A Week of Intrigue and Passion

Dear Friend and Reader:

Here is your overview for the week. Saturday we passed through the Capricorn New Moon, and are now in the very beginning phases of the new lunar cycle. The Moon is in Aquarius as of Sunday afternoon and all through Monday and Tuesday.

Image by Eric Francis.

Mercury is retrograde, and has ingressed Capricorn. It’s now moving into an alignment with Pallas Athene, the asteroid associated with law, strategy, politics and daddy issues.

With regard to the latter, it would be wise to recognize your adult prerogative and power rather than submitting yourself to various forms of paralysis associated with the ways in which children lack the ability to influence the flow of events, or their own destiny. It may help to remind yourself, “I am not a child.”

The retrograde, though, may serve to remind you of places where you’ve given up your autonomy or had it taken from you. There is a reclaiming of that autonomy that’s illustrated in the alignment of Mercury and Pallas. Typically, that involves becoming hip to the politics of your environment, and how the politics of your early environment were compromising to your sense of your own power.

The idea of politics at its best is about getting what you want without resorting to brute force. That might come in the form of negotiation. In order to negotiate, it helps to know what influence you actually have — and not over-estimate it. You need to know what you’re willing to offer, what you’re willing to give up and what you’re willing to receive. Then from there, you would engage in a conscious dialog about attaining your goal — keeping the goals of the other fellow in mind. Mercury retrograde suggests taking an innovative approach, but since this is Capricorn, just a little.

Meanwhile, the astrology seems to be illustrating yet another intriguing week in the presidential race. The presence of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are symbols of the two different concepts of reality that are competing for acceptance not just in the American psyche but that of the wider world.

Mars is currently in Scorpio, moving slowly as it approaches a station retrograde in a few months. Mars will be spending a lot of time in its feminine, nocturnal sign this year (that would be Scorpio), a reminder that female strength can be accessed through the libido. Listen to the chatter and gossip of the world for a moment and it would seem that women are merely the passive victims of sex and sexuality; Mars in Scorpio is urging a review of that idea.

Mars is drawing on the energy of Pisces, as it’s moving into a long trine with Neptune, Chiron and other points there — so we have an illustration of harmony between two of the signs that go together the very best, and which can create much mutual benefit for everyone. That would come in the form of passion, creativity and desire — go with the flow.

Venus has just made a conjunction to Saturn, exact the day before the New Moon. It’s now moving through Sagittarius and is conjunct the Great Attractor. It’s true that in our society and just about every other one, female is allegedly controversial and seems to be a polarizing influence. Respond how you will, call it what you will, female is a force of nature that’s here to stay, so we may as well make friends with it — that is, all of us; males and females and everything, and everyone, in between.


14 thoughts on “A Week of Intrigue and Passion

    1. Amanda Painter

      Indeed, Stacy. I think most of us at PW had no idea he was that ill with Cancer. 69 is just too young to lose such a brilliant, shape-shifting musical artist.

      1. Mary

        I’m happy for David Bowie that he was able to maintain his privacy such that so many of us are surprised at the news. I’m bummed but happy to know that he made this transition on his own. “The Man Who Fell to … Pluto?”

        Went to a small coffee shop here in Baltimore where they played Bowie non-stop all morning. No talk. Just good music. That feels right to me.

        Love you guys, thanks for letting me share.

  1. P. Sophia

    Yes. Reclaiming the inner child, and self love is the power I have been feeling as the general theme kicking off the fist week of this new year. The direction of how this will be channeled? ..we shall see. We have time. As for now, acceptance is the best reminder we can recieve, and a peaceful start to the new year is enough right now. From there, all the rest will flow if we don’t get caught up in the illusion, and gotta get/do.

  2. P. Sophia

    Hi Lizzy. Happy New Year. And thank you. Yeah, all that being said, Mars and Mercury Retro are also doing there bit. I mentioned end of last week it felt like there gift, motion and potential was in an effort to offer us a greater chance to ascend. Furthermore lifting our awareness towards closing the gaps between values to action, made manifest. All weekend i was asking for that bridge! From this morning i felt inspired and a good flow of energy towards revisiting and reconnecting with some connections and ideas I initiated towards the end of 2014 came to me with reply.

    Hope all’s well with you, your Mum (mine is stable, in and out), and your new direction and creative, bold endeavors. Love and best thoughts to you!!

    1. Lizzy

      Thank you sweetheart!! Happy new year to you too! Always enjoy reading your lovely comments. Sounds like you’re doing wonderfully. Am so happy for you. Has been a ri real te of passage for me in these last weeks, back with my family and looking after my mu, who had pneumonia, and whose dementia deepened because of her sickness and hospital stay. But she’s back home now and gradually settling in – and I ‘m watching this space… ((())))

  3. karliecole

    And today, (today! with this alignment) Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says the United States should have a “serious national discussion about sexuality” — not run away from it. He also said that “rape must be prosecuted” in response to a question about rape on college campuses. And he told Molly Monk, a Simpson College student and Democratic activist, that he opposes abstinence-only education.

    “When sexuality is an intrinsic part of human life — we should not run away from it,” Sanders said. “We should explain biology and sexuality to our kids on a factual basis. Period.”


      1. Barbara Koehler

        Speaking of happy, Bernie Sanders has transiting Jupiter conjunct his Venus on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, and I’m wondering why he will be so happy.

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