Beltane Scorpio Full Moon: Passion Magnified

You know how whatever you give your attention to tends to get magnified? That is, whether you see a lot of positive or a lot of negative often has to do with your attitudes, worldview and emotional situation, in addition to your choice of focus. Well, Full Moons can also have a magnifying effect, as can anything to do with Jupiter. We have both at play this weekend.

Photo by Amanda Painter.

Waxing Moon over Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love — more platonic than what Beltane suggests. Photo by Amanda Painter.

Sunday, May 3, is the Scorpio Full Moon (exact at 11:42 pm EDT / 3:42 UTC Monday, May 4). This is the Moon in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus — a set-up perfectly tuned to the more sensual and sexual ways to experience life.

Since the Sun is close to reaching the mid-point of Taurus (May 5), this Full Moon is a Beltane Full Moon. Beltane’s an ancient Pagan holiday timed with the middle of spring. In that agricultural culture that timed life with the cycles of nature, this time of year was about celebrating the fertilization of the fields and sowing seeds.

In terms of ritual and symbolic acts, this translates to having sex — preferably out in the fields or woods. As Eric Francis put it in his Planet Waves FM broadcast this week, it’s about “feeding the Goddess with sex.” If you can express your creative, erotic energy outside, so much the better, but indoor and solo celebrations count, too, as do conscious intention and passion.

So what’s Jupiter’s role in this astrology? It is in mid-Leo, exactly square the Sun and Moon. Jupiter aspects have a magnifying or exaggerating effect, and that’s extra true in Leo. Most Full Moons feel like a cresting wave or pronounced build-up of tension, pressure, emotion or passion as it is.

Thankfully, Jupiter squares are known to be pretty friendly, because they’re energizing and usually optimistic. Jupiter square the Moon can feel especially positive. With the Sun square Jupiter, your prevailing attitudes and tendencies heading into the astrology make a difference, because they will easily expand, develop and carry you along.

Now, don’t sit on your hands in a corner because you’re afraid of magnifying your doubts, fears or criticisms. Overall, this is a green-light Full Moon. But it is up to you — should you have a party, or frolic in the fields, or indulge in mind-altering substances (including alcohol) — to use your judgment. Your judgment won’t go completely AWOL if you’re remotely mindful; it’s just the part of the equation you might need to supply yourself this weekend.

It’s worth mentioning quickly that in addition to the indulgently physical/sensual energies and passionately emotional/sexual energies of the Scorpio Full Moon, it’s always possible that the more possessive or stubborn expressions of the signs involved could creep in. A little mindfulness will go a long way there.

Also, if you’ve been feeling down lately about lacking a sexual playmate, acknowledge those feelings. Honor them, and then honor yourself: figure out the most lush, nature-oriented way you can appreciate your body — even if it’s just how much you like the feeling of grass in your toes, or the scent of hyacinths in a vase — and then get to it.

One last quick note: Mercury enters Gemini today (10: pm EDT Thursday, or 2:00 am UTC Friday), and will be opposing Saturn (retrograde in Sagittarius) at the same time as the Full Moon. Mercury’s at home in Gemini: quick, agile, and able to see both sides of the story — though its speed is beginning to slow.

Opposite Saturn in Sagittarius, the message I see is: Don’t underestimate your ability to think your way beyond your perceived limits. Sometimes it just takes a little time for our faith in our own authority to catch up to what we know intellectually we ‘should’ be capable of. So start with the idea; then connect to your body; and let your body’s pleasure fuel your positive emotions. Jupiter can take care of the rest.

12 thoughts on “Beltane Scorpio Full Moon: Passion Magnified

  1. Jere

    That’s it! With temps. peaking at 90 deg. all this past week here in NorCal, I’m going skinny dippin’!

    Might even play some guitar nekked, and possibly get a little more grid-work done on my project to be artistically-monetarily ‘attractive’.

    Just harvested about 5 lbs. green and yellow beans, 15 grapefruit, arugula, mint, oregano, and rosemary this morning for my mom to take down south to her sisters’.

    ..General sense of well being.. No idea how it all turns out but..



  2. P. Sophia

    Thanks Amanda.

    The scorpuo Full Moon, T Square to Jupiter is exact conjunct Natal Mercury Leo 13+ degrees. I will be open to communications and messages, both outgoing and recieved. I will be listening through all my senses, including emotions as you mention, to comes up and in. Should be interesting to see what culminates out of the energy that transpired from the New Moon of several weeks ago.

    Appreciate your interpretation, and I will pay attention the power potential could be great. Because isn’t Pluto aspecting the occurance as well?

  3. Mandy

    Saturn and Mercury are already thundering to me “LOOK HERE!” – particularly the natal asteroids upon which they will both sit (and Mercury’s shadow entrance point), which just pings everything else natally connected to this Full Moon. It’s like the merry go round just turned on – the music is up to speed, the bells are ringing and the lights are flashing. A eureka-I-was-blind-but-now-I-see moment of shadow material. Hallelujah.
    I think May is bringing us an incredible month of transformation and growth.
    Everything you said resonates perfectly, Amanda. Thank you.

  4. Hugging Scorpio

    What I’ve noticed in a lot of Taureans is a sense of independance and integrity. They will gladly go their own way and do it right rather than be rushed and do it bad. They have a vision and they pursue it methodically just as a beautiful tree takes shape and form.

    So, when you say “…honor yourself: figure out the most lush, nature-oriented way you can appreciate your body — even if it’s just how much you like the feeling of grass in your toes, or the scent of hyacinths in a vase — and then get to it.” I think that is such a wonderful key into the sensuous nourishment on offer to us all.


    1. Amanda Painter Post author

      Hugging Scorpio: You are a few days early, but thank you! I never turn away birthday wishes. 🙂
      Happy Beltane to you (and everybody)!

  5. Amanda Painter Post author

    So grateful to know this post has resonated with people. Wishing everyone a wonderful Beltane weekend, however you choose to celebrate it (or not)!

    Now, if we could just get some warm weather here in Maine, my engines might purr a little more loudly…

  6. Barbara

    Amanda…..Thank you for this rendering……….it is beautiful……….I would like to add that the lilacs (my grandfather planted)……….are blooming………..and that makes me REJOICE…………for so many reasons………..sharing the plenty………..thanks ……..take care……………

    1. Amanda Painter Post author

      Ahh — lilacs! One of my all-time favorites! Alas, here in Maine, we’re a good month or so off from those beauties gracing the air. Growing up, my bedroom window was right above a huge stand of them — it was heaven.

  7. Barbara

    WOW… about sweet dreams… grandfather planted 2 bushes that now arch into a BIG mother planted a line of runners on the west….and to the north …there stands one seeded…. and has joined in….my grandmother’s rose bush is waiting in the wings…and the birds have gifted me a “jack in the pulpit”……thinking about my Gardening folks and their wisdom….the comfort gathers round …..thanks again…………………..

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