For Earth Day and Every Day

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

A friend of mine posted this Prince Ea video to YouTube Monday and wrote, “I’m not sorry. I’m ready. I am. Are you? A must watch…all the way through.” Definitely watch until the end. The ask yourself: are you ready? — Amanda P.

7 thoughts on “For Earth Day and Every Day

  1. Jere

    The Lorax was the first thing to run through my head.

    I can’t figure out, with so much emotion, how the folk who ‘care’ don’t run this joint…

    ..I’ll do my part, and keep looking for ways to share the imperative understanding.

    I gotta go hug a tree, and smell some leaves.

    1. Gail Stewart

      Hi Jere – maybe it’s because the rhythm of the video is playing in my mind, but your words read to me like the work of a spoken word artist. i hear music underneath them. “how the folk who ‘care’ don’t run this joint.” i love that. go write something.

      1. Jere

        Thank you man.

        Seeing as how I don’t have the pipes to sing, I’ve worked my life through trying to find my true voice. The voice of honesty, if not answers, then questions.

        I’m workin’ on it, and if I can combine honest content with a groovy rythym.. I’ll share with the world.

        Peace and Love,


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