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Len Wallick begins with this morning’s Full Moon, and then widens his focus to consider a few less dramatic planetary movements. As this season gets busier, consider taking steps to look up from what is clamoring for your attention, and take even small steps to support your health — including that of your community and the planet.

Your life probably has some focus. Focus is determined by your priorities, and constitutes a large part of your reality. That’s all to the good. In an age when a huge amount of information reaches you instantly from all parts of the globe, you need to pick and choose what will take up your attention, time and energy.


The astrology this week, however, does seem to encourage you to widen your focus just a bit. Again, that will also be a matter of choice.

You might be tempted to focus a bit more on politics as the U.S. presidential race heats up. Or you might need to focus more on family as we approach what for many is a holiday season.

Then again, if you are following astrology you might want to choose a path less often taken. You may want to leave baseball’s world series and the political talking heads to the large crowds they will attract. Could be you would be better off devoting whatever time and energy you have leftover to focus on what you have taken for granted.

Even if you seemingly have no time or energy to spare, you might want to adjust your priorities and attend to your health instead of relying on it. The same may possibly be said for the health of your community, or that of the Earth. For without healthy body, mind, community and planet, how would you be able to focus on anything of your own choosing and apply yourself effectively?

That’s one question being put by today’s Full Moon, and some select (if easier to overlook) astrological events to follow through the end of this month. If ever a Full Moon has taken on a wider focus, it’s this one. Consider its location. As noted in this column on Thursday, the Taurus Full Moon this morning took place in the precise degree of the zodiac where the Moon is possibly most powerful — the lunar degree of exaltation. Additionally, as Amanda described yesterday, that same degree of Taurus is also where Chiron was discovered.

Chiron itself, especially in its opposition from bright Venus today (which Amanda also noted in the comments), is about focus, but not of the narrow variety. Paraphrasing Robert Hand, the type of focus implied by Chiron is holistic, having to do with details upon which an entire system would depend. It’s about knowing what detail needs your attention at any given moment so that the whole can continue to function.

So it is that some often unheeded details of the solar system are combining with and following today’s Full Moon to indicate a wider focus might be the wiser option. It started with Vesta temporarily taking its theme of devotion back to Pisces in retrograde on Sunday. It is as if Vesta needs to attend to a few remaining details that will allow it to focus its fiery advocacy in what will ultimately be a long journey through Aries.

The theme of considering a wider focus then extends to Ceres entering Aquarius today. Eric provided us with the holistic lowdown regarding Ceres (in the midst of what were ostensibly more ‘important’ astrological events) back on Oct. 18. If you haven’t read that piece yet (or to re-read it with re-focused and new appreciation), you will find it linked here.

Finally, when Pallas takes its own priorities of justice and art into Capricorn on Saturday (as both the week and the month draw to a close), you might notice a wider theme. Vesta, Ceres and Pallas are named after ancient goddesses, which were too often taken for granted and not often enough given the focus they deserved.

When Vesta was not given the emphasis she was due, Rome suffered. When Ceres and her concerns were rudely dismissed by the good-old-boy gods of antiquity, Earth suffered. Last, but not least, the failure to honor Pallas with the proper respect never failed to exact a telling toll on the gods, nations and heroes of legend.

Hence, even if you are running as fast as you can to stay in the same place, you may want to at least consider a slightly wider focus this week. Include yourself in that by taking even a small step to better support your health. Include your community by remembering that politicians and politics are only part of the picture. Finally, always remember to include the Earth with an endeavor to leave wherever you go a bit better than you found it.

You are heading into what will, in many ways, be a busy season. Politics, cultural festivities and family relationships will all be clamoring for your attention through the end of the year. Even so, they are but part of a greater whole. A slightly wider focus for the sake of seeing and supporting that greater whole just might be the best investment you can possibly make at this time.

Offered In Service

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Len Wallick

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Besides endeavoring to be of service to all of you here at Planet Waves, Len strives to live in Seattle while working as a professional astrologer. To contact him for an astrology reading you can send an e-mail to: lenwallick@gmail.com. His telephone number is 206-356-5467. In addition to his profession, Len contributes to the Seattle community without monetary compensation by serving as a Reiki practitioner and teacher through classes and outreach offered by the Seattle Reiki Mastery Series modality.

