A Total Eclipse of the Moon in Aries

Someone just asked me how tonight’s Aries lunar eclipse will affect them. They tried to look it up on the internet and didn’t find any useful information. I think it would be good to clear up a misunderstanding here — astrology works differently than that.

Lakshmi Girl in the Chironian, photo by Eric as part of the Book if Blue series.

Lakshmi Girl in the Chironian, photo by Eric / Book of Blue.

First, there are no objective definitions (none, at least, that are true).

Every collective event such as an eclipse will influence everyone differently; we are all individuals. We respond to our senses differently; we respond to ideas differently. Every person’s chart is different, so an event will ring each chart (which means, each life) with a different influence. This is why it’s essential to read astrology in a creative way; to see the possibilities; to remember that it’s a visioning process.

You might look in a old book and find out that Aries eclipses are bad for sheep. Besides avoiding lamb chops, or being careful if today is shearing day for your flock, how does that help? We might well ask whether eclipses affect us at all, or whether they are opportunities to respond to existence in a creative way. Your opinion on which of those is true matters.

It’s an indication of whether you have more faith in fate or in your own creativity. This is a meaningful thought experiment: do you expect life to happen to you, or to you choose to live, to direct the course of events, and to create your experiences — at least as best you can, given what you have to work with (which is plenty)?

All of this said, the eclipse setup gives us some clues. The eclipse is conjunct Vesta, a minor planet that describes the holding open of ritual space, or of space of any kind. It’s opposite the Sun conjunct Juno, a minor planet about expectations in relationships, score-keeping and unexpressed emotional needs. We have in this setup a contrast between two kinds of relationships described.

Sun-Juno in Libra describes more or less conventional relationship expectations. It’s a fairytale version of marriage, which is programmed into us as children from when we’re old enough to be read to. Moon-Vesta in Aries describes something entirely unusual — a space intentionally held open where one can be one’s true self. A space where one can bring out one’s inner being. That inner being is symbolized by both the fiery Aries Moon and also by the hearth described in the Vesta stories. That hearth is the space where creativity and devotion are tended 24/7 by the Vestal priestesses.

Translating this into practical terms, you’re being invited to tend the flame of your creativity, your own passion, yes, your own sexuality. Vesta calls for absolute sincerity, focus and dedication. She calls for the opening of a space both within yourself and within the world around you where you practice your devotion, and give life to your ‘inner’ self, allowing it (that is, you) to manifest in a real way.

Of course, you could always get married. You could always sign up (or renew your contract) for some version of doing what you’re supposed to do. You could always occupy your time with jealousy and gossip. You could always keep score of whatever you’re supposed to have that you don’t have. Speaking in broad terms, these are the options described by this eclipse.

Because this is a face-to-face encounter (an opposition) it’s likely to manifest as a clear choice, if you’re looking. It’s also likely to be connected to a broader cultural movement of some kind — you will notice others around you making similar decisions, in their own way.

In any event, this eclipse does not happen to you. You’re being invited to make a decision.

3 thoughts on “A Total Eclipse of the Moon in Aries

  1. Len Wallick

    Thank you, Eric for taking the occasion of today’s eclipse to take us back to the basics which empower each one of us to be a participating member of the solar system. You are true beauty, in word and in deed.

  2. Geoff Marsh

    Beautiful moonrise in the UK about an hour or so ago in the UK, big and bright. Cloudless skies forecast, so it should be a great sighting. Not full ’til 03.50am here, so have had a Full Moon nap in preparation. Preparing for a trip to my beloved, if poisonous, yew. With the Sun just one degree from my natal Neptune, I’m getting ready to hear what I have to tell myself.

    Wishing everyone a great eclipse experience.

  3. Amanda Painter

    I am laughing at myself right now. I guess I kind of noticed this, but some how did not, until today: that the Moon and Vesta were conjunct my natal Venus, and the Sun, Juno and BML were conjunct my natal Vesta-Pluto. I have been so busy with the play I am in, and work, and describing this eclipse and whatnot to others via PW, that I had no moment to let the full “a-ha” of its resonance with my own chart take conscious shape.

    But I think that’s okay. I am aware of the themes in my life; I am aware of the ways in which space-holding for my creative self has been happening for me and within me, both in my theatrical performance yesterday and in fantasy with my partner; I can see my role in score-keeping and expression of needs (or the lack thereof); and I am aware of the ways the Libra relationship balance is continually adjusted, renewed, released and sometimes clung to. So, I notice as I can, and keep moving onward…

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