Four Winds Report for Dec. 27, 2017


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Today is Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017
Hebrew date is 9 Tevet 5778
Islamic date is 9 Rabi’-II 1439

Mayan Tzolk’in Day is 3 Eb’
Mayan Long Count is
Julian Day is 2458115

Today’s Birthdays: Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), Sydney Greenstreet (1879-1954), Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992), William Masters (1915-2001), John Amos (1939), Mike Pinder (1941), Cokie Roberts (1943), Polly Toynbee (1946), Gerard Depardieu (1948), Tovah Feldshuh (1952), Gerina Dunwich (1959), Sarah Vowell (1969), Savannah Guthrie (1971), Wilson Cruz (1973), Masi Oka (1974), Pleasure P (1984).

“Nature…has given us astrology as an adjunct and ally to astronomy.”
— Johannes Kepler

Amanda Painter | Time to Get Practical: Venus in Capricorn

Mercury is beginning to shake out following its recent retrograde (which ended Friday night, but which might still be reverberating for you). Amanda Painter notes this should help you to unwind anything that got tightly wound recently. Continued new activity in Capricorn, a sign of initiative, should assist as well.

Moon Phase: Moon is in First Quarter phase and enters Waxing Gibbous phase on Dec. 29 at 1:43 pm PST / 4:43 pm EST (21:42:53 UTC).
Next Full Moon is in Cancer on Jan. 1-2 at 6:24 pm PST / 9:24 pm EST (02:24:00 UTC).

Corresponding New Moon in Capricorn is on Jan. 16-17 at 6:17 pm PST / 9:17 pm EST (02:17:09 UTC).
Moon Sign: Moon is in Aries and enters Taurus tonight at 10:23 pm PST / 1:23 am Dec. 28 EST (06:23:05 UTC).
Sun Degree: 6-7 Capricorn.

Planetary Stations and Sign Changes
No changes today.

Interesting Selected Aspects | Data by Serennu
— Venus sesquiquadrate Ceres at 2:47 am PST / 5:47 am EST (10:47:06 UTC).
— Eros trine 1992 QB1 at 2:53 am PST / 5:53 am EST (10:52:37 UTC).
— Sun semi-square Vesta at 3:33 am PST / 6:33 am EST (11:33:07 UTC).
— Eros square Makemake at 10:17 am PST / 1:17 pm EST (18:17:29 UTC) and Logos at 4:02 pm PST / 7:02 pm EST (00:02:28 Dec. 28 UTC).
— Eros sextile Typhon at 10:56 am PST / 1:56 pm EST (18:56:15 UTC).

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If Your Birthday is Dec. 27
(The Day of the Clever Contributor) | Capricorn Birthday Reading | All Other Signs
Confidence is rarely handed to you like a holiday gift, though your astrology is describing just that. Yet to have this gift, you must receive it consciously. True self-assurance is quiet, it’s subtle and it’s mostly experienced inwardly. It’s the feeling of knowing that you’re right with yourself; that you have what you need, or you’re capable of getting it. These things are true.

Written in the Planets
The asteroid Eros, in early Capricorn, makes a series of aspects today. When Venus makes the same aspects tomorrow into Friday, you may have an opportunity to reinforce any insights that come through regarding how you express your sexual energy, and its practical applications in intimate relationships. Understanding how things came to be as they are could spur you to action; and insights regarding old sexual patterns and current fears could lend assistance toward crossing a threshold. Tomorrow’s approaching trine between Mars in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces offers integrity and heightened awareness of others’ sexual and emotional needs and desires. Use that awareness with compassion.


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