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  1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    chief niwot’s son: Thank you for being so kind. As regards to your request for an edit function, i can’t change the software, but if you ever need help editing a comment on one of my blogs, please just drop me an e-mail. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) i don’t have the authority to edit comments on columns by other writers.

  2. Barbara Koehler

    Bingo. Today is a rare day in my neck of the woods. All day rain and what a blessing. We’ve needed it, in spite of the fact that most folks find it a nuisance to drive in, or get chores done requiring you go outside to do, or just maintaining an “up” mood. I’ve come to the end of a season of preparation; the visit of family from out of town, a visit which requires that said family’s Christmas gifts will have all been bought, wrapped and bundled in a simplified manner for transport. It’s all been done, even the visit is over. Already I’m beginning the shopping for next Christmas!

    Still, there is a sense of what-should-I-be-doing-right-now instead of relaxing, breathing in the peaceful quiet of the day. Then you come along and suggest I tend to my health. I think it’s good advice Len. Yet, I’ve almost forgotten how.

    My passions don’t include baseball, but a keen focus on the political maneuvers which astrology exposes so well. Even so, the Taurus/Venus tug toward comfort and cozy begs me to put the present astrology aside for a while. Fix a cup of hot chocolate and read some of those old print-outs of your blogs from past years. That would be part a project that’s been on hold for months; clearing out some of the accrued papers to make much needed space.

    Here’s one from your Blowing Hot and Cool from December 27, 2010, when Sun conjoined Pluto and you said “Meantime, the Moon gallivants on to other relationships, most of them awkward.” I loved that line. Maybe it is trans. Ceres, Bringer of Nourishing Rain, coming back to oppose my Pluto again that’s causing this change in my pattern ; didn’t Jeff Green have something to say about that? Yes, page 3 of his book Pluto. . . . . “As the life unfolds the inherent patterns of identity association, seen in the natal position of Pluto, will be reborn to a new level of expression described by Pluto’s opposite house and sign.”

    Actually, Ceres at 0+ Aquarius is a bell-ringer for all of us since that is where – 5 years from now, the new cycle for how our societies will take shape begins. For now, we finish out the present cycle that began in Taurus 15 years ago, where Jupiter and Saturn joined together to give us a snapshot of these present times.

    Or maybe it’s trans. Vesta, having reached the trans. South Node at 0 Aries and now backing into the solitude of Pisces that compels me to examine what I’m possibly ready to release. Without her dedication to a purpose I would never, never take it on. Maybe it’s trans. Juno’s approach to her opposition to trans. Uranus and his association with Aquarius and the computer that brings me to seek out your words today. Or was it Chiron’s influence on the Full Moon, considered super because she’s so close to Earth and all, that nags me to give myself a brief break from thinking and just feel the comforts of home for a while. Whatever. It’s been nice to chat with you Len and soak up some of that remarkable way you have with words and wisdom. Peace and love.

  3. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Barbara (be): Glad your neck of the woods finally received the precipitation it needed before temperatures drop too low. Congratulations on getting your holiday chores wrapped up early. i’m sure you will regain sure knowledge of how to care for yourself now that your busy time of year is completed once again. Take whet time you need, but please understand that your name appearing in comments here always lifts my heart even before i see what you have written. Hence, i would continue to deeply appreciate your taking the time and energy to continue so long as it does not detract from what you have to do to take proper care of yourself. For example, your reminder of the relatively impending (five years from now, as you put it) conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn where Ceres is today is a valuable service which provides an important and resonant perspective for all of us reading your words. Please accept my heartfelt thanks once again.

    1. Pisces SunPisces Sun

      I feel as though I had the honor of being invited in for hot chocolate and sat at the kitchen table listening to two wise astrologers discuss the current and future planetary happenings, while I sat in wonder with my mind racing about my own planet potentialities! Then when I, the student, had the chance to look for inspiration, ran to the local library (computer) looked at my chart, recalling that Len had said something to me about the rarity of my natal conjunction of Jupiter Saturn every 20 years to see what Sabian Symbol did it occupy: (25+ Cap) anima mundi, soul spirit of the world (nature spirit dancing in waterfall mist), according to Dane Rudhyar. I then sought out my natal Ceres: White hope, hope for the future (20+Pisces) (Chinese servant observing little white girl fonding young lamb). I then considered 0+Aquarius, according to Dane: “A power inherent in all human works to endure far beyond the workers life spans.” (Old adobe mission in California).
      Today I needed inspiration to tackle a huge environmental policy project. I think I just found it. As you so often say Be, “isn’t it wonderful how astrology works!” Yes, indeed, it is!
      Thank you for inviting me in for hot chocolate, or better yet, thank you for letting me barge in and join you!

