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Faith, Credit and Flexibility

Posted by Eric Francis


Back during the Cheney-Bush administration, I used to have this notion that there was an astrologer working in the White House who was taking it upon himself to sabotage everything they tried to do. For example, they invaded Iraq with the Sun in the last degree of Pisces, when they could have waited one day and had it in the first degree of Aries, honoring the god of war and drawing on fire instead of water. But with their late Pisces military action, they got a toxic, unnecessarily deadly and expensive bog that seems to work for no one except military contractors.

The Light in August: Your Monthly Horoscope

Posted by Eric Francis


August 2011 is one of those months when it will pay to know a little astrology — or even a little bit about the current astrology. The planetary movements of the next four weeks present a number of challenges, just as many opportunities and an occasion to peer into the future. There also seems to be an extended window in which to address certain matters of the past, and to work with the question of emotional balance.

Into the Water — but Not off the Deep End

Posted by Eric Francis

Water has been the dominant element in the charts this month, as the Sun moves through Cancer and particularly as we recently experienced a solar eclipse in there that is still sending out its waves. Venus is also in the sensitive sign Cancer, making aspects to many planets. This reminds us of what I think of as the most significant personal theme of our times, which is emotional healing.

The World in a Grain of Pholus

Posted by Eric Francis


Every now and then, a significant global event affirms the theme of one of the recently discovered planets. By recently, I mean since the late ’70s starting with the discovery of Chiron — and I mean bodies within our solar system. Many people wonder how astrologers come up with the meanings of these things, these ice cubes and hunks of iron orbiting our Sun in odd patterns. We have many ways. Wide-scale public events where a particular planet appears prominently in the charts help confirm what we know, expand our understanding and create new dimensions of knowledge.

The Thunder Moon & the Hero’s Journey

Posted by Eric Francis


The Capricorn Full Moon is exact Friday, July 15 at 2:40 am EDT. One beautiful thing about the Full Moon is that more than most of the events astrologers write about, it’s almost always visible. Even if it’s not, Full Moon energy is so obvious that everyone who is vaguely sensitive, or who deals with the public, can feel its energy.

Why Does the Moon?

Posted by Eric Francis


At first look, the Casey Anthony verdict earlier this week was shocking: to many it was obvious that she killed her daughter Caylee. On closer look, it’s clear that the prosecution did not prove its case, and that they went too far in seeking the death penalty in a situation without a verified cause of death, time or location of death or clear motive. True, much of the circumstantial evidence pointed back to Casey. Not calling the police when your child is missing for a month is weird, but it’s not capital murder.

After the Eclipses: Unfolding the Cardinal Square

Posted by Eric Francis


July began with the third of three eclipses in just one month, and it was an impressive one. You may be aware that the influential planets Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are arranged in what is called a T-square (three planets at right angles). This has been going on for a while — well over a year, in fact — and from time to time, it’s ‘activated’ by other influences. That’s precisely what happened with the July 1 eclipse of the Sun in Cancer.