A Solstice Journey

by Amanda Moreno

Happy Solstice, everyone. Feels good to have a layer of cardinal energy back at the forefront, even if sometimes the thought of Cancer as cardinal puzzles me a bit. Or perhaps it was that incredible Sagittarius Full Moon. Whatever the case, energy seems to be moving again — at least for me personally, at least in the past three days.

Photo by graywacke/A Landing a Day

Photo by graywacke/A Landing a Day

The mutability of the last few weeks (or has it been months?) has had me feeling so swimmy that I’ve taken to answering the questions, “How are you doing,” or “How are you feeling,” with “I can’t remember.”

I was, however, amazed to discover a long-forgotten list of things I wanted to accomplish this year, written at the winter solstice, and amazed that I could actually check a few of the items off.

There has been some productivity and meaningful goal-accomplishing, even if I can’t quite find a way to cure what feels like a now-perpetual state of being untethered in time. Maybe it’s a phenomenon that is exacerbated by the fact I have been self-employed for four months now, and so the normal workweek structure has lost its meaning. Sometimes I wonder if there’s something to those woo-tastic claims of dimensional shift I often see floating around the internet. Is that just the New Age equivalent of the End of Days? Seems likely.

What a lovely metaphor the idea of “dimensional shift” can be, though. I mean, who actually knows what that would feel like? Is there even an agreed upon notion of what dimensions are? Perhaps there would be a measure of surreality — I know I experience that one a lot when I let my gaze shift out of the bubble I live in to other parts of the world.

For example, it is reported that for the first time ever, the number of refugees and displaced people rose above 60 million in 2015. I cannot even grasp what that means. Can you imagine? Or perhaps that’s too detached. Can you empathize? What would it be like to experience that level of displacement, especially with so many other people?

Dimensional shift perhaps shows up at the personal level as well. My dreams have been amped up for a while now, but one in particular a few nights ago really grabbed me. In it, someone I know who is in the spirit world was assisting my spirit animal — the one I work with the most, who was ‘retrieved for me a few years ago’ — through some dark, murky water. The animal was in bad shape, broken and clearly sick. My dearly departed loved one was trying to gingerly help the animal out of the water.

I awoke feeling concerned and a bit shocked. Is my power animal dying? Unwell? Is that a thing? And what causes it?

On the train that day, I did a quick little journey to see if I could check in with my spirit animal. He seemed sick. Quiet. Wasting away. And suddenly sadness hit me, both for whatever he was going through and because I realized how much I love this animal. This ally who has brought so much into my life. I didn’t have the time then to delve deeper, but knew I would need to do a more significant journey once I was back home again.

That day, I recognized many things. That particular spirit animal has a form of medicine I have really needed in the past few years — and that I still feel like I need. That said, I wondered if it was indeed passing out of my life, and whether a new form of medicine would come in or is needed. I felt at once a sense of urgency to do the right thing, whatever that might be, while also knowing that it might be time for that medicine to come out of prominence in my life. More openness to letting go. Again.

At home that night, I made my journey to the lower world, the home of vast landscapes and animal allies. When I finally found him, there was more of an energetic exchange than any kind of concrete, logical knowing what to do.

In typical Amanda fashion, what ended up rising to the surface was intense amounts of love and gratitude for this being’s presence and medicine regardless of what happens next.

I then journeyed to the upper world, to have a chat with my guides. They were able to give some more concrete insight — which I could actually sense clairaudiently, through sound, which is something that is quite rare for me. It was helpful. And it’s apparent that I am once again moving through a major shift — a dimensional shift, if you will.

One other thing that stuck out for me on the journey was a lot of activity coming through that seemed to be… noise, both visual and auditory. Images that I could qualify as negative or bad if I chose to, but that didn’t necessarily feel energetically “bad.” I wondered if it was just a sensitive attunement to the astral realms and all the stuff kicking around there, or stuff that I actually needed to pay attention to.

At some point, I did meet up with my departed loved one, which is a story for another time. There is so much to learn as one progresses in this kind of work, and sometimes I just have to trust my own judgment in the moment. This world — this dimension — and the others are wild and weird.

I don’t honestly know why I’m sharing this with you. Sometimes I think it’s helpful to just put the stories of journeys out there, especially to invite more openness to the process and a “you can do it too! If you want!” attitude. It also seemed a fitting metaphor for this long, rolling paradigm shift we’ve been immersed in for so long now. And perhaps there are other reasons for sharing, which will only become clear as you individually connect with different parts of what’s here.

That’s another part of what came through in the journey — the need to trust. Trust self, trust source, trust the universe that what happens, and what we are being asked to let go of or engage, are what is needed right now. In whatever time and space we find ourselves in.

For now, back to the list of goals. I have six months left to accomplish a lot. I’m not usually that stern with myself when it comes to timelines and concrete goal setting, but… it’s nice to try something different every once in awhile.

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Attention anyone with a Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon or Cancer rising: Eric will be recording your birthday reading for the next 12 months — nicknamed The Cancer Illumination Kit — shortly. You can secure the lowest price we offer by pre-ordering now. Not familiar with Eric’s audio or visual readings? You can listen to last year’s reading here, as a gift.

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Amanda is an astrologer, soul worker and paradigm buster based in Seattle. Her adventures in these forms of ‘practical woo’ are geared towards helping people to heal themselves and the world. She can be found in the virtual world at www.aquarianspirals.com.

6 thoughts on “A Solstice Journey

  1. pam

    ‘I wonder if there’s something to those woo-tastic claims of dimensional shift I often see floating around the internet’

    I believe it – Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius (my 12th house) did that for me (of course I helped/chose to change and worked at it but I’m sure those planetary placements worked through everything I was and wasn’t too).

    Then there is the immediate shift (which possibly also has been brewing for ages and takes off, or is birthed/stimulated/guided by another).

    And then there is the everything is grist to the mill level, everything working together for good…? (This maybe doesn’t count but I always loved the gone away world by Nick Harkaway and his Master Wu (who is definitely wootastic!).

    I’ve been so enjoying your posts for a while now Amanda – thank you.

  2. Glen Young

    Used to hear this song at WAWA, but lately they have move on
    to so many other oldies but goodies. With the latest severe storm
    raining down on RVA, music (Neptune) resonated an escape-
    (especially Bennie and the Jets). I been so relieve to have survived
    it. Trees down everywhere; on cars and houses. And to think it
    just the beginning? Its super crazy right now, and I apologize for
    being insensitive to you.

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