      1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

        Pisces Sun: Thank you once again for being so generous and supportive in your comments here. Special thanks for sharing your own further discoveries regarding your nativity. It is an honor to have contributed to getting you started on that path. May the inspiration you have derived serve you as well and your thoughts serve all of us reading them here at Planet Waves.

  4. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    “When Vesta was not given the emphasis she was due, Rome suffered. When Ceres and her concerns were rudely dismissed by the good-old-boy gods of antiquity, Earth suffered. Last, but not least, the failure to honor Pallas with the proper respect never failed to exact a telling toll on the gods, nations and heroes of legend.”

    Len, thank you so much for the assembelence of the characters and your astrological view.  And your last article where “Opening (and closing) doors was already intuitively on my mind. Personally and astrological lyrics on this Full Moon of 3+ DEGREES, ASC, DC are 4 degrees, and most house cusp lines, as well as trans Chiron is conjunct Natal Vesta (and Chiron), I am finding this reading also very much aligns with my universe and perspective this week. Along with Eric’s article and interestingly Sarah’s Tarot reading of Sunday.

    I am learning Inner bridges may be one key to our creating and attaining that Wider Focus of that you speak.

    In example here is the crystal card reading I pulled for the Full Moon last Saturday brought here in association to your astrological reading. Hope it helps others as it resonates for me.

    Vesta (Devotion)
    ** Intention – Golden Topas
    Divine Truth and it’s illumination will reveal to you where you need to place you intention to create the reality you want.
    The willful misuse/misleading caused by feelings, or actions of unworthiness (lack of self love) of intention, shuts out the light of creation leading to confused or unpleasant manifestations.
    Clear intentions=Positive (purposful) Self Discovery.
    * I intend to manifest Joy.

    Ceres & Chiron (Nourishment Healing)
    ** Inner Bridges – Kyanite
    Separate banks uniting in the self. 
    Psychic ability promoting communication with higher beings.
    Transmitter of energy from one being to another. Between two beings, healing facilitator to client, one’s self and higher self, and/or building strong bridges between our inner and outer selves. 
    Key word true connection, interconnection.
    Innate abilities, of intuitive to subtle perceptions.
    Interaction in sharing our higher energy, our understanding and acceptance becomes more complete.
    Opening those inner doorways between our selves.
    Healing the illusion of separation within and without. Manifesting the age of light the Earth plane.
    * The Universe is working to connect me with my highest good.

    Pallas & The Full Moon
    ** Wholeness – Turquoise
    Seek the unity within.
    The necessity of all of ceation (all aspects of self) recognized and integrated; moving into harmony, before wholeness can be achieved.
    Power of vision. A whole picture of one’s being.
    Marriage of Earth & Sky
    Sky blue and green mineral combines; water, wind, fire and earth. All elements, the power and unity of the storm.
    Sky, earth, with the energy of the sun is bringing together the wisdom of the heavens to the earth plane.
    Being shown the way to oneness and unity. Bringing all polarities and dualism into balance. Into wholeness and unity with the universe.
    * I accept and integrate all aspects of myself.

    * Nisha Ahsian, Crystal Ally Cards

    1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      P.Sophia: Speaking of a deeply appreciated contribution by comment, thank you so very much for once again for citing and correlating a complementing modality (or two, or three) to widen and make even more holistic the perspective offered by my attempt to continue serving you as well as you always do for the rest of us.

  5. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Pieces Sun: Thank you so much for your comment and support. :) I don’t really know what I am writing when I do, but Len always inspires me, and the article noting the various asteroids and their characteristic promted me to recall my reading from the previous week, which seemed to fit.

    Even though i dont always mention it, I always appreciate and gain greater insight from your perspective, and comments each week. We also share an interest in the Sabian Symbols, and their intrepretation. I have gone deep into this astrological modality and have found that it adds a tremendous relevance to the aspects, as well as in-vision personally. So interesting how it was done blindly but is spot on the charts. Btw,I find the 0 Aquarius degree so inspiring and fascinating. You are lucky to have Ceres currently playing this out in your natal chart.

