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It’s not unusual to occasionally find yourself anew. This week, as Len Wallick sees the astrology, you can get ahead of the game. Instead of waiting on your changes, you can take a cue from the solar system’s innermost planets to help make choices you can live with.

The Moon moved on to Libra yesterday. Hours later, Mercury followed suit by leaving Pisces behind to enter Aries. So it is that the celestial field of activity has already started to shift since Sunday’s Full Moon in Virgo. Even so, some of the context in which the Virgo Full Moon took place still remains. By a week from today, however, a lot of new themes should begin to become apparent.


Yesterday, Eric pointed out how two conjunctions impending with Sunday’s Full Moon will become exact this week. Taking into account what’s in store for next week, it’s almost as if the Pisces Sun’s conjunction with Pallas and Chiron later today will be offering closure on the season about to end.

Expanding the temporal reach of the Sun’s Pisces conjunctions will be Uranus and Eris. On Friday, the final meeting of Uranus and Eris in Aries will indicate that closure on an entire era, perhaps spanning generations, is being made available. This week is thus an implicitly liminal period, between states of being. What you might want to consider in response is whether and how to participate in the flow.

As you know from your own life experiences, offers are options to be accepted or declined. You have to be conscious of the world and its events to recognize previously unavailable choices when they present themselves. It also takes self-awareness to make a decision appropriate for you. If you do anything this week, focus on those two essentials.

To begin with, inform yourself as best you can regarding your external environment. Start with the fundamentals, such as how the proportion of daylight relative to nighttime is changing. Notice how other beings are responding to that change. Then, evaluate what (if anything) you are doing in comparison.

You might be surprised by what is revealed about your own state of being in the world when you simply get current with what the Sun is doing. The same principle could very well apply if you observe, and compare notes with, other people.

Once you have oriented yourself relative to the external world, taking the next step will require you to set aside some time to be alone. Since your life is yours alone to live, it’s always important to know what you can live with, and what you can’t. Given how you are not immutable, it’s even more vital to stay in touch with how your desires and values might be changing — especially when you consider the current state of Venus and Mars.

Only weeks ago, Venus and Mars were very close to sharing the same degree of the same sign. Just as the Pisces Sun is now doing with Pallas and Chiron (and just as Uranus is in the process of doing with Eris in Aries), it seemed as if Venus and Mars were about to merge their energies and birth a new cycle. Then, Venus slowed down and stationed retrograde in Aries (a sign ruled by Mars) before it could catch Mars from behind.

For its own part, Mars kept moving forward, ultimately leaving Aries behind to enter Taurus (a sign ruled by Venus) only last week. As result, Venus (which, among other things, corresponds to values) and Mars (which has correlations that include desire) are now in a very different state relative to each other than they were only a short time ago.

First off, Venus and Mars are now in what astrologers call “mutual reception” because they currently occupy each other’s dominion. As a result, you can expect Venus (especially as it manifests inside you), to be more like Mars. Your inner Mars, in turn, will probably begin to resemble Venus. The result could be confusion regarding just who and what you are.

Fortunately, there is good news. Confusion is not inevitable. Much of of the implicit potential for inner disorientation in the near future can be headed off if you conduct an intentional survey of how your desires and values align with each other now. The key is to be honest with yourself about what you find. After that, you will almost certainly have some choices to make.

You may elect to accept something about yourself. You could opt to decline something being offered by others. So long as you consider whether most (if not all) of the possible consequences of such decisions are something you can live with, you will be equipped to know what’s right for you.

Based on what the sky is doing, it is almost as if you are now between lives. If you go through the rest of this week keeping that probable perspective in mind, what you find could just as probably be that you are anything but lost.

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  1. rachael harrod

    wow! in between lives….I like that much more than “limbo,” which is the word I’ve been using :)
    Emotionally, “In between lives” feels so positive for me, where as “limbo”has been feeling a little like . .purgatory, I guess. It wasn’t quite fitting the whole circumstance of my life and growth right now…so THANK YOU for finding the perfect expression of where I find myself, so I may liberate me from limbo and remember that all time is now, and each moment itself is divine. Despite the bullshit!!
    Thanks again, Len :)

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