Idiot Box: Yay Comics!

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Editorial cartoonist Matt Bors surveys the various “off” responses to satirical cartoons and the violence recently perpetrated because of them — satirizing himself in the process.

By Matt Bors

By Matt Bors

5 thoughts on “Idiot Box: Yay Comics!

  1. JereJere

    Folk need to relax. People need to chill the fuck out (you can tell by my verbiage that I’m an associate of the tense).

    Some people are just dick’s. It’s an ego implosion.

    It’s gonna be a long trip to understanding.

    Laugh your ass off the whole way.. and Love as much as you can.

    (Don’t bury yourself too soon.. the work ain’t done.)


  2. Pam

    Yes Jude we liked it too – a friend commented that you can’t legislate compassion it is a political will – like the press never mentioned that Roosevelt was often in a wheelchair – it not being relevant to his political role.

    Probably respect and freedom of speech don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Is choosing your words or how to say something the same as censorship. Is it important to say no to ‘spin’ and to decide for yourself.

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