Four Winds Report for Jan. 6, 2017


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Today is Friday, Jan. 6, 2017
Hebrew date is 8 Tevet 5777
Islamic date is 8 Rabi’-II 1438

Mayan Tzolk’in Day is 12 kab’an
Mayan Long Count is
Julian Day is 2457760

Today’s Birthdays: Gertrude the Great (1256-1302), Richard II of England (1367-1400), Joan of Arc (1412-1431), Jose de Nebra (1702-1768), Alan Watts (1915-1973), Earl Scruggs (1924-2012), E.L. Doctorow (1931-2015), Scott Bryce (1958).

“Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes.”
— Alan Watts

Mercury Direct: Write It Down, Speak It Without Fear
This week, Amanda Painter considers the astrology of Mercury stationing direct on Saturday while in contact with Pholus, Quaoar and the Galactic Center. What might you say that could send a conversation out of control — and what are you not saying, out of fear of doing just that?

Moon Phase: Moon is in First Quarter phase and enters Waxing Gibbous phase on Jan. 8-9 at 8:49 pm PST / 11:49 pm EST (04:48:42 UTC).
Next Full Moon is on Jan. 12 at 3:34 am PST / 6:34 am EST (11:33:54 UTC) in Cancer.
Next New Moon is in Aquarius on Jan. 27-28 at 4:07 pm PST / 7:07 pm EST (00:06:58 UTC).
Moon Sign: Moon is in Aries and enters Taurus today at 12:18 pm PST / 3:18 pm EST (20:17:53 UTC).
Sun Degree: 17-18 Capricorn.

Planetary Stations and Sign Changes
Elatus stations retrograde at 2:04 am PST / 5:04 am EST (10:03:57 UTC).
Moon enters Taurus at 12:18 pm PST / 3:18 pm EST (20:17:53 UTC).

Interesting Selected Aspects | Data by Serennu
— Juno opposite Chaos at 11:47 pm Jan. 5 PST / 2:47 am EST (07:47:17 UTC).
— Vesta square Typhon at 12:11 am PST / 3:11 am EST (08:11:34 UTC).
— Venus square Huya at 1:49 am PST / 4:49 am EST (09:49:34 UTC).
— Sun square Echeclus at 12:55 pm PST / 3:55 pm EST (20:55:23 UTC).
— Mars square Great Attractor at 8:11 pm PST / 11:11 pm EST (04:10:51 Jan. 7 UTC).

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If Your Birthday is Jan. 6
(The Day of Substantiation) | Capricorn Birthday Reading | All Other Signs
Sometimes we speak what we have learned to say (for example, lessons one has been indoctrinated with). Sometimes we speak when passion has moved us to express ourselves. Have you noticed the difference? There is more emotion in the second instance. Not only that, chances are your breathing is different, maybe deeper or freer. Watch for either example today, and see what it tells you about yourself.

Written in the Planets
With Mercury in its storm phase (it stations direct on Sunday), there’s plenty of chance for miscommunication or overlooking key details. See what you can accomplish with minor adjustments rather than a major overhaul if things can’t wait till after the weekend. Once the Moon enters Taurus later today, you might find it easier to take your time — as long as you don’t get stuck on doing things a certain way. With Mars in Pisces square the Great Attractor in Sagittarius, notice if what you want feels especially unattainable or polarizing. Don’t sulk; this too shall pass. It’s okay to be the tortoise in a world of hares.


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