  6. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Len! Thank you. You are so kind to say. But as commented to Pisces Sun, if it were not for your intelligent and inspring articles I would not have been aware of the aspects and be able to gain a greater understanding into what my reading was actually pointing me to. …

    Which reminds me to ask, do you have aspects on/to/ from Libra 4+ Degrees?? This is my Ascendant degree. The Sabian Symbol degree ( Libra 5) and Dane Rudhyer interpretation are precisely how I feel when most often I am inspired by you.

    KEYNOTE: The necessity for the youthful spirits to learn from a Teacher who through his long experience has been able to reach solid and illuminating truths, i.e. “seed ideas.”

    “What is evoked by the symbol is the essential, withal rather mysterious, process of TRANSMISSION. What is transmitted, if the situation is really adequate and understood (at least tentatively) by all participants, is not merely knowledge. It is actually “being-ness.”

    1. Pisces SunPisces Sun

      P. Sophia: Thanks for your comments and with respect to your observation about Len’s teaching being something greater, I echo your sentiment. In fact, I think I have written before a quote my David Frost relating to Len that he is not a “teacher but an awakener!”

    2. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      P.Sophia: So far as i’m aware, i don’t have any natal object or point at 4+ Libra. However, my natal Ceres is at 4+ Gemini, and my natal mean BML is at 4+ Virgo.

  7. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Bingo! As I see it, isn’t that a trine between your Cetes and my Asc. Probably more there somewhere too..there undoubtably always, is. And as Pisces Sun agrees, is a very special gift we are fortunate you bless us with..

  8. Barbara Koehler

    Pisces Sun & P Sophia, it delights me to see all the interest in Ceres here at PW, and the fact that you guys sense the importance of her occupying the Zero degree of Aquarius as a portent of where we are headed in the near future.

    I also share with you the appreciation of the benefits of the Sabian Symbols in adding depth to what the astrology tells us of a planet’s position and any aspect it is making. I can’t say that they always “make sense” but I suppose it is because I’m not ready to comprehend the meaning at that given time.

    Here’s a preview of that new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starting in 2020; the Moon at 27+ Pisces will be square the Galactic Core at 27+ Sagittarius. Opposite the Moon will be Pandora at 27+ Virgo, and opposite the GC will be Chaos at 27+ Virgo. Altogether they form a Mutable Grand Square. Does that conjure up any scenes for you?

    The Moon symbolizes people and Pandora was known to release many ills upon the world but she held onto hope. The GC transmits universal truths, messages that can provide, if one is tuned in to them, guidance and a sense of clarity when all seems confusing. Chaos provides the where-with-all to create anything new, but if it is the old familiar you cling to, you won’t feel secure.

    Combine that with Uranus conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 6+ Taurus square the U.S. Sibly chart’s north and south nodes, and trine Photographica at 6+ Virgo, but opposite Lachesis (twist of fate) at 6+ Scorpio. Imagine Ceres at 8+ Pisces conjunct her natal position in the U.S. Sibly chart (A Ceres Return), and square the U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini, or picture Mars and Eris (brother and sister some say) sharing the same degree in Aries and exactly square Pluto in Capricorn.

    The New Jupiter-Saturn 20 year cycle will begin with Neptune at 18+ Pisces square the north node at 19+ Gemini opposite the South Node at 19+ Sagittarius, and note that transiting Saturn will exactly square trans. Neptune in just a few weeks from now. Then he will reach 18-19 Sagittarius at the end of 2016, while sextile trans. Jupiter and trine trans. Uranus (who will be opposite one another). Not only that but at the end of 2016, Saturn and Jupiter will form a yod with Chiron at the point of the yod (where the shift must occur) near where Neptune will be in 2020’s new Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart.

    If we pay attention to the events that happen (like the late 2016 aspects will relate to) we can be more ready for the events brought to a head in 2020. There are many challenges (squares, oppositions) coming, but we are being prepared for them now. Ceres at 0+ Aquarius is a good place to start. Aquarius is about groups and friends, and is about the future as well. It’s a sign associated with making the world a better place (like getting rid of GMO’s for example). Building an old adobe mission starts with laying the first bricks but once complete it could last well into the future.

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