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It is easy to feel detached from the sky. Everything up there is so far away. As Len Wallick sees it, this will be a good week to connect with the Sun, Moon and Mars as they express in your life. Think of it as checking in with yourself by checking up on how cosmic objects are interacting with their respective astrological climates.

When the Sun, Moon or a planet moves through a sign in direct motion, the traversal tends to proceed in stages. When an object first enters a new sign, its expression in the world often exhibits in a new way — much as you would after a makeover. With the newness, however, there is usually a bit of uncertainty that can only be resolved with experience.


By the time the Sun, Moon or a planet reaches the middle of a sign, the quotient of uncertainty has usually been reduced. Finally, when an object in direct motion approaches the latter degrees of a sign, one could very well observe that something akin to aging has taken place as regards to how the object’s nature evinces for you.

Sometimes (with red wine as a common example, up to a point) aging is often considered a good thing. Other times (as with salad greens), the fresher the better. In many cases (for clothing and automobiles, among other things) a middle ground between new and old will combine the familiar with what is comfortable. This week will provide you with some good — and probably discernible — examples of how luminary (Sun and Moon) and planetary journeys manifest.

Today will be the last full day of the waxing Moon in Cancer. Tomorrow, the Moon moves on to Leo, where it will remain all day Thursday and most of Friday. During the weekend, the Moon will be in Virgo up to (and in the hours immediately following) the Full Moon on Sunday. Consistent with the nature of how the Moon expresses, take note of how you feel this week, and you will have introduced yourself to a potentially valuable understanding of your inner workings.

Interestingly, while the Moon is moving towards its full phase, the Sun will be completing its tour of the middle third of Pisces. Congruent with the Sun’s customary connection to conscious awareness, it would probably be a useful exercise to compare your point of view on external events now to your perceptions during the last week of February.

Finally, there is Mars. The red planet has been moving through Aries (one of its two astrological dominions, along with Scorpio) since Jan. 28. Late Thursday (or early Friday, depending on your time zone), Mars will finally leave Aries behind and enter Taurus. When you consider how Mars corresponds to energy (especially that related to desire and any perceived imperatives), this week will provide you with an excellent opportunity to see how Mars ages for you.

The end of January is not all that long ago. With a little effort, you should be able to recall something of how your desires and priorities have evolved over the weeks since. With the benefit of reflecting on your experience up to this week, it should also be possible to assess your energetic inclinations during the next several days. In doing so, you can learn a little something of your relationship with Mars.

Once Mars does move on to Taurus, the process will implicitly start over. Therefore, in addition to observing how Mars has aged in its home sign this time around, you will also get a chance to see how it refreshes in a very different environmental signature under the light of what looks to be a discerning Full Moon.

Of course, it is yourself (rather than some far-away celestial object) that motions of the Moon, Sun and Mars will be allowing you to explore this week. Astrology simply uses the planets as devices to help you remember the manifold nature of both your existence within, and your connections to the universe. May you find your life to be enhanced as result.

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