving the way to the next intersection of our development. Looking at what we’re approaching to learn (tolerance, building community, bridging old cultural and racial divides) its such perfect timing that we are in this poignant moment. Here’s to justice and peace, and saving the planet’s future.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Thank you, Fe. It’s truly encouraging that you find my service today worthy. i truly believe that human beings can continue to evolve. i believe that people can get along with each other better. i believe that a return to integrating with the natural systems of the Earth and the Universe is a way to get all that done. In order to get all that done, we need to build on what allowed people to thrive on Earth by moving on from just cooperating in community to communities cooperating with each other until that cooperation expands to interface with the systems from which we came. It really is a coming home, and i’m convinced it is possible.

  2. Cowboyiam

    Poignant reading for me Len. It was about twelve years ago just as Jupiter moved into Virgo that I began my exile from the life and people I had known. That lasted for ten years but the exiled time has seemed to be over this last couple of years and I have been expanding into new ideas and communities but only recently have I begun to feel at home and fully accepted.

    My experience has been one of frustration and self doubt where it comes to truly expressing boldly. I am always aware it may backfire on me but this last six months or so I have become less willing to compromise and feel less threatened by rejection than ever in my life.

    Your statement – The time for exile is over. It’s time to come home again. – just perked my attunement. the statement activated an extremely heartfelt desire that has all my life driven me – both negatively and positively . I want to feel myself a fully accepted part of the larger whole. That is something I know already is but my felt reality yet holds me outside.

    I am looking forward to this unfolding Jupiter transit as it may truly bring me home in a way I have never experienced before. I hope others feel this same possibility. There is no place like home.

  3. Len Wallick Post author

    Cowboyiam: Thank you so very much for sharing your resonant experience with Jupiter’s most recent cycle through the zodiac (from Virgo, through the other 11 signs, and back again). i’m very grateful to have served you by providing something of a framework in which to perceive that experience in a constructive and positive way. May your personal evolution continue apace, and may you see fit to continue sharing it here.

  4. Barbara Koehler

    I’m so glad you are discussing this Len, this concept of setting aside the fundamentals or “stereotypes” of astrology, and looking at the whole picture. There are times when the horns are muted for a reason, no?

    There is this incredible total solar eclipse next year in which Jupiter will play a pivotal role he could only accomplish from Virgo. The New Moon/solar eclipse at 18+ Pisces will oppose Jupiter at 18+ Virgo, but the Sun (and Moon) will also be conjunct Chiron at 20+ Pisces. This means that transiting Saturn at 16+ Sagittarius forms a T-square with Sun/Moon/Chiron on one end and Jupiter at the other end, and Saturn would seem to be the deciding factor among these mutable sign occupants.

    But hold on, trans. Pluto at 17+ Capricorn will sextile the Sun/Moon/Chiron and trine Jupiter at that solar eclipse and he seems downright helpful toward easing us through a T-square with Saturn who, even though he is in Jupiter’s primary sign of operation, remains, true to form, rather inflexible.

    Well, would you believe that Uranus (Saturn’s nemesis for the most part) at 18+ Aries, is back to his old game of squaring Pluto (17+ Cap) but is also forming a trine with Saturn, while making Jupiter flex a bit because of their shared quincunx (not so hard from Virgo), and providing a bit of support (semi-sextile) to the Sun/Moon solar eclipse conjunct Chiron? This is not at all the sterotype of Uranus is it? This looks more like what you might call “participation in community”. Pluto is cooperating with Jupiter and Uranus is cooperating with Saturn, but Uranus and Pluto are butting heads again, and Saturn and Jupiter likewise.

    And let’s not forget that the transiting nodes will be setting off the U.S. Sibly chart’s square between Mars at 21+ Gemini and Neptune at 22+ Virgo (whom transiting Jupiter will have just spent the previous 3 months with). As Riley (Wm. Bendix in radio show called The Life of Riley during the 40’s) would always say. . “What a revoltin’ development this is!”

    But, for the USA, anyway, there is a jewel in the crown called (natal) Vesta and she’s at 19+ practical Taurus, completing a grand trine between transiting Jupiter at 18+ Virgo rx and transiting Pluto at 17+ Capricorn, in a most down-to-earth way. U.S. Vesta in Taurus will sextile the Pisces solar eclipse while she trines transiting Jupiter and Pluto. So a gain (Jupiter) and some transformation (Pluto) and something hidden from sight (Pisces eclipse) will benefit from some hard work, focus and dedication (U.S. Vesta). With a Saturn (in Jupiter’s sign, ahem) seemingly benefiting from Uranus, his co-ruler of Aquarius, a truce perhaps, even some cooperation, might be the “exceptional outcome” you suggest.

