Four Winds Report for Dec. 15, 2017


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Today is Friday, Dec. 15, 2017
Hebrew date is 27 Kislev 5778
Islamic date is 27 Rabi’-I 1439

Mayan Tzolk’in Day is 4 Ajaw
Mayan Long Count is
Julian Day is 2458103

Today’s Birthdays: Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923), William Augustus Hinton (1883-1959), Maxwell Anderson (1888-1959), Betty Smith (1896-1972), Oscar Niemeyer (1907-2012), John Hammond (1910-1987) Stan Kenton (1911-1979), Max Yasgur (1919-1973), Alan Freed (1921-1965), Edna O’Brien (1930), Cindy Birdsong (1939), Chico Mendes (1944-1988), Don Johnson (1949), Sylvester James Gates (1950), Julie Taymor (1952), Paul Simonon (1955), Helen Slater (1963), Michelle Dockery (1981).

“In a way winter is the real spring, the time when the inner things happen, the resurge of nature.”
— Edna O’Brien

Getting Oriented in the ‘New Normal’

Dear Friend and Reader:

With so much going on in the news that stirs up fear, trauma and a sense of powerlessness, it’s especially gratifying and surprising when something actually goes right: on Tuesday, the citizens of Alabama voted in a special election to put Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Doug Jones into the seat vacated by current U.S. Secretary of State Jeff Sessions. The loser? Republican Roy Moore: a man who has been accused by several women of harassing them — and in some cases sexually assaulting them — when they were only teenagers and he was a District Attorney.

Doug Jones and his wife Louise celebrate his win Tuesday night in Alabama. Photo by Dina Litovsky / Redux for The New Yorker.

What does it say about us as a society that most people seemed to assume Moore would win despite the allegations, which come on top of his well-known history of racism, homophobia, misogyny and extremism?

For one, it’s a barometer of the political gaslighting spearheaded by Trump. Even though we’ve seen famous, powerful men dropping like flies from their positions of status for the last couple months, the Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief remains in office, spouting irrational tirades via Twitter as though the planet itself depends on it.

If Trump seems untouchable regarding the sexual assault accusations he faces, why wouldn’t a man he publicly endorsed (at the urging of Stephen Bannon) prove the same? Especially in a state where, up until 2003, a 14-year-old child could get married with the consent of the parents.

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Moon Phase: Moon is in Balsamic (waning crescent) phase and enters New phase on Dec. 17-18 at 10:30 pm PST / 1:30 am EST (06:30:20 UTC).
Next New Moon in Sagittarius is on Dec. 17-18 at 10:30 pm PST / 1:30 am EST (06:30:20 UTC).
Next Full Moon is in Cancer on Jan. 1-2 at 6:24 pm PST / 9:24 pm EST (02:24:00 UTC).
Moon Sign: Moon is in Scorpio and enters Sagittarius tonight at 5:07 pm PST / 8:07 pm EST (01:07:01 Dec. 16 UTC).
Sun Degree: 24-25 Sagittarius.

Planetary Stations and Sign Changes
Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:07 pm PST / 8:07 pm EST (01:07:01 Dec. 16 UTC).

Interesting Selected Aspects | Data by Serennu
— Mercury conjunct Venus at 6:08 am PST / 9:08 am EST (14:08:26 UTC).
— Venus trine Ceres at 12:19 pm PST / 3:19 pm EST (20:18:36 UTC).
— Sun square Chiron at 7:46 pm PST / 10:46 pm EST (03:46:25 Dec. 16 UTC).

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If Your Birthday is Dec. 15
(The Day of Expansion) | Sagittarius Birthday Reading | All Other Signs
You’re poised to make great strides in finding your true purpose where work is concerned. This will be more like remembering something than discovering it. And the full expression of your idea will most likely come in the form of an unusual collaboration or partnership. Begin experimenting immediately, and you will find your way to the hidden stone.

Written in the Planets
Today the Moon joins a veritable stampede of planetary critters in Sagittarius, several of which are making interesting aspects to objects around the solar system. It looks like a good day to talk about what it means to nourish our feminine sides, as well as what it means to be a female spiritual warrior who leads from the heart. At the same time, other aspects bring up the concept of our collective wounded masculine side. What is the nature of that injury, and what might healing it look like? No matter what your gender, sex or sexual orientation, the framework of astrology describes everyone having a ‘feminine’ side and a ‘masculine’ side. Even if you keep your inquiry to your journal, it may prove incredibly useful given the cultural conversations happening now.


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