Capricorn Old Moon, then Aquarius New Moon

This is about to be an interesting week. I know we are surfing the wild waves of “interesting times” (or maybe just Twitter) these days. However, the way this week’s astrology lines up with collective events, we’ve got a real moment.

Planet Waves

An old crescent Moon over Menton, France, in 2006 with the sister stars of the Pleiades cluster. Overexposing the crescent Moon allows us to see the dim lunar night side illuminated by earthshine — light from sunlit planet Earth. Photo by Vincent Jacques via APOD.

This week is all about the Moon, which is a pointer to other events. Think of the Moon as the cue ball in pool. Inherently neutral, it knocks into the other planets by aspect. It also picks up the energy of its sign more than any other object in the chart.

We just experienced a lunar eclipse on Jan. 10 (I know, it feels like a month ago, but it was a little over a week). The subsequent New Moon will be in Aquarius on Friday, Jan. 24. Before we get there, the Moon passes through Capricorn, making conjunctions to all that stuff going on there.

That includes Saturn and Pluto, though it starts with Pallas Athene, Pholus, Quaoar, the South Node, Jupiter, and then finally Pluto, Saturn, Ceres and Chariklo. I’ve only named one asteroid — appropriately, the goddess of law and politics, Pallas. The rest are planets or various shades of minor planet, and they tell some interesting stories of how the institution of family holographically transforms into government and corporations.

What is this all about? It will feel different for everyone, though pay attention to the way that your -concept of family may rule your life. Getting some independence is easier said than done, then the phone rings and it’s (pick a relative) who wants to (pick an activity) and then you get there and remember why you don’t want to do that (because they drive you crazy or make you feel inferior or induce you to hate yourself or whatevs).

Monday the Moon is conjunct Mars and square Neptune, basically in one gesture. Mars square Neptune will be hanging around all month and the Moon inserts us (as in our feelings, personality, events) into it. This is an “avoid self-destructive behavior” kind of thing, i.e., if you’re pissed off, don’t drink a bottle of wine and wonder why you feel worse.

Planet Waves

“Family Dynamics,” acrylic painting by Naomi Gerrard.

Under any intense Neptune setup, you must devote yourself to truth. Truth is not some grand abstraction. In this context, it means getting past how you think you feel, what you think you know, and what you want to believe, and going deeper.

Keep an open mind, so much as that is possible. Use a wedge if you need to. Walk around muttering, “Where’s your data?” (That is the investigative reporting mantra.)

The Sun enters Aquarius on Monday at 9:55 am EST. This will open the energy up a little; it’s a more social vibe than what we’ve been experiencing. The Aquarius Sun is square Uranus in Taurus all week. This will keep us perky and alert. Surprise yourself and do something a little extra interesting.

Also note that on Monday the Moon, Venus and Nessus square up. This translates to, “Be aware of the victim trip,” which is a pandemic of our times. Not everything is a transgression.

You don’t need to be a survivor of anything to be acceptable to others. Don’t worry, you are not “over-privileged.” You probably work your ass off for the opportunities you have.

Then the Moon enters Capricorn on Tuesday, Jan. 21 just seconds before midnight EST. The combination of Moon, Pallas, Pholus and Quaoar will tell you most of what you need to know. Notice how your family constellation manifests in your office, circle of friends or intimate relationships (boss as uncle, receptionist as little sister, janitor as your oddball cousin, that kind of thing).

Planet Waves

USPS stamp for the 2020 Lunar New Year.

Commune with your favorite ancestor (hi Aunt Josie!). Tap into some of their old-fashioned wisdom and/or hand back a few issues you would rather not have. Or maybe ask for guidance.

This is hilarious astrology for the beginning of an impeachment trial. (Politico reports that various legal filings are due over the weekend through Monday, and that the Senate reconvenes at 12:30 pm Tuesday, after the federal holiday. I have confirmed this with the Capitol Police.)

Things get deep with the Moon conjunct Pluto, Thursday, Jan. 23. I think this is a get-real moment in the impeachment. For us humans on the ground level, Moon-Pluto often has a lonely or lone wolf feeling. It also cautions against any form of power grab or obsession with authority, especially in Capricorn.

The Moon enters Aquarius Friday, followed by the Aquarius New Moon at 4:42 pm EST. The New Moon is in degree 5 of Aquarius. This has a cool Sabian symbol — “A council of ancestors is seen implementing the efforts of a young leader.” This is exciting in the context of all the aforementioned Capricorn.

The Lunar New Year (i.e. Chinese New Year) is Saturday, Jan. 25. This is the Year of the Metal Rat. Traditional wisdom holds that success and prosperity are the result of careful planning.

PS — Mars is square Neptune on Tuesday, Jan. 28, at 5:34 am EST. This has been lurking in the background of everything. That is a reminder to have your fact-checking team working overtime throughout all the time covered in this article. Make your choices on what is constructive; what holds the world together; what repairs the world.

As is said in Hebrew, Tikkun olam.

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