    This was a lovely piece today Len, and it seems so doable for all of us, not just the US and the rest of the world. I learn so much from you and appreciate your guiding me to the fun of connecting the dots in that total solar eclipse next March.

      1. Barbara Koehler

        Thanks Cowboyiam, and to Len’s point of becoming one with the ecosystem, be aware that the March 2016 solar eclipse at 18+ Pisces opposite Jupiter at 18+ Virgo is a preview of things to come. That March opposition will be reinforced in the chart of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 12/21/20 where Neptune at 18+ Pisces will oppose Vesta a 18+ Virgo, compounded by the transiting nodes at 19+ Gemini and Sagittarius to create a mutable cross. Again Vesta symbolizes hard work, dedication, focus, and investment.

        Because the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart also has Ceres (associated with Virgo) at 8+ Pisces square Venus ($$$) at 7+ Sagittarius who opposes the U.S Uranus at 8+ Gemini, it would be wise to observe trans. Jupiter next month. He will be in the 7 to 8 degree range of Virgo, the open leg of that T-square (2020 Ceres, Venus and US Uranus).

        March’s trans. Jupiter will be opposed by trans. Neptune (as Mercury is today) which is where Ceres will be in the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn chart, 8+ Pisces.. What’s being discussed? Climate change funding? Today it is the compromised river named Animus (meaning hostile) as Mercury opposes Neptune.

        The new Mercury-Jupiter cycle began with a square to Saturn and an opposition to the U.S. Moon, but that chart also features a grand fire trine with Vesta (refer to her role in the 2016 solar eclipse chart), Pallas (planner) and Sun (consciousness). Much is possible throughout the Jupiter-Mercury cycle because of Vesta’s position in the grand trine AND her square to U.S Sun and opposition to U.S. Saturn. Part of that feminine mystique you know.

  5. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara (be): Thank you for your kind appraisal. Special thanks for being so amazingly prescient in that i was actually thinking of “muted horns” (specifically a Miles Davis selection) while writing this piece. Finally, thank you for the comprehensive look ahead to that solar eclipse, along with your expert correlations to the Sibly chart which are always so insightful and deeply appreciated.

  6. wandering_yeti

    Been playing with the idea that the core of Earth is a sentient 12 sided crystal for awhile. That idea has begun to seem like a lot more than an idea lately. Virgo is my 12th house so Earth herself is my primary spiritual teacher. I don’t think it’s only the biospheric skin that’s sentient on this world.

  7. wandering_yeti

    Like this: the 12 slices of the circle in so many human mind maps might just arise from the shape of Earth’s heart. The houses after all are the environments of life on Earth. The angles all sprout from direct relationship to points on Earth’s surface. If the heart of Earth is sentient that could go far to explain astrology. She senses the shape of the solar system and her dreams shape our perception. Something like that. I don’t know. This isn’t the same as science. This might just be a truth that needs to be true enough to achieve escape velocity to a higher order.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      wandering_yeti: Thank you for a vision both profound and resonant regarding Earth as sentient being at its core. Works for me. As always, you have brought us something exceptional, which is representative how exceptional you are. i know you have been through a lot as you (in emulation of all that is ethical, responsible and holistic in integrity) have had to deal with the consequences of your consciously aware choices. i know yours is the path less often taken. i just want you to know that i deeply appreciate you taking the path here to share some of your life. What you have offered has served to help make me a better person.

  8. Barbara

    Home and all the comforts feels good…………..have noticed an uptick in cooperation today……Out of curiosity….how will the Jupiter trine Pluto play out?……Thanks Len………….thinking back to late April and how all your markers have been “ON IT”…………I thank you for what I am learning from you………

  9. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara: Thank you for your kind affirmation of my service here. Thank you also for your question, and for your patience while i answer. While in Virgo, Jupiter will trine Pluto in Capricorn three times:
    (1) October 11, 2015 with both in direct motion.
    (2) March 16, 2016 with Jupiter retrograde.
    (3) June 26, 2016 with Pluto retrograde.
    As i have said before, it’s better not to get hung up on specific dates with outer planet aspects and see the trine as a continuum – Just as with the continuous (and still quite functional) square from Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn which has (and will) function to define our era.

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