Four Winds Report for Feb. 3, 2017


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Today is Friday, Feb. 3, 2017
Hebrew date is 7 Shevat 5777
Islamic date is 6 Jumada-I 1438

Mayan Tzolk’in Day is 1 Chikchan
Mayan Long Count is
Julian Day is 2457788

Today’s Birthdays: Joanna of Bourbon (1338-1378), Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847), Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910), Giuseppe Moretti (1857-1935), Georg Trakl (1887-1914), Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), Henry Heimlich (1920-2016), Fran Tarkenton (1940), Paul Auster (1947), Henning Mankell (1948-2015), Nathan Lane (1956), Warwick Davis (1970), Sean Kingston (1990).

“Creative ideas are often attacked because people oppose change or do not understand new concepts.”
— Henry Heimlich

Everything You Need to Know
In this week’s full Planet Waves edition, Eric Francis examines the history of the right wingnuts now in government, and offers a theory about their true agenda. He discusses the nature of the programming Bannon and others are employing, and considers what we can do to work against it.

Moon Phase: Moon is in Waxing Crescent phase and enters First Quarter phase today at 8:19 pm PST / 11:19 pm EST (04:18:48 Feb. 4 UTC).
Next Full Moon is in Leo on Feb. 10-11 at 4:33 pm PST / 7:33 pm EST (00:32:49 UTC), and is a penumbral lunar eclipse.
Next New Moon is in Pisces on Feb. 26 at 6:58 am PST / 9:58 am EST (14:58:19 UTC), and is an annular solar eclipse.
Moon Sign: Moon is in Taurus and enters Gemini on Feb. 4-5 at 8:44 pm PST / 11:44 pm EST (04:44:02 UTC).
Sun Degree: 15-16 Aquarius.

Planetary Stations and Sign Changes
Juno enters Capricorn at 10:47 pm Feb. 2 PST / 1:47 am EST (06:46:48 UTC).
Venus enters Aries at 7:51 am PST / 10:51 am EST (15:51:01 UTC).

Interesting Selected Aspects | Data by Serennu
— Mercury opposite Vesta at 10:05 pm Feb. 2 PST / 1:05 am EST (06:05:01 UTC), and Thereus at 3:27 pm PST / 6:27 pm EST (23:27:20 UTC).
— Mars opposite Elatus at 4:13 am PST / 7:13 am EST (12:12:47 UTC).
— Sun square Bienor at 5:46 am PST / 8:46 am EST (13:46:38 UTC).
— Mercury square Haumea at 9:38 am PST / 12:38 pm EST (17:38:28 UTC).
— Venus square Quaoar at 12:55 pm PST / 3:55 pm EST (20:55:36 UTC), and Juno at 1:45 pm PST / 4:45 pm EST (21:45:35 UTC).

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If Your Birthday is Feb. 3
(The Day of Exacting Realism) | Aquarius Birthday Reading | All Other Signs
We all depend on heartfelt compassion to get us through difficult times. Yet the same people we look to for compassion can also challenge us in loving ways to refine our ideas, to take responsibility for our choices, and to act for the good of all even when it’s unpopular. You were born under a sign known for its independent thinking, and sometimes that can alienate others. How can you integrate that iconoclastic streak with your need to be loved? (Hint: remember that love is a feeling, not a thought.)

Written in the Planets
Venus arriving in the first degree of Aries today (the Aries Point) brings renewed vigor to the urge to express one’s feelings. This is likely to be especially true regarding emotions about current political issues that intersect directly with your personal life. Notice whether you are feeling even more concerned than usual with your own personal needs amidst the collective chaos. Sometimes getting those needs met is simply a matter of speaking up. But there’s a caution inherent in Venus in Aries, which can be a little overly focused on itself. The asteroid Juno, which also arrives in the first degree of Capricorn today, carries a similar sensation, but with a twist: it might draw ‘old’ needs into the mix. If something you simply must get addressed reminds you of how things always were in your family of origin, that could be a sign to refocus on the present — and to put yourself in the other person’s shoes for an empathetic perspective shift.

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