Closing Thoughts on Mars Retrograde

I’m taking an hour from my one-week retreat to send a few thoughts your way about Mars stationing direct in Scorpio on Wednesday (at 7:38 pm EDT or 23:38 UTC). We’ve put significant resources into covering this event all year, so I trust you’re familiar with some themes or know that it’s happening.


NASA’s Curiosity rover photographed Mount Sharp on Mars, Aug. 2012

The extraordinary world events surrounding Mars direct, still unfolding in the news day by day, hint at how deep this astrology goes. It’s directly related to a parallel event, Uranus conjunct Eris in Aries. The two are related through Mars’ dual rulership of Aries and Scorpio, and because they are in aspect — that is, they are energetically linked.

Apart from any interpretation, the best thing you can do in honor of this astrology is to be aware that these things are happening. Astrology works organically and intuitively as well as it does as a structured thought system.

Whatever is developing for you now at the time of these events is what they are about. To get the message, pause and consider what is coming up for you. It’s always possible to follow the astrology deeper; to develop themes; to relate it to other times and places along your journey.

Yet what is emerging now will both inform you and provide a way into anywhere else you may need to explore. I suggest being a little extra reflective, particularly where your desire nature is concerned.

Now is the time to go past the usual taboos on sex and death (described by Mars and Scorpio) and ask yourself what you really want. Let the answer stand, regardless of what you might want to do about it, or choose not to do.

It’s often said that we live in a highly sexual culture. Were that true, there would not be so much obsession with killing, or such tolerance of it. We would have far less interest, or none at all, in the pain and mayhem that is sold to us 24/7. We would be far more responsive to the necessities of life, and the pleasures of life.

What we get is, in effect, sexualized violence: violence that is made glamorous, or that substitutes for pleasure, contact and the love of nature. What we want, I believe, is something down-to-earth, closer to our bodies and feelings; I believe we want to live and celebrate life. That, however, is a choice to be made.

I will leave you with that thought.

It’s excellent to work with you. I’ll be back in touch next week, after the July 4th weekend.

2 thoughts on “Closing Thoughts on Mars Retrograde

  1. Kelly Grace Smith

    I know in my work as a coach, when I talk to people/classes, especially women, about how critical their sexuality is to their well-being, they look at me as though I’ve just asked them to scale Mount Everest.

    In my experience, it is a challenge for both men women who’ve been out of touch w/their sexuality, to reconnect with that energy, it’s a process that takes time.

    My take on the current energies/astrology is that what is happening is larger than just sexuality. It’s what lies beyond – and also within – sexuality…creation; the energy of creation and our access to our own creative energies.

    After all, sexual energy is the gateway to the energy of creation. When you make love, with or without the intention to create a child, you are dancing with the energy of creation. In effect, you’re engaging in an act of creating…you. The energy of creation is the most powerful holistic energy mankind possess. And yet we’ve commercialized and mythologized and minimized it. (The effect of that being the current state of most people’s sex lives!)

    So, asking people to connect to their creative energies, in the beginning, is much easier for people to get their head around and fold into their hectic daily lives…finding ways to access their creativity. Artistic expression, time in nature, just becoming aware of your body, and your bodies – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual – support opening to creativity. Spending more time in this physical world and in connection with people, rather than on technology is a simple but challenging option for most people.

    Unfortunately, media, marketing, advertising, and technology (not to mention money!) – and our attachment to it all has greatly impeded and obstructed our access to our intrinsic energy of creation. Instead, a lot of our society, and we as individuals, are knowingly and unknowingly spending our energy on manipulating, rather than creating.

    Manipulation and creation are the antithesis of one another. And you cannot serve two masters. During these last turbulent days of the retrograde, and as a true Pisces, I’ve been going deeper and deeper into discernment about what is manipulation and what is creation…in the world, and in my own life.

    I am endeavoring to be present, in every moment and asking my Self…”am I creating or am I manipulating?” (i.e. Trying to change things or people to fit my paradigms…). They say you can only be in one of two energies at any given moment…love or fear. Fear creates the need to manipulate, to change “what is.”

    Love recognizes, accept,s and lets go. That’s creation…creating the change you seek in the world. (Shout out to Gandhi, I shifted the wording a bit!) Once you start accepting and letting go, the sexual energy begins to rebirth itself…Kelly Grace Smith

  2. Mary

    While I am by NO means an expert here (on much) but for me, I’m thinking touch might just be the first step … nothing too out there and loaded with stuff — an arm, a cheek, you get the picture. clearly there are people signed on here who are a ton more experimental and adventurous than I … but touch feels nice in this aspect. Yep, mars is stationing a couple of degrees from my Moon and Uranus and Eris sit equally near by natal mars, so perhaps (just perhaps) I’m moving forward, too … but baby steps ::))

    ps: enjoy your time away, Eric. thanks for all you do.

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