A Significant Cusp

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Imagine you are standing on astrology’s zodiac circle of signs just inside the territory of Leo, where the Sun is ruler (and where the emblematic Sun will be after tomorrow). Then, envision a friend standing in the very last part of the sign Cancer, where the Moon is ruler (and where the symbolic Sun is today). Finally, picture holding hands with your friend, and that your hands are clasped directly over the line (or cusp) where Cancer and Leo meet.


Then, please allow yourself to imagine that you and your friend agree to each go your own way for the time being, walking around the zodiac in opposite directions at exactly the same pace to meet precisely on the other side, 180 degrees away. (Note: you and your friend are not impersonating any particular planets in the sky in this exercise.)

If you were to walk in a counter-clockwise direction (emulating direct motion), you would eventually leave Leo behind and step into Virgo, where Mercury rules.

Your friend, walking clockwise (impersonating retrograde motion) would simultaneously retrace Cancer to eventually enter Gemini (albeit through the back door) where Mercury also rules. Interesting, that.

Your own journey around the circle would next take you from Virgo to Libra, ruled by Venus. In synchronized ambulation, your friend would step into Taurus (the other sign ruled by Venus) just as you were entering Libra.

Continuing your circular journey, Scorpio (where Mars alone ruled before the discovery of Pluto) would be your next destination, and your friend will concurrently have reached Aries — the other dominion of Mars. The next sign on your itinerary after Scorpio would be Sagittarius, domain of Jupiter. In the meantime, your partner would be making her or his way into Pisces, where Jupiter was also preeminent before the discovery of Neptune.

At the end of your trip would be Capricorn, realm of Saturn. Your collaborator would likewise conclude explorations in Aquarius, where Saturn also reigned without rival until the discovery of Uranus.

Clasping hands once again, but this time where Capricorn and Aquarius meet, you might share the details of your separate journeys. If such a discussion were to include the succession of signs (and corresponding rulers) respectively traced, your combined experiences would reveal an impenetrably ancient order in the zodiac — an order that begins at the cusp between Cancer and Leo.

There are no archaeological or anthropological records of astrology in the process of development. No matter where on Earth you go, no matter what culture you study, the earliest surviving evidence of astrology is of a fully functional system. Hence, the documented, as opposed to speculated, origin of how the original planetary rulers (all visible to the unaided eye) came to be arranged on the zodiac is lost to irretrievable antiquity.

When the Sun enters Leo tomorrow shortly before 11:31 pm EDT (03:30:24 UTC Thursday), the solar symbol of consciousness will once again make its own annual journey across what is thus a highly consequential cusp. It’s the place where this missive first asked you to imagine your hand conjoined with that of your friend. The place where a mysterious, yet entirely natural order in the zodiac begins.

Assuming you are awake as tomorrow segues into Thursday, you might want to stand in simple awareness of that mystery. You may want to sit with the apparently simple cypher that so many take for granted. Rather than trying to parse out the details of aspects, getting all wrapped up in what it ‘means’, you could simply consider feeling the moment and connecting with times long past, beyond scholastic recovery.

For in every cell of your body, there is a record of life’s entire history on Earth. In your DNA (and probably many other cellular components), mysteries are recorded. Through your genes and the essence of your physical being, all that preceded history is understood. That understanding would include the origins of astrology.

Whether astrology was somehow developed by humanity, or whether it was in some way bequeathed to us whole is something you can grasp and know, but not through the abstract machinations of your mind. That’s how tomorrow or Thursday would be an appropriate occasion to put your intellect aside for awhile.

That’s how this week constitutes a good and appropriate time to ask the manifestations of fire, earth, air and water in your body to tell you of their own journey as the Sun once again crosses a consequential cusp. Perhaps by doing so, you can achieve a significant crossing as well. 

Offered In Service

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Besides endeavoring to be of service to all of you here at Planet Waves, Len strives to live in Seattle while working as a professional astrologer. To contact him for an astrology reading you can send an e-mail to: lenwallick@gmail.com. His telephone number is 206-356-5467. In addition to his profession, Len contributes to the Seattle community without monetary compensation by serving as a Reiki practitioner and teacher through classes and outreach offered by the Seattle Reiki Mastery Series modality.

