A Bridge, Some Books

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Time it was and what a time it was, it was…
— Paul Simon

You probably always knew. Since you were old enough to think about the future and connect with the past, you knew that you would be part of something unlike any before. Along the way you have wondered what you would do, and at times been forced to decide what to do. Those decisions have in turn brought you here to be a part of it all. To be like a bridge. As though your life by itself were writing books.


In spite of, and also because of, all you have been through to get here, you now know being here makes you both fortunate and responsible somehow. That awareness alone sets you apart from so many in the past, and prepares you to better decide the future.

Somewhere along the way, perhaps you realized that being here made your decisions part of something greater. Better, then, to decide consciously. Better to be among those stepping up to take a conscious and active place in the system we call solar.

It is no coincidence that the earthly system of which you are a part has created a robot that is even now approaching Pluto, at the outer edges of the solar system. You are a part of that. Everything you did or did not do contributed somehow to put that spacecraft way out there so that you could be here to witness what it sends back. The same principle holds true for all that is happening on Earth as it is in the sky.

Which is part of what led you here to Planet Waves. To better understand what astrology can convey to you about the solar system, and your choices as part of it. The better to be aware. To better decide. To not only witness but to more consciously and fully participate in this moment you probably always knew about.

You have thus served as part of a bridge from what was to what is. Hence, like a bridge, you will continue to hold the tension and span the distance from what was to what will be. You have also served to write the story, filling the span as if with books in which your service can and will yet be found.

You have served well and artfully somehow. Otherwise you would not be here reading yourself into these words. Otherwise you would not have been part of what this month has held, and will hold.

July has also been a month artfully served by astrology’s emblem of consciousness — the Sun — and its encounters with the outer solar system. From the sign of cardinal Cancer, the Sun started July with an emotional, flowing water trine (a separation of 120 degrees) to Neptune in the depths of Pisces. Could be that trine aspect coincided with a feeling that your time to do your thing as part of something bigger — a time you always knew about, a time you served to bring about — has come.

Then, on July 6, came a solar opposition (a separation of 180 degrees) to Pluto in the midst of its long trek through Capricorn. No doubt that opposition aspect somehow correlated with your consciousness facing and reflecting on the outer edges of possibility, and decisions to come.  

As for what’s to come, when Sunday segues into Monday, the Cancer Sun will have separated from Uranus in Aries (and from last season) by three full signs — 90 degrees — which is a square aspect. In doing so, the Sun will have served to complete a bridge of its own, having moved across the slowly growing chasm that was (and in many ways still is) the long continuum of Uranus and Pluto in square aspect. The same square aspect Eric has characterized as defining our era.

From the other side of the bridge that next week’s square aspect from the Sun to Uranus represents, you will be presented with an opportunity to note (and feel) how much has happened so far in July, and how you might serve to help write the book of what will happen hence.

It is no coincidence that Planet Waves initiated its Art of Service membership drive with the beginning of this eventful month. Not to distract you from events. Rather, to make you more the author of your own life and a part of something greater than your life, in a world where bridges are being built and volumes are being written. You can choose.

Offered In Service

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About Len Wallick

Besides endeavoring to be of service to all of you here at Planet Waves, Len strives to live in Seattle while working as a professional astrologer. To contact him for an astrology reading you can send an e-mail to: lenwallick@gmail.com. His telephone number is 206-356-5467. In addition to his profession, Len contributes to the Seattle community without monetary compensation by serving as a Reiki practitioner and teacher through classes and outreach offered by the Seattle Reiki Mastery Series modality.

3 thoughts on “A Bridge, Some Books

  1. Barbara Koehler

    I guess that’s about the best way to “connect” what’s happening to us personally with what’s happening to the rest of the world Len. . . a bridge to someplace. We can be the bridge and/or walk across the bridge – from one place to another. Thanks for using the symbolism that suggests moving forward or away from one scene or situation to a better place.

    A friend of mine who lost her husband just over a year ago has reached a stage in that experience, losing a loved one, and is now at a point where she needs to move to the next step. She has endured the hardest part of that kind of loss, staying alive herself. In some ways she would prefer to continue this part of the recovery if the rest of the world would let her. Her dependence on her husband before he died has moved to a dependency on family and friends to fill the breach. It is time for her to stretch herself a little bit. To move forward and away, in baby steps of course, the role of helpless widow.

    Now friends are trying to help her with the necessary move forward, me among them. We must serve as bridges that will ease the crossing of terrifying chasms and to walk at least part way with her. Some bridges are meant just for walking – no cars or bikes, just walkers. They may be over a non-threatening stream or creek and still keep one still within eye-sight of the old space left behind.

    Sometimes we all need to cross a bridge. It could be the baby-step kind or it could be a greater challenge; a bridge that took you out of sight of the old space. What if there were to be an accident while crossing the bridge. Even a panicky feeling when looking down at a huge rushing river could bring you to your knees and stop your progress. Not everybody crosses the bridges that life offers up to them, do they? Yet, the idea of crossing a big bridge with a lot of other people who are moving from one space to another seems quite doable. Safety in numbers and all that.

    That’s what those 7 squares ‘tween Uranus and Pluto was wasn’t it? A series of 7 bridges getting us all from one place to the other, but some of us or some part of us might not have completed the series. But now, here comes the Sun, picking up the stragglers left behind (or some part of us that didn’t bridge the caverns we had to cross) during that period. How telling it is then, that this is a Cancer Sun; no sympathy from the derring-do Aries Sun (+ Uranus)!! . . or the stoic Capricorn Sun (+ Pluto). No, this bridge will be crossed with feeling, one of several forms of intelligence the Universe provided the Human Being with. Rather than the fire of inspiration, this time we are using the wisdom of compassion to make sure we all get over the bridge.

    Indeed, our Universe is quite thoughtful regarding our reluctance to change. It has provided us with Astrology’s secrets, and people like you Len, people who can make sense of it all. We are most grateful to you.

  2. Jennifer

    Thank you Len. As a natal Cancer Sun, and N Node in Cancer, I have been resonating with this bridge theme on many levels. And in the quietude of meditation, sitting by Lake Ontario’s shore tonight, I felt for a moment that cosmic connection to much, much more… happiness, safety, health and peace.
    I’m feeling quite giddy, and also solemn, for there seems to be so much at hand. As though the dial is being turned, I feel the change approaching me.

  3. aWord

    Bridges; crossing the Golden Gate in late May and crossing one of a very different sort now. Sometime in fact, life can seem more like a series of bridges than footing more seemingly solid. No matter, we are all crossing from one place to another all the time, it’s just a matter of….time.

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