Four Winds Report for Dec. 5, 2017


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Today is Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017
Hebrew date is 17 Kislev 5778
Islamic date is 17 Rabi-I 1439

Mayan Tzolk’in Day is 7 Ok
Mayan Long Count is
Julian Day is 2458093

Today’s Birthdays: Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz (1822-1907), Christina Rossetti (1830-1894), Fritz Lang (1890-1976), Walt Disney (1901-1966), Otto Preminger (1905-1986), Little Richard (1932), Joan Didion (1934), J. J. Cale (1938-2013), Jose Carreras (1946), Gwen Lister (1953), Cliff Eidelman (1964), Margaret Cho (1968), Michel’le (1970), Nick Stahl (1979), Keri Hilson (1982), Frankie Muniz (1985).

“A lot of songs I sang to crowds to get their reaction. That’s how I knew they’d hit.”
— Little Richard

This Week’s Horoscope for Sagittarius by Eric Francis Coppolino

Mercury is now retrograde in your sign, and this will be an unusually revealing, perhaps complex, week. For you, Mercury is the planet that represents both relationships and partners. Questions of attachment and commitment are likely to come to the surface. Discussions might verge on going out of control, and you would be well served to wait three or four days before engaging people on intense issues, or letting them engage you. You have a right to keep some distance, and you happen to have that skill as one born under your particular sign. Take the distance you need, gather information, and figure out where people are coming from. You may decide that certain individuals have a good point, and that others are being truly ridiculous. Within the sphere of your own life, you’re the judge of that. You must be, because nobody can do it for you. One other thought: you might consider avoiding alcohol for a few days, and the people who use it.

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Moon Phase: Moon is in Full phase and enters Disseminating (waning gibbous) phase on Dec. 6 at 12:29 pm PST / 3:29 pm EST (20:28:35 UTC).
Next New Moon in Sagittarius is on Dec. 17-18 at 10:30 pm PST / 1:30 am EST (06:30:20 UTC).
Next Full Moon is in Cancer on Jan. 1-2 at 6:24 pm PST / 9:24 pm EST (02:24:00 UTC).
Moon Sign: Moon is in Cancer and enters Leo on Dec. 6 at 12:37 pm PST / 3:37 pm EST (20:37:10 UTC).
Sun Degree: 14-15 Sagittarius.

Planetary Stations and Sign Changes
Chiron stations direct at 1:47 am PST / 4:47 am EST (09:46:35 UTC).
Manwe stations direct at 7:49 pm PST / 10:49 pm EST (03:49:07 Dec. 6 UTC).

Interesting Selected Aspects | Data by Serennu
— Urania conjunct Pholus at 1:51 pm PST / 4:51 pm EST (21:51:08 UTC).
— Pallas square Juno at 3:50 pm PST / 6:50 pm EST (23:50:25 UTC).
— Sun conjunct Great Attractor at 7:30 pm PST / 10:30 pm EST (03:30:17 Dec. 6 UTC).

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If Your Birthday is Dec. 5
(The Day of Confidence) | Sagittarius Birthday Reading | All Other Signs
Most people want to leave the past behind, which is how they wind up living there permanently. For you, important matters related to your family history will surface this year, and you can make actual progress resolving them. Learn as much as possible going back three generations. Take the time, and be a sleuth. You will be amazed what you learn.

Written in the Planets
You may find yourself revising a plan you’ve been developing, regarding establishing your identity in some way. Longstanding (and perhaps unarticulated) emotional needs in a relationship seem to be the factor pushing you to make some adjustments. With retrograde asteroid Pallas in Aries square asteroid Juno in Capricorn today, this process of review and revise is in great harmony with retrograde Mercury. Think of it less as making a concession, and more like getting all your ducks in a row. If you do, you’ll be in a much better position for strategic forward motion once Pallas and Mercury both turn around later this month. Note also the conjunction between the Sagittarius Sun and the deep-space feature called the Great Attractor. Be aware that how you express yourself today could have effects you’ll never see, so be sure to stay aligned with your ethics and sense of purpose — even if it seems to polarize those around you.


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