Your Mind’s Time Has Come

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It would not be a stretch to say that consciousness is universal, and that awareness is everywhere. Mind, and the transcendent proficiencies that come with it, are another matter. As Len Wallick sees it, the astrology for the next several days will herald a new era for mind; yours in particular.

The Sun leaves Cancer to enter Leo today (Saturday, July 22). Tomorrow, the Moon will do the same. Minutes after its ingress, the Moon will meet up with the Sun in the first degree of Leo for their monthly conjunction aptly called a New Moon.


Based on astrological events to follow, tomorrow’s New Moon will initiate more than just a new lunar cycle. Implied by the context for the first of two Leo New Moons in a row is the beginning of a new era for one of your best traits.

One characteristic common to most New Moons is that the Moon is not clearly evident in the sky while conjoined with the Sun on the zodiac. The exception is a solar eclipse. Interestingly, a truly exceptional and total solar eclipse is what next month’s New Moon will also be.

Based on what the two luminaries (Sun and Moon) will be doing, this weekend will begin a unique journey through time. Specific details of your own traversal through the near future will, to a significant degree, depend on what makes you different from others. Implicitly, however, most of those particulars will not be important enough to remember.

What you will retain from the weeks to come will almost certainly not be only about you. Instead, the most salient and lasting impressions formed by all that’s currently getting underway in the sky will probably develop during a temporal voyage of discovery in common with everybody who also possesses one of your greatest assets: mind.

In addition to travels over land, water or through the air; there are other ways to explore. One means of discovery available to nearly everybody is to pay closer attention to what’s familiar.

Even among the people and places you know best is that which is not always (or even usually) apparent. No doubt you have had at least one occasion in the past to wish you had not overlooked something which, in retrospect, was plain to see.

This weekend, the astrology will symbolically begin indicating that such needless oversight need not be repeated. The Sun (corresponding to conscious awareness) and the Moon (correlating with other, less than fully conscious forms of awareness) are proceeding to give you a heads up regarding some exceptional things about to emerge from the ordinary.

Mercury (which, among other things, is astrologically representative of the mind) will be playing an important role too. Further emphasizing what the luminaries will subtly be getting started this weekend is how and where Mercury will be moving immediately after.

On Monday, Mercury will be in the the penultimate degree of Leo — the same degree of the same sign in which the Sun and Moon will get together on August 21 for a total solar eclipse. It is also precisely in that same (next-to-last) degree of Leo where Mercury’s next retrograde will conclude on Sept. 5.

Pause to contemplate that for a moment. One day after the Sun and Moon’s prosaic initiation of a new lunar cycle that could very well conclude in an epiphany, Mercury will be at the exact zodiac degree where the luminaries will next conjoin. It is as if Mercury on Monday will be telling you to think ahead.

As if that were not enough, Mercury will then return to that same degree of Leo a second time about two weeks after the eclipse.

With that return, a Mercury retrograde, which is now still weeks away from starting, will come to an end. It is as if looking ahead with anticipation on Monday will also confer occasion to look back with comprehension, even satisfaction by September. For all of that to happen, however, you will implicitly need to participate in a thoughtful manner.

That’s because intimations of what could very well manifest leading up to, during and following the Great American Eclipse will probably emerge where and when you are most likely to miss them – at least to begin with. A little thought, however, will just as probably go a long way towards helping you to find both your place and your way during what looks to be an extraordinary period.

Some such inklings, much like an ordinary New Moon, will not be readily available through direct observation. With some directed thinking, however, and you should be able to sufficiently infer general trends enough to make up for at least part of what you might otherwise miss.

Other clues will become apparent if you go beyond merely looking, to actually see the exceptional and indicative in familiar routines and surroundings. In order to do so, however, you will have to use your mind to inform your eyes, rather than just the other way around.

To some extent, consciousness and awareness are necessarily intrinsic for all beings interacting with their environment. The quality you might call mind is more rare, but there can be no doubt that you are endowed with it.

The mind’s ability to transcend the moment by both looking ahead and reflecting back is now about to come in handy. It would be fair to say that your mind’s time has come. The time has come for you to put your mind to an even fuller and better use than any which have come before. Implicitly you will not be called to do so alone, but in concert with others who also possess what must certainly be one of the greatest gifts the universe can offer.

Now the time has come to begin giving in return.

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