Your Secret Astrological Diary

Dear Friend and Reader:

Imagine if someone had been keeping an astrology journal for you for the past 15 years. Imagine if a writer, skilled in reading the subtle movements of the Sun, the Moon and the planets, had been chronicling your life during these truly eventful years, explaining the astrology behind all the changes and developments you’ve been through, week by week and sometimes day by day.

Then imagine you’ve been handed the key to that secret diary. Imagine you can turn the page to any month or week, for your Sun sign and your rising sign — and find an explanation of how the planets were influencing you.

Maybe you’ve kept a personal journal all that time; maybe you haven’t. But this kind is special — it records the story of your astrology as a faithfully kept parallel history. It’s a history capable of doing something rare in life — offering insight into the question, Why?

How did that serve my growth? What was the real influence on the course of my life?

I’ve been keeping just such a document for you, and you can read it if you want. You can use it to research any turning point, the beginnings and endings of relationships or any other important life transition — all┬áthe way back to 1999.

You can read, in intimate detail, an account of what was going on behind the scenes of your life, on what you might think of as the soul level. Your secret diary — called the Intelligent Archive & Oracle — will give you information about specific dates in your life, and it will also give insight into — or directly answer — any question/s you have.

The Intelligent Archive allows you to ask a question and then it returns what seems like a custom-tailored response — but what you really did was reach into a deck of 12,000 tarot cards (in the form of my horoscope archives). The Intelligent Archive works just like a tarot deck, choosing your response totally at random, with stunning results.

Many, many times I’ve had a question, often challenging or complex, and received an answer from the Intelligent Archive — by which I mean I sat there looking at the screen with that jaw-dropping feeling, wondering how on Earth that even happened.

The Intelligent Archive & Oracle is one of many features you receive as a Core Community Member of Planet Waves. You get all of my current horoscopes, including Planet Waves Weekly — plus your extended monthly, Inner Space monthly and the new Sex By Sign relationship horoscope.

One really amazing feature of a Core Community Membership is the past three years of horoscopes organized by sign, in reverse chronological order, so you can read the astrological story of your life as a narrative.

Core Community membership offers many other features — our live conference calls where you can speak with me about anything; daily SMS service, with astrology delivered right when you need it; and of course my weekly articles.

You have access to this first-rate service for $14.97 a month. It’s not “like having an astrologer” — it’s actually having me as your astrologer, providing you the information you need when you need it, including a remarkable view of the past.

If you’re doing personal work, and are curious about the astrological history of your own life, you will love exploring your secret astrological diary. And then a moment later, I’ll be back with a new reading, telling you what’s happening right now.

Astrology is a beautiful thing, in the right hands, used the right way — together, we will create food for your soul.


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