Four Winds Report for April 10, 2017


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Today is Monday, April 10, 2017
Hebrew date is 14 Nisan 5777
Islamic date is 13 Rajab 1438

Mayan Tzolk’in Day is 2 Chuwen
Mayan Long Count is
Julian Day is 2457854

Today’s Birthdays: George William Russell (1867-1935), Frances Perkins (1880-1965), Linda Goodman (1925-1995), Max von Sydow (1929), Dolores Huerta (1930), Omar Sharif (1932-2015), David Angell (1946-2001), Bunny Wailer (1947), Steven Seagal (1952), Lesley Garrett (1955), Babyface (1959), Tim Alexander (1965), Q-Tip (1970), Ed Byrne (1972), Rachel Corrie (1979-2003), Sophie Ellis-Bextor (1979), Charlie Hunnam (1980), Mandy Moore (1984), Hayley Westenra (1987), Haley Joel Osment (1988), Daisy Ridley (1992).

“If any of us had our lives and welfare completely strangled, lived with children in a shrinking place where we knew, because of previous experience, that soldiers and tanks and bulldozers could come for us at any moment and destroy all the greenhouses that we had been cultivating for however long, and did this while some of us were beaten and held captive with 149 other people for several hours — do you think we might try to use somewhat violent means to protect whatever fragments remained? I think about this especially when I see orchards and greenhouses and fruit trees destroyed — just years of care and cultivation. I think about you and how long it takes to make things grow and what a labour of love it is. I really think, in a similar situation, most people would defend themselves as best they could. I think Uncle Craig would. I think probably Grandma would. I think I would.”
— Rachel Corrie


Portrait of Artemis, an artifact of the O+ Festival several years ago, looms above uptown Kingston. The artist is Andy Milford, also known as Gaia. To the left is Artemis herself, in Libra, heading for Full Moon.

Artemis on the Rise

Tonight before writing this, your Monday letter, my canine cousins and I took a walk around the block, one of those unusually wide blocks due to a feature in the landscape; and we got to walk through some interesting places. It was a perfect evening, just as Mercury had stationed retrograde in spring-like Taurus.

We walked to the edge of the neighborhood. I turned back around and noticed the Libra Moon rising, and then a representation of the goddess Artemis peering down from above the neighborhood.


Detail of ‘Artemis rising from the quarry’, on the back wall of BSP, by Gaia Andrew Pisacane. The building originated as a Vaudeville house, became a movie theater, and ended up a furniture store, and is now a rock club and multi-purpose space, managed by Trevor Dunworth, in Kingston.

You can’t really see the perspective in this photo, but that building Artemis is painted onto is a six-story canvas, a daunting structure for a small town.

Local Christians were not thrilled that a heathen matriarch adorned their town; the artists (one called Gaia, and his sponsors) got their way. We all must live with the Moon, which reaches exact full phase in Libra Tuesday at 2:08 am EDT (06:08 UTC).

Currently in Libra, Luna is heading for a conjunction to Jupiter tomorrow. The Sun, for its part, is about to pass through the still-very-close Uranus-Eris conjunction. That holds a sustained peak for 48 hours beginning Wednesday morning. It’s a proving moment for Uranus-Eris. Faster-moving Uranus is now pulling ahead of Eris, and this is the last conjunction from the Sun with the two so close to exactly conjunct.

Remember, though, that this is the beginning of a new Uranus-Eris cycle, which hints at why we sometimes see the most potent manifestations of these majestic and unusual conjunctions in the years following. What will we do with this potential?

Here’s the question that many people are wondering and that everyone should be wondering. Will enough potentially conscious, loving people wake up to facilitate society taking action? You know, in time to reverse any damage at all, be it social, environmental or military? Or are we going to be the next generation of lemmings to hand over our power and our lives?

Perhaps this is a question too big for society itself, though we might wonder why. Even so, it’s not too big for you. The choice to adopt some sane principles to guide one’s life, and to take hold of that personal-collective intersection in one’s life, is an individual choice. Yes, you’re conditioned by your environment not to be aware, not to care and not to think that your choice matters — though that does not erase the fact that your choice is all that matters.

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Moon Phase: Moon is in Waxing Gibbous phase and enters Full phase tonight at 11:08 pm PDT / 2:08 am April 11 EDT (06:08:02 UTC).
Next New Moon is in Taurus on April 26 at 5:16 am PDT / 8:16 am EDT (12:16:04 UTC).
Corresponding Full Moon in Scorpio is on May 10 at 2:42 pm PDT / 5:42 pm EDT (21:42:25 UTC).
Moon Sign: Moon is in Libra and enters Scorpio on April 11 at 3:41 pm PDT / 6:41 pm EDT (22:41:30 UTC).
Sun Degree: 21-22 Aries.

Planetary Stations and Sign Changes
Hylonome stations retrograde at 6:21 am PDT / 9:21 am EDT (13:21:04 UTC).
Varuna stations direct at 3:06 pm PDT / 6:06 pm EDT (22:05:40 UTC).

Interesting Selected Aspects | Data by Serennu
— Mars conjunct Ceres at 12:29 am PDT / 3:29 am EDT (07:29:26 UTC).
— Pallas square Orius at 10:04 am PDT / 1:04 pm EDT (17:04:28 UTC).
— Eros square Orcus at 1:41 pm PDT / 4:41 pm EDT (20:40:43 UTC).

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If Your Birthday is April 10
(The Day of Daring) | Aries Birthday Reading | All Other Signs
In most disciplines there is a place for the rational mind and one for intuition and feeling — it’s only how much of each is required that varies. At present you have a chance to shine on all sides. Best results should ensue from blending the two as harmoniously as possible. You’ll be able to build on your imaginative flashes and turn them into a concrete idea or an actual physical item.

Written in the Planets
Mars’ conjunction to Ceres today is a reminder that self-neglect may be romanticized in this warped society of ours, but that doesn’t mean it’s helpful or healthy. Take care of your physical needs as well as you possibly can. We only get one body per lifetime; and much as we are susceptible to escapism, especially in Internet Land, we have to live day to day in that form. Make sure you know everything possible about what you’re allowing into yours.

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