You Can’t Make This Up — Ceres Conjunct Pluto

Dwarf planet Ceres (technically “1 Ceres”) will conjoin dwarf planet Pluto Sunday at 3:17 am EST (8:17 UTC) in mid-Capricorn, just as both planets are being approached by spacecraft from Earth. Hence, even though astrology’s trickster Mercury is now returned to direct apparent motion, the sort of reality too incredible for plausible fiction continues apace.


Ceres conjoining (sharing the same degree of the same sign with) Pluto does not imply the same sort of unbelievable drama that too often correlated with Mercury’s first retrograde of the year.

Rather, what we have is an unlikely auspiciousness. What human beings set in motion years ago has unintentionally but perhaps meaningfully synchronized with what has been in motion since long before humanity existed.

You can’t make this sort of stuff up. You can, however, apply a bit of astrology’s perspective to not only interpret it, but also figure out how you fit in.

And fit in you do. You are part of the solar system. Furthermore, as the masthead for this Planet Waves page says (and as the Planet Waves annual edition proves at length), “You Belong Here.”

One of the ways of defining a system is that any one part will provide information about any other part — even all the parts as a whole. We can begin with the tale of Pluto and Ceres. Actually, there is more than one tale to tell.

The very names Pluto and Ceres refer to a rich, complex, powerful, dramatic story from western mythology. A condensed version begins something like this: Pluto (god of the underworld) kidnapped Persephone (Ceres’ daughter) because he thought he could. It was a case of might-makes-right impunity, which has characterized so much of human history.

Ceres, a powerful Earth goddess in her own right, in effect told Pluto (and his complicit old-boy power network) “No, you can’t.” She made her point by taking Earth to the edge of destruction.

Fortunately for Earth, a compromise was worked out by which the ancients explained the seasonal cycle humanity has learned to synchronize with in order to thrive in permanent settlements at temperate latitudes. It’s such a good story (and worth your while to study in depth), one is tempted to believe that it is not entirely made up.

On another level of story, Ceres was discovered by an astronomer using a telescope on the first day of a new century: Jan. 1, 1801. Its prime numeric prefix (“1”) indicates it was the first object found in what we now call the main belt of (mostly) asteroids between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Pluto, for its part, was discovered in 1930 by an astronomer using a telescope equipped with a camera. The photographic images revealed an object orbiting the Sun in the cold dark of what we now call the Kuiper Belt of objects out past Neptune.

Both Ceres and Pluto have been variously classified over the years. The whole story of promotions and demotions actually says more about humanity (and our attempts to define our place in the cosmos) than it says about the objects themselves.

Pluto and Ceres just do their thing, indifferent to human drama. Indeed, one is tempted to consider the history of astronomy and its seasonal cycles of definition and re-definition as at least partly mythical in how it has unfolded.

Now, a new chapter opens. A chapter we have written ourselves into, however inadvertently. Now, however unintentionally, little robot emissaries of humanity (equipped with telescopes and cameras) are close and getting closer to sharing proximity with Ceres and Pluto at the same time — an astronomical form of conjunction when you think about it. At the same time Pluto and Ceres reach a conjunction on astrology’s zodiac.

It’s not just any astrological conjunction. It’s a merger of objects named after mythical rivals who duked it out toe-to-toe while denizens of heaven and Earth trembled. It’s a merger of objects that have been put through a gamut of definitions, arriving at their current classifications at the same time in the same space. It’s a drama coming full circle to begin again.

You can’t make that sort of stuff up. It is as if humanity is moving beyond the synchronicity with the seasons we achieved long ago. It is as though we are now moving through the auspices of our mechanical and electronic manifestations to synchronize with something more — the system we call solar.

And since you are undeniably part of the solar system, there will be an implicit meaning for you when Ceres merges symbolic energies with Pluto on Sunday. It will be a sign, plain and simple — one for which only you can provide the final interpretation as an expression of your place where you have always belonged.

As Ceres and Pluto await their respective close-ups, it’s plain to see that you have both some thinking to do, and some doing to think about. There’s something going on which you could never simply make up, and you are here, unavoidably conjoined with it. If the whole scenario makes you feel real big and real small at the same time, maybe that’s the point.

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28 thoughts on “You Can’t Make This Up — Ceres Conjunct Pluto

  1. Bette

    Ah, Len – …”some thinking to do and some doing to think about” really sums it up for me right now. The Mercury station proved to be revealing (as Eric suggested in one of his posts) of things previously hidden, & for me that included learning that negotiations I’d been feeling my way through for many weeks were coming to naught – AND that this was the outcome I needed. Going forward would almost certainly not have served the “sharing and stewardship” values you mentioned previously in connection with 8th house matters.

