What We Birth Amidst the Chaos

Posted by Amanda Painter

“Mystic Mountain,” a detail from the much more extensive Carina Nebula, which astronomers are studying the complicated physical processes that form new stars. Photo by NASA, ESA, and M. Livio and the Hubble 20th Anniversary Team (STScI)

On Saturday, the Aries Sun slides right into the square between Pluto in Capricorn and Eris in Aries. Amanda Painter looks at minor objects in the chart that suggest the interconnected cycles of birth and death. This week’s rumblings may be stirring up some uncertainty and tension — possibly with deep roots, along with great creative potential.

Pairing Up with the Aries New Moon

Posted by Amanda Painter

Simplified chart section for Friday's Aries New Moon, showing the four pairs of conjunctions. From top: Nessus & Venus, Neptune & Mercury, Vesta & Chiron, Sun & Moon.

Early on Friday the Sun and Moon conjoin in Aries for the Aries New Moon. This is occurring right at the midpoint of the sign, in a rather interesting chart. The sky right now features a strong mix of Aries and Pisces; and while that often occurs at the very beginning of this season, Amanda Painter finds that it’s feeling especially striking this year, thanks to four conjunctions spread across those two signs.

You’re Not Actually About to Float Away

Posted by Amanda Painter

A giant Pinocchio balloon above the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in Manhattan, probably during the 1930s. Photo by Walter Kelleher / NY Daily News Archive.

Are you feeling like a total space cadet this week? Or maybe like you’re beaming in somebody else’s daydreams? Are your efforts at sensitive, empathetic communication just not landing anywhere near your intended target (especially online conversations)? Amanda Painter considers Mercury’s station direct conjunct Neptune in Pisces in the context of a couple other aspects.

When Standing Out May Be the Only Real Option

Posted by Amanda Painter

Nothing Safer; photo by Amanda Painter.

When everyone around you is wounded and hurting, if you initiate and pursue your own healing it will probably make you stand out. Amanda Painter considers the shift of Chiron from Pisces to Aries in the context of Friday’s Sun-Chiron conjunction on the Aries Point. There is a lot of collective pain and wounding, but healing is an individual job — first, foremost and always.

Reflections from the Perfectly Imperfect

Posted by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter

Have you ever looked at your reflection in the water with the Sun directly behind you? Amanda Painter compares this image to this week’s conjunction of the Sun and retrograde Mercury in Pisces. Along with the first quarter Moon, that aspect is in contact with Jupiter in Sagittarius, Borasisi in Pisces, and Chaos in Gemini. A Mars-Saturn earth-sign trine lends some stability.

The View from the Other Side

Posted by Amanda Painter

Utility poles in Orkney, Scotland, the day after Uranus ingressed Taurus in May 2018. Photo by Amanda Painter

Did you know that both times Uranus has left Aries to enter the first degree of Taurus in the last year (thanks to a retrograde), it has coincided with a New Moon? Amanda Painter remarks on this and compares how last year’s ingress felt to how this year’s felt. Have you noticed a difference? Also under consideration: a couple of post-New Moon aspect patterns.

Merging with the New Moon; Uranus Makes its Move

Posted by Amanda Painter

False-color view of Uranus from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in August 2003. The brightness of the planet's faint rings and dark moons has been enhanced for visibility. Photo by NASA/Erich Karkoschka (Univ. Arizona)

With only six days to go until Uranus leaves Aries and enters Taurus — and only five until Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces — it’s reasonable to call out again an undercurrent of agitation or instability, mixed with a little mental and emotional fuzziness or diffuseness. As Amanda Painter describes, a four-way Pisces New Moon conjunction brings in themes of merging and surrender.