Earth Day 2018 — Order out of Chaos

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Steve Guettermann writes, “For many of us, a major part of any lasting solution to acute pain and loss resides with our relationship to the planet; or, more specifically, through an intimate relationship with the natural world. It seems it takes right action, within the contexts of time and space, for anything positive to occur, whether it is societal progress, healing or personal evolution, all of which are intimately connected.”

Chiron in Aries and the Sun in Taurus

Posted by Amanda Painter

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Tonight, at 11:12 pm EDT (3:12 UTC Friday), the Sun enters Taurus. This happens just two days after Chiron’s noteworthy move into Aries. You might be having an “interesting” week — though as Amanda Painter suggests, having the Sun in Taurus should help you to ease back on the pace and find some solid footing, even as you notice how Chiron in Aries is showing up in the news.

Mercury Direct, Aries New Moon, and What’s Next

Posted by Amanda Painter

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Amanda Painter notes that if you’re feeling a little on edge this week, you won’t be surprised that astrological events are offering a picture of why that might be. Topping the list are Mercury moving through its ‘storm’ phase prior to stationing direct on Sunday; the Aries New Moon Sunday night; and Chiron in the last degree of Pisces (it enters Aries two days later, on April 17).

Small, Meaningful Moves

Posted by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter.

We’re moving into the last half of Mercury’s current retrograde in Aries — and the contacts Mercury is making this week seem to be stirring things up for many people. If you’ve been feeling a sense of pressure lately, this astrology could be why. Amanda Painter looks at retrograde Mercury’s current contacts, and what Venus and Vesta are offering to the situation.

Working and Communicating with the Libra Full Moon

Posted by Amanda Painter

Tropical flora on Grand Cayman; photo by Amanda Painter.

Are you feeling both determined and frustrated this week? As Amanda Painter describes, the sky is not only building to a Full Moon in Libra on Saturday, there’s some additional astrology that may be testing the balance between what you desire, what you feel obligated to do, and what’s actually reasonable to try to accomplish.

Looking Inside Aries with Mercury Retrograde

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Is this what it looks like inside Aries? Maybe. The more important question is, what does it look like inside you? Photo of the "Man pavilion" at Burning Man 2012 by Amanda Painter.

Coming close on the heels of Tuesday’s Aries equinox, tonight Mercury stations retrograde in Aries. So, despite this being a natural time of year to want to take action in starting new things, you may be experiencing some hitches in executing your plans. Amanda Painter looks into what kind of inner review this suggests, as well as the overall themes that current Aries-to-Capricorn aspects are bringing up.