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Len Wallick describes the many ways veils are thinning now — including planets and points clustered near the cusps of signs. But it is our approach to the midpoint of Scorpio (a ‘cross-quarter’ day, or midpoint of the season) and the Taurus Full Moon that particularly indicate a wider ‘middle’ than usual. It will be interesting to see what we find on the other side.

It’s getting close to Halloween again. Many of you have memories of trick-or-treating as a youngster. Some of you then grew into the role of chaperone for, or host to, costumed children born into the next generation or two. Yet, even as old a practice as it is, Halloween is but a vestige of far more ancient and profound observances.


We are approaching a midpoint between the beginning of one season and the start of the next. Just as there are four seasons, there are four such middle times in every solar year.

For a surprisingly large and diverse number of ancient cultures, these “cross-quarters” were every bit as important as the days heralding the initiation of a new season.

In most of those ancient traditions, the days surrounding seasonal midpoints represent a period when the veil separating worlds becomes thin. Forms of astrology that are synchronized with the seasons (such as the western tropical astrology practiced here at Planet Waves) are among those traditions.

Science now seriously entertains the possibility of multiple universes existing in parallel with each other. Hence, the ancient interpretation of cross-quarters is an old idea that has recently become new again. As Eric has repeatedly noted for you, this era marked by Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn moving into and out of a square aspect on the zodiac has been distinguished by many such revivals.

If astrology serves as a touchstone for you, the Sun at the midpoint of Scorpio (which will take place this year on Nov. 7) represents the next cross-quarter. Even so, you may want to consider how the proverbial veil may well be starting to grow thin as soon as this weekend. It has to do with the Sun and Moon, as one might expect. Yet, the two luminaries are not alone indicating something special that distinguishes this particular seasonal midpoint in this particular year.

The Sun initiates the impending mid-season by entering Scorpio shortly before 1:47 pm EDT (17:46:41 UTC) tomorrow. On the heels of the Sun doing its part, the Moon will then follow up in spades.

Next Tuesday at about 8:05 am EDT (12:05 UTC), the Moon will be in Taurus precisely opposing the nascent Scorpio Sun. That opposition, by definition, will be a Full Moon. Not just any Full Moon, either. Rather, an uncommon and implicitly powerful one.

No, next Tuesday’s Full Moon will not be a lunar eclipse — we had one of those at the end of last month. Nonetheless, you might consider this Full Moon worthy of note because it will take place in the precise degree of the zodiac (3+ Taurus) where astrologers consider the Moon to be most powerfully exalted. That does not happen very often. For astrologers what does not happen very often is inherently special, especially where exaltation is involved.

Both the Sun and Moon and all of the classical planets have a sign (or signs) where they are said to rule. The Moon, for example, rules the sign Cancer. Yet a planet can also be exalted, which metaphorically translates to represent all the privileges of rule with none of the responsibilities. That’s how you might say that the upcoming Full Moon will be implicitly capable of transcending any and all boundaries, heralding a time when anything is possible.

To use poker terms then, the Taurus Full Moon on Tuesday will figuratively ‘see’, and then ‘raise’  the mid-seasonal period initiated by the Scorpio Sun tomorrow. And that’s not all.

The infinitely thin boundaries between signs (known as ‘cusps’) may fairly be considered veils in their own right. Such is the often noticeable difference when the Sun and other objects change signs. Right now, a whole heaping handful of those 12 cusps are occupied by interesting celestial objects and prestigious astrological points.

Without going into complicated detail as to the particulars, those occupancies are functioning to indicate a thinning of all veils everywhere. Tomorrow the Sun is going to add to it. Think of doors serendipitously held open wherever you go, and you will get the drift. Just as with the upcoming Full Moon, there are implicitly no limits for you.

Additionally, the cross-quarter between the Libra equinox and Capricorn solstice is looking to be every bit as prolonged as it is pronounced this year. You might say that the midpoint of this season will extend for at least two weeks, beginning tomorrow.

All of us, then, are implicitly about to embark upon a rather wide crossing. To make sure that being able to transcend limits does not lead you into excess, you may want to consider not making that crossing alone. Find a buddy, or better yet, collaborate with a group. It will not matter so much what you are getting together to do. Simply getting together will be a good start.

Let your cooperative consultations be without agenda so as not to limit possibility, but have some general guidelines. Work together with others for what amounts to a mutual benefit. Endeavor with others to maximize transcendence and minimize transgression. If you can do only that for the next few weeks or so, you could very well find yourself having gone farther in some sense than you previously thought possible in such a short amount of time.

It will be interesting to see what we find on the other side.

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