23 thoughts on “A Significant Cusp

  1. Amy Trafford

    Dear Len,

    My walk through the signs was powerful and evocative on every level. The moment I stepped into Leo, I felt a deep activation of energy and movement inside myself.
    Taking the hand of my friend opened great pain and gratitude, to name just a couple of moments.

    Thank you

  2. Amy Elliott

    Len, this is an excellent and very clever method of demonstrating the inherent order and sense in the classical rulerships. Your imagery is beautiful, too.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Ms. Elliott: Thank you for being so kind. The solar ingress to Leo seemed like an appropriate time to consciously explore such a fundamental yet mysterious order, which is apparent, but at the same time often overlooked.

  3. Geoff Marsh

    It is an intriguing journey, Len. If, like me, you also believe in the concept of the Great Ages, then the golden cusp of the Age of Leo/Age of Cancer would have occurred around 10,000 B.C., roughly the time archaeology indicates humanoids stopped hunting and gathering and started to settle down.

    Following your pattern, the Age of Virgo would have provided first the insight and then the knowledge to be able to grow plants rather than hunt for them (from roughly 12,000 B.C. onwards), while the other path would lead to the Age of Gemini and the first example of communication through writing (from around about 6,000 B.C. onwards).

    If astrology emerged before the Age of Gemini then I think it’s fairly safe to assume that no records of its first use are likely to be found.

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    Geoff: Thank you for mentioning the Great Ages hypothesis. When you get right down to it, human beings have been around a lot longer than history records. Something in my own bones tells me there must have been a great deal more going on than subsistence for the 90+percent of human history we have no surviving record of. Astrology, appearing in the most ancient records recovered thus far as a already developed system, is a clear indication that there is a lot we don’t know of ourselves that can conceivably be accessed through astrology (as well as through getting in touch with ourselves on the proverbial “cellular level”).

  5. Geoff Marsh

    Thank you for the cogent reply, Len. I’m currently intrigued by the way in which the study of ancient DNA is enabling archaeo-geneticists to track the human species on its three-million-year journey out of Africa. I have no doubt that the stars were one of our primary guides and they were an invaluable tool when we first needed to know the right time of year to plant seeds or to set sail on a voyage across the sea.

    If astrology is inherent in us then there may well be part of a genome that future scientists will be able to identify as a significator. It seems so appropriate to me that we are beginning our journey into space coincident with the advent of the Age of Aquarius.

    The signs and their ruling planets on either side of the Leo/Cancer cusp certainly provide a beautifully balanced mnemonic on our continuing learning journey.

  6. Mary

    Len, thank you for the fresh perspective on the significance of where we all stand. This model that you so elegantly described opened a new path of understanding for me. I am grateful to constantly learn from you.

  7. P. Sophia

    I love this message in every way Len it moves me.

    I just stumbled upon an article last night relating to this significant point. I learned that at this same time Sirius, the brightest star in our heavens, begins to rise in this time of our Planetary New Year.  It rises at the same time and in close proximity, conjunction to our Sun. It is said to be the time when Earth has two visible “suns” in the sky. The one sun is Golden, and the other is Blue in Frequency.

    I did not make the exact sunrise at 6:00 am this morning to check this out, but just after 8:00 am I walked the dog and saw the sun rising above the clouded sky.  It was so beautiful, and you know I felt something special there.  I was so moved i took a bunch of pictures  When I went back to review ..there it was, I saw another planet with twinkling lights right by the Sun.  It may be Mercury, or perhaps Jupiter. I am not sure,  but I will send you a copy Len to get your input.  I will make the sunrise tomorrow to look for the Sirus Stars again..

    I also read in this same article the Ancient Egyptians recognized the great power of this time of year, with Sirius the star and constellation conjunct the Sun, as a time of endings and beginnings offering it’s blessings. For them it was clearly visible as the Nile river flooded washing away the last years crops and deposited the rich red silt as the bed for the new seasons crops that would nourish the people and the land there.

