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With the Moon moving into Pisces today, it will place a further emphasis on that sign and the two that follow: Aries and Taurus. The Sun has been in Taurus since Wednesday. Retrograde Mercury returned to Aries (after a sojourn in early Taurus) yesterday. Venus is currently direct in late Pisces and on its way back to Aries now that its retrograde is concluded.


But then, there is Mars. Mars is currently in the unusual role of leading the pack of fleetest astrological objects. Earlier today, Mars left Taurus behind to blaze on into Gemini. Should you notice something along the lines of a shift to your interior scenery in the handful of days to come, Mars will probably prove to be a useful correlation.

Gemini likes to tell the story of any object it’s hosting – usually both sides of it. In the case of Mars, Gemini’s tale is likely to be more cerebral than would be the case with other signs – a factor you can put to use over the weekend and into next next week.

Among other things, Mars has to do with what you desire. In context with what’s going on with the rest of the zodiac, the specific form of desire corresponding to Mars beginning its foray into Gemini will likely have to do with your personal story.

Having a story to explain what you don’t know or understand is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, that’s how astrology started. Indeed, even the most disciplined intellectuals (many of whom despise astrology) are not exempt. Modern physics, for example, offers a comprehensive account of the universe with precious little empirical proof – mostly based on blind faith in an even more abstract narrative called mathematics.

Nor are scientists alone among yarn-spinners who should be smart enough to know spiel from the real deal. To cite just one other obvious case, look at the U.S. Supreme Court. How nine of the finest legal minds can refer to the same Constitution, the same case evidence, and yet disagree sharply in judgment can – in significant part – be plausibly accounted for by differing stories about each of those things in each of their minds.

It is therefore without judgement to say here that you have your own stories as well. As proof, simply observe what happens in your mind to provide a backstory when you read news accounts about about anything from a mysterious death to a sports event with an unexpected outcome. Then, go to just a bit of extra effort to see how those who disagree with your interpretations of those events do so in a manner consistent with what you know to be their own referential (and all too often , anecdotal) touchstones.

All of which leads back to Mars. Without going into too much story at all, the initial days of Mars in Gemini can reasonably be seen as an opportunity for you to explore another side of your own version of events. You would, of course have to begin by releasing what attachment you have to your default explanations.

Indeed if you only ask “what if” and go on to simply get curious about at least one other version not previously embraced, you will have consciously transformed the desire Mars represents. You will have turned what is at least sometimes a poor master into a great servant. Not bad – for astrology.

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  1. DebsK

    Dear Len,
    I’m a Gemini, and you’ve given me pause (which is rare). You’ve made me stop, think, and consider looking at another possible perspective. Thank you!

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