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Among the many photographs received since the New Horizons spacecraft sped by Pluto on July 14 is one as remarkable for its caption as for its image. Take a look by clicking on this sentence. The image includes “majestic mountains and icy plains” along with the hazy hints of atmosphere backlit by the distant Sun.


Every bit as notable as the image itself, was the description (“written by a professional astronomer”), which noted that Pluto’s terrain had “a strangely familiar appearance.” Indeed.

Or perhaps, it is better to say “in word as in deed.” One might even go so far as to omit the word “strangely” and simply say “familiar” — finally admitting that we might have known as much, or should have, long ago.

For after half a century of space exploration, our astronauts and robotic probes continue to encounter the familiar. Water, mountains, even complex organic molecules — which are an intrinsic part of your body — keep appearing on planets, moons, asteroids, even comets.

Patterns and processes once thought to distinguish Earth are turning out to be what Earth has in common with many of its celestial neighbors. Indeed, literally in deed, anything truly alien to your consciousness is turning out to be the exception rather the rule in our explorations of our celestial neighborhood thus far. In fact, it would seem increasingly reasonable to say that your inner space and what we call outer space could very well be one with each other in fact rather than in fantasy.

The same quality of speculation becoming inference is proving true for the very small as well as the very large, as recently developed imaging techniques for molecules has shown.

That inner space and outer space might well be one and the same is not a new or revolutionary idea. Motion picture artists such as Stanley Kubrick (in “2001”) and Tim Burton (in “Beetlejuice”) have proceeded from that theme as a given. Long before motion pictures, Galileo observed the moons of Jupiter in January of 1610 and inferred a heliocentric solar system. And long before Galileo, astrologers accepted and continued to demonstrate how all things could be correlated by the principle of “as above, so below.”

Yet, many still stubbornly adhere to Plato’s unspoken assumption (propagated to this day by many priests, politicians and philosophers) that you are separate and alienated from creation. This pernicious assumption has long been the basis upon which a brutal established order can take away and keep your power with impunity.

Which is how artists come to be marginalized in the world as “artisans.” Which explains the real reason Galileo was persecuted. Which underlies the summary and unsubstantiated dismissal and disrespect astrologers must endure from all but an enlightened few.

Even when the manipulative doctrine of alienation is revealed as an absurdity by those who offer to cure your pain of separation in exchange for money (money!), its perversity persists as a widely accepted norm through systemic intimidation.

Yet, you know. You know better. In spite of all the painful conditioning designed to break you like a horse, you can see yourself for yourself no matter where you look. Fortunately, the cosmos itself cannot be reached by those who continually reinforce their pernicious conditioning upon you. Positioned precisely between the largest and smallest things (as you are), you can look to the universe to verify that the knowledge you were born with is a truth from which you can never be broken.

Whether you look within, or out as far as Pluto, you know the truth. And tomorrow, shortly after 4:20 am EDT (08:20:29 UTC), the truth will be demonstrated again in an equinox unprecedented in your lifetime.

You will be able to see it in the astrology, when the Sun enters Libra to conjoin the Kuiper Belt object 58534 Logos. Literally translated, Logos means “word” — or even better, “THE word.” The word which, in more than one creation mythology, was not only present at the beginning, it was the beginning. Logos, which has not met the equinox Sun in the first degree of Libra for over three centuries, will be symbolically partnering with the Sun (which, perhaps foremost among its many interpretations, represents consciousness) to affirm what you know.

You will be able to see it in the physical, empirical world. No scientist or other priest of Plato will be able to hide it from you. At the moment the symbolic Sun enters Libra, the tangible Sun will appear directly over Earth’s equator. Not because it’s a coincidence, but because that’s the way it is.

Tomorrow, on the same day the Sun appears directly over the equator, it will rise in the precise direction of East and set in the precise direction of West no matter who you are, or where you are on Earth. You will also have the same amount of daylight as anybody, anywhere in the world. For one day the inalienable cosmos will demonstrate what you and everybody knows for all to see: that you are created equal.

Yet, as with all things in astrology and in your life, you must do your part. You can disregard and deny what you know. You can let the day of this year’s Libra equinox go by and heed not the word, which all things have in common. You can choose to be separate, the stranger, the alien. You can elect (and elect representatives who will tell you) that you are not created equal.

Or you can choose, as people have since long before history was written, to recognize tomorrow for what it is. You can acknowledge yourself for what you are. You are, if you choose to do your part, one with and equal to all things.

True aliens are not born, they are made. On the occasion of this equinox, and for your own sake, if nothing else, consider what you know and make of yourself as the blessing of your innate knowledge would have you do. Spread the word.

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6 thoughts on “You Know

  1. Geoff Marsh

    Tremendous stuff, Len. The amazingly beautiful photos of Pluto returned by New Horizons capture the extent of our local planetary environment. Our major neighbours have now been scrutinised and show us that our backyard is more familiar than we might have expected. If there be aliens, it’s more likely they’ll be found in other galaxies, but that exploration is for another time.

    I presume that the laws of maths, physics and chemistry as we know them were laid down at Big Bang, if there was one, and it should be no surprise that our solar system is subject to them and therefore more familiar than we might have expected. Whether there are laws which govern the activities of the seemingly random sub-atomic particles remains to be discovered and this, too, may take some time for discovery and understanding to reveal.

    Whatever that might show, on an atomic level, at least, we are all stardust and each one of us reflects the nature of those laws which govern the activities and potentials of atoms and molecules. Does that give anyone the right to say their collection of atoms is better than anyone else’s? Gravity says: only if they’re bigger than you. So, develop gravitas, said the man with Saturn newly transiting his first house proper.

    Rejoice in the garden of our solar system. It’s going to be the place our descendants explore, play in and exploit for the foreseeable future, and it seems a lot more familiar than frightening.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Geoff: Thank you. Well said. Please allow me to include in my grateful response to your comment a quote from Carl Sagan: “Science is not only compatible with spirituality, it is a profound source of spirituality.” Happy Equinox!

  2. Barbara Koehler

    We are in such a special time for humanity aren’t we Len? We have made such strides in understanding our world and the neighborhood it lives in. Libra being an air sign, one of mental proclivities, and as well, promoting balance, equality and harmony, this Equinox exudes a promise for a period of cooperation through logical reasoning.

    The Sun, never alone in the Cosmos, also has supportive sextiles with Klotho (Fate’s new thread of life) and Aphrodite (aka Venus) both at 0 Leo, and Saturn (creator of form and structure) at 0 Sagittarius. All of these gods of myth share an aspect with the centaur Nessus at 0 Pisces. They are challenging aspects, designed to promote growth and evolution.

    How fortunate then, that the Pope chose to visit the USA at this time of Equinox (equality) with his loving (Aphrodite) words which will provide both form (Saturn) and new beginnings (Klotho), while also challenging us (Nessus) to move forward on a positive trajectory. It’s been a really lovely day, all in all. Many thanks for your offering today Len.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Barbara (be): Indeed (as well as in word) one can almost feel how special this time is. Nonetheless, Venus trine Uranus (to the degree) in the Libra Equinox chart urges us to value the unexpected as much as the anticipated. So, no matter what surprises tomorrow will hold, hold out for the appreciation (in all senses of the word) that will ultimately follow. Also, thank you for bringing up the solar sextiles upon the Sun’s ingress to Libra (as well as the evident role of Nessus. Glad you had a lovely day. You certainly contributed to mine. Thank you so very much.

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