    Apoarently this time was also represenative of the Avatar Sirian Masters, who first taught us about the “Christ Consciousness” that was embodied in the Golden Light of the Sun. The Gold Frequency was Divine Light and it carried the energy of Divine Love and Compassion.

    Len, I was floored when i read this message of Ascention and light brought to the Egyptians commenced with Isis and Orisis teachings, as just a couple weeks ago i had a dream about the Moon and on it I saw the name ISIS. I only recalled and then felt moved to comment on this in response to one of Sarah’s Readings. All this history, and intuit, along with your sound astrological message today,  i am now assured this is a great time of potential manifestation, and ascention for us all.

    Blessings BE, to you!

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      P, Sophia: Thank you! Looks like you and Chief Niwot’s Son are on the same (Sirius) wavelength. It is a wavelength i have consciously sought to tune in to since finding out Sirius is closely conjunct my natal ascendant in my first natal house. Yet, grasping Sirius clearly has been a challenge for me, which is strange – one would think its natal placement would make me “a natural.” That’s how i come to be uncommonly grateful for your comment today. You have served to instruct (as well as affirm) my service here.

  8. chief niwot's son

    Len- your post reminds me of the Helical rising of Sirius (23 July) in the old Egyptian days, signaling the Nile flood. There sits our friend the Sphinx, whose water-worn rocks indicate an age of 12,000 years, half-buried in the desert like the constellation of Leo which sits half-above the horizon while Sirius rises. A lot more has happened since we climbed down out of the trees than “history” let’s on, and the ancient remembrance of the circle of the zodiac you offer opens us the the depths of time.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Chief Niwot’s Son: Many thanks for the heads up regarding Sirius – you and P. Sophia should compare notes. Although (as i understand it, due to the precessional movement of Earth’s axis) the helical rise of Sirius does not observe the same schedule as it did for the ancient Egyptians, it still has meaning. It still has meaning for humanity because Sirius is still the brightest star in our sky, and the return of its fierce twinkling still heralds a meaningful (albeit different) time. It is meaningful to me personally because i have struggled to integrate Sirius (as i also wrote to P. Sophia) even though its position in my first natal house, closely conjunct my natal ascendant indicates i should be “a natural” with Sirius. Thus, your instructive comment here today is received with the type of gratitude only known by those who (as i am now) know at least enough to confess their need.

  9. Len Wallick Post author

    Amanda: If i have served to return only a fraction of the service your writings have provided for Planet Waves readers, i will be deeply gratified. Please accept my thanks in turn for how your insights consistently enhance my well being.

  10. Pisces Sun

    Len, I have been agitated since Saturday due to a personal confrontation that I avoided as much as I could and have been trying to make sense from. Last night I read this piece and for the first time, I felt peace and could sleep comfortably, thank you. It is so easy to get caught up in our mental machinations of what is, and just “be.” Attuning to what is, may just give us the opportunity to tap into that potential, which is what I feel you are describing that resides in our DNA. To sit in the moment for me is to “be still and know.” Thank you Len.

  11. Pisces Sun

    Haven’t figured out to edit a posting but to clarify, it is easy to get caught up in mental machinations of determining “what is,” as opposed to just “being.” I have to admit that I do like the statement, ” human being” something I am rarely -and need to be more often as I am always,
    “doing,” or “thinking” vice “being” So back to attempting to “be still and know.”

  12. P. Sophia

    Len, Being the point of your Ascendant, the tittle here is fitting.. A Significant Cusp. For you are in all you bring to others.

    Also regarding Sirius’s historical rising with our Sun, you rise with, and in us. Just as the Egyptian people recognized in the flooding of the Nile, you “nourish the people and land there (here).”

    I will send you that picture Len of what may be the two Suns rising in unison. If not Sirius it may be Jupiter. Which is also in a pretty nice current sextile position to our Sun, and personally offered to your Ascendant degree. Jupiter sits on one of my favorite Sabian Symbol Degrees, Leo 26! After a heavy storm a rainbow..the covenant degree.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      P. Sophia: Thank you for being so generous in your assessment of my offering in service. Thank you also for your photos and evaluations – two heads are always better than one!

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