Dancing in the New Year with a Full Moon

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This is the Cancer Full Moon, with the Moon in Cancer opposite the Sun in Capricorn, at 11+ degrees of their signs (properly known as 12 degrees). This Full Moon is exact at 9:24 pm EST on Jan. 1 (2:24 UTC Jan. 2). At the most basic level, moving toward a Full Moon is likely to amp up the emotional stakes on New Year’s Eve.

As we close out yet another year in which ‘the unthinkable’ and ‘the unexpected’ became nearly cliché and monotonous, you might be eager to leave 2017 behind and wipe your hands of it. Of course, the turn of the calendar is never exactly the clean break we often wish it were. This year, however, the New Year does begin with an energy peak — a Full Moon — with some surprisingly fitting themes that might help you to transition better.


Moon Dance by Andrew Bret Wallis.

This is the Cancer Full Moon, with the Moon in Cancer opposite the Sun in Capricorn, at 11+ degrees of their signs (properly known as 12 degrees). This Full Moon is exact at 9:24 pm EST on Jan. 1 (2:24 UTC Jan. 2). At the most basic level, moving toward a Full Moon is likely to amp up the emotional stakes on New Year’s Eve.

Many people (maybe you) pile a lot of expectation and meaning onto how and with whom they spend this particular holiday night. Remember empathy for others’ sensitivities, and to keep things light for yourself. This Full Moon could also feel like someone who’s all business facing off against someone who’s super-emotional and easily swayed by others’ moods. You might be inclined to get practical and solve problems, while a partner just wants to mother everybody (including you) whether they need it or not.

Neptune in Pisces making harmonious aspects to the Moon and Sun heightens the emotional and psychic sensitivity, and adds a good dose of creativity, idealism and a willingness to help others. Venus in Capricorn conjunct the Sun is another factor in the chart. This looks like a desire for strong emotional contact (especially in private) just prior to the Full Moon’s peak, which then gives way to a more easygoing vibe (especially in public) as the Moon moves on.

Yet, what’s really caught my eye is the cluster of lesser-known objects and points that are within one degree of the Sun and Moon in three of the four cardinal signs (Aries is ‘left out’). This is where the themes relating to transitioning from one year to the next, celebrating that shift, and setting intentions for the year to come speak most strongly. Rather than try too hard to fit them all into a specific narrative, I’m going to list them with some key phrases; I think you’ll see a cohesive theme begin to take shape.

In Cancer we have Kronos, which relates to authoritative positions; or, as Eric jokingly put it, “Act your age.” (It’s a slow-moving hypothetical planet that relates to one’s status in society, as well as to VIPs and, in some cases, agents of the government.)

We also find Hybris here; a literal interpretation would be the idea from Greek tragedy of “hubris,” or excessive pride. Martha Lang-Wescott also notes that it relates to expectations or limits that we’ve been conditioned to accept, or our limits as seen by others. Might it be time to challenge those in 2018?


Bodies and points within one degree of the Full Moon, from Serennu.com.

Asteroid Memoria is also in Cancer, representing the need to remember or memorialize. As much as we might like to forget 2017, I suspect it’s crucial that we remember and honor its lessons, as well as the people and things we lost along the way.

In Libra we find Persephone, which relates to the cycle of life, death and rebirth, as well as how we handle separations, transitions and rites of passage. No elaboration needed, right?

Also in Libra is Atropos, which was the Fate who cut the thread of life. Atropos relates to completion and what is needed to conclude. In astrology, it’s not about death in a literal sense, but rather ending a phase of something in a conscious way. Think about this in Libra: what is it to have ‘right relationship’ with the idea of completion?

In Capricorn is Urania, named after the muse of astronomy and astrology, universal love, the Holy Spirit, and handling abstract principles. Sounds to me like a blessing of some sort on this Full Moon and the beginning of a New Year.

Amycus is a less well-known body that may relate to the proper way to treat people (and/or anomalies in systems). In Capricorn you might think of this as the ethical way to treat others in business or in any professional situation. We’ve seen a lot of its opposite in 2017’s governmental and industrial spheres; sad to think that proper treatment of other human beings might be an “anomaly in the system,” but even if it is, we can set the intention to make it the standard.

Finally, just a hair away from the Sun in Capricorn is Terpsichore: the Muse of the dance. Personally, I can think of few better ways to ring in a New Year than to dance it in.

That would also be a fitting warm-up for the conjunction between Mars and Jupiter, exact on Jan. 6-7 (depending on time zone). If you have a New Year’s resolution to exercise more, to express your sexual energy more, or to become more active in deepening your finances, Mars-Jupiter in Scorpio appears to signal getting off to a good start in the first week of 2018.

Prepare the way as you close out this year by making space in your life. Chances are you know how; just dance with some of these ideas for a little while.

10 thoughts on “Dancing in the New Year with a Full Moon

  1. Janet Levine

    Happy New Year to All of You at Planet Waves!!! No where else can I experience and be informed to the very minute subtleties of how wondrous astrology is, while at the same time celebrating what makes me and everyone else, so very unique and necessary to the Universe. Purchasing the backstage pass in 2017, was one of the best gifts I could have ever given myself!!!!!

  2. Bette

    The full moon in Cancer will be on my ascendant. I’m hoping this will prove to mark some progress in a long healing cycle. I’m not going to whine today, rather appreciate that the bitterly cold (and isolating) weather, with temps as low as -45F with the windchill, is finally easing, the sun is brilliant, and the new calendar on my wall is all about flowers.
    Happy 2018 to all at Planet Waves, and thank-you for your counsel.

  3. Cheryl Corson

    Happy New year to all of you at Planet Waves. Your work and playful attitude add to my quality of life. Howling at the moon rising over the corn field here in Maryland. Cheers!

  4. Glen Young

    Yes, been following Amanda’s (and Eric) lead into the cosmos, the asteroids and centaurs. Venus recent conjunction to Hylonome had me wanting to look at the movie “Love Affair”, with Annette Bening, Katharine Hepburn and Warren Beatty.

    Been thinking Eric’s American Eclipse forecast for the Trump Presidency is still possible; as this degree is still sensitive, and now unexpected?

    Happy New Year!

  5. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter Post author

    Janet, wavehue, Bette, Tug, Cheryl, Glen — Wishing you all (and everyone reading) a happy New Year, and all the best for 2018 to be filled with growth, healing, and joy. Thank you for letting us know how useful this work is! I’m grateful to be of some service.

  6. Geoff Marsh

    A happy new year to you, too, Amanda, and thanks also for the insights provided by all the PW writers and contributors. It makes for a place of sanity and sanctuary. Stay safe everyone.

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