It’s Been Five Years Since Deepwater Horizon

Almost unbelievably, it’s been five years today since the largest offshore-drilling oil spill in the U.S.: the Deepwater Horizon explosion and spill. The event occurred just hours after Chiron entered Pisces on April 20, 2010 (sadly and ironically just two days before Earth Day) — making it a clarion call to take a hard look at the health of this planet’s waters.

The BP oil spill was the worst disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico since Katrina and the world's worst oil spill since the Exxon Valdez incident. Photo:

The BP oil spill was the worst disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico since Katrina and the world’s worst oil spill since the Exxon Valdez incident. Its effects continue. Photo:

Eric, his longtime colleague and mentor Carol van Strum, and the network of Planet Waves researchers sprung into action immediately, gathering information about Deepwater Horizon and analyzing the astrological chart for the explosion and spill, as well as government documents related to the incident.

A series of articles documented that the spill happened near underwater munitions dump sites at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Here is one article, and here is a follow up.

In May and July of that year, Planet Waves also produced two notable feature articles on the event for our subscribing members: Tales from Topographic Oceans, from May 7, 2010; and A Pause in the Anti-Sixties, from July 16, 2010, when it looked like the continuously leaking oil well had finally been capped.

Planet Waves also published intermittent blog posts on the progress of the spill and subsequent cleanup. In more recent years, ECO items in subscriber issues noted the slow recovery in the Gulf of Mexico — both of the ecosystem and of the industries (such as shrimping) that rely on it.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council today, “Five years later, offshore oil and gas production in the Gulf is little safer, and by some measures, even more dangerous. There may be fewer oil wells in the region than before the blowout, but regulators have counted more accidents, spills and other hazardous incidents per well.”

While this is disheartening, it, too, points to Chiron. Still in Pisces, this centaur planet with a critical message continues to ask for our attention. Its work — our work — is not yet done when it comes to this planet’s oceans.

If you’ve been with Planet Waves for a few years, you’ve probably come to expect the level of astrological insight offered in those two linked subscriber editions above; astrology used to help us understand and learn from some of the most important world events we’ve all witnessed. If you’re a new visitor, I hope you’ll dive in and take a good look; what you read in those two members’ issues is only one facet of what you can expect with a Core Community Pass to Planet Waves.

2 thoughts on “It’s Been Five Years Since Deepwater Horizon

  1. Barbara Koehler

    I remember reading those articles Amanda, thanks for re-posting them. What I remember so vividly from that period was how long transiting Mars sat on the 0 degree of Leo (stationing direct there) and that Sabian Symbol of Blood Rushing to a Man’s Head seemed to speak to the gushing oil in the Gulf a month later. Mars was on that degree for 3 weeks but I don’t remember how long the oil gushed. . . seemed like months and months. I’ll have to refresh my memory and read those posts again.

    It was such a Plutonian event and yet, if you look at the discovery chart for Neptune you see that he was conjunct Saturn at the time. How did they find Neptune, huh? Anyway back in 1846, Saturn and Neptune in Aquarius were sextile Pluto in Aries and they formed a yod with Mars in Virgo, Mars at the apex point. Soooh. . Neptune at his discovery was only a couple of degrees from where he was at the time of the Deepwater Horizon incident (some 160+ years later), which was conjunct the U.S Sibly Moon in Aquarius. That put Neptune (and the U.S. Moon) quincunx Saturn in Virgo who was opposite Uranus in Pisces.

    To me this looks like Neptune was “behind” Saturn . . probably lots of times . . .but at the time of the Gulf of Mexico disaster for sure. It took Uranus opposing Saturn to “expose” all the Neptune shenigans and Pluto newly into Capricorn (the world of Big Business), and of course, Chiron at 0 Pisces to translate it all into a language we could understand. Pain.

    I know I will never forget how I felt during that time, but at least it opened our collective eyes.

  2. Len Wallick

    Excellent capture, Amanda. The Deepwater Horizon incident, especially when taken into consideration with the earthquake and nuclear disaster at Fukushima less than a year later (just hours before Uranus entered Aries) has changed the world. On some level, we all get that. Each of us have distinguished ourselves by how we perceive and respond to the changed world as evinced by the changes we have made in ourselves and what we do. Some have felt reason to employ denial as a refuge or shield in order to sustain themselves. There are many who serve the maintenance of denial. Others have sought (and continue to seek) greater understanding of how the world has changed. Those who support deeper understanding of a changing world are comparatively few. Yet others have acted to be and do better in some way. We still have some years to go with Chiron in Pisces and Uranus in Aries. That time frame looks to be a period in which further distinction might still take place. As you have pointed out, Planet Waves (under Eric’s guidance) has steered away from denial and toward greater understanding. Planet Waves has sought to be and do better. In the process, both Planet Waves and its readers have been distinguished. A good reason for readers who have undergone such distinction to spread the word to their friends and loved ones so that our distinguished community may not only be sustained, but enlarge in both its numbers and influence during the time frame Uranus and Chiron are holding open for us.

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