    I’m interested in seeing what ensues with the Ceres-Pluto conjunction (in my 7th) – I’ve always felt a deep connection to the Ceres/Persephone/Pluto story, & as a gardener, conservationist & artist,
    I am keenly attuned to the seasonal changes. I would not be surprised to hear more revelations of the horrors of big-agri, ILO’s, & such with this conjunction. I’ll also be watching for the first pictures from the probe. Pluto has always seemed to contain so much that is hidden.

    I guess I could look at the past few months as a setback, wasting time & energy, but I choose to see this as a proving of sorts, which has served to both clarify my goals & values & test my boundaries around them. But I am very glad to bid this recent Mercury retrograde farewell – it brought some tough sledding & seemed interminable.

    So – time for a deep breath, as reassessment of where I’m at, & some reflection upon new directions. And planting some seeds (both literal & intangible), hoping for a warm & generous spring (Ceres willing?)

    Thank-you, Len, for your kind & insight-full guidance through these Very Interesting Times.

  2. Len Wallick Post author

    Bette: Ah, thank you for referring to a previous blog. My posts here are intended to be a holistic continuum. Just as reality is. Just as astrology is. Thank you also for sharing your insights regarding what has transpired for you individually so that each of us might better assess the system in which we are a part (and our individual parts in it). And yes, time for a deep breath before yet more breathtaking events in which all of us will play an active role.

  3. Shelley Stearns

    News broke about our governor, Kitzhaber, here in Oregon during Mercury retrograde and he is being asked to resign. A criminal investigation is being launched concerning his fiancée, Cylvia Hales. I’m still working on understanding Ceres and not sure if this fits, but there is definitely Pluto and Capricorn here. This is Kitzhaber’s fourth term, so he’s been entrenched in the power system in Oregon awhile. I’ve only been here four years so someone else probably has more insight on that than I do.

    Part of the news is that Hayes earned $118,000 from the Clean Economy Development Center while advising the governor’s administration on environmental policy and then failed to claim it on her taxes. When the news came out, I heard Kitzhaber on the radio and he said Hayes couldn’t be reached for comment because she was travelling in Europe. I think he failed to remember what time period we are living in.

    Perhaps this ties into Ceres, with the environment as a factor?

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    Shelly: Thank you. You could definitely be correct with your correlation, but for me what you describe is more along the lines of “the truth comes out” phenomenon associated with Mercury retrogrades (especially in Aquarius a a sign of public service).

  5. StrawberryLaughter

    Interesting. For most of the past couple of years, Pluto has been trine my Ceres (within a couple of degrees). Together, they were making up a grand trine with my midheaven, so I spent a lot of time feeling into what that represented in my life. Even so, I can’t say I ever got a grip on the relationship between those two big energies. Looking back however, I can see that one thing that has changed for me is the way I consider, receive, and process nourishment — on all levels. It’s a revolution that’s still very much in the process, and one I’m working hard to not “throw the baby out with the bath water,” so I’m taking my time settling and shifting with the new perspectives as they arise.

    Incidentally, that trine was at 11s, which happens to be square my Juno. This conjunction will be at 14, which is square my Uranus (and Eris). Perhaps the time for slow adjustment to new perspectives has passed, and I ought to be ready for the revolution to take on an unexpected & Uranian tenor? We’ll see.

  6. Len Wallick Post author

    Strawberry: Thank you. Aspects with the mid-heaven always (at least) include changes in how you see yourself in the context (or relative to) how others see you. Hence, transiting Pluto trine your natal Ceres and mid-heaven has represented a metamorphic (ie: slow but thorough) transformation of your self image which also takes into account how you “see” how others see you. Please, does that resonate with your experience?

  7. Len Wallick Post author

    Nicholas: i love your comments, Nicholas. Please consider that out of love i would encourage you to reconsider Pluto when you feel the time is right.

    1. Nicolas Salinas

      Haha, thanks Len. Only one good thing comes to mind concerning Pluto and it’s its regenerative powers. Any suggestions to where I could start reconsidering would be very welcome if you have a moment.

  8. Geoff Marsh

    A mind-expanding piece as so often, Len. Thank you.

    In view of the mythological connections with the Pluto/Ceres conjunction, it’s of note that this event will be within one degree of septile with asteroid Persephone conjunct Neptune on his home surf in Pisces. So, while mum Ceres visits Pluto in Hades (hell is Capricornian until 2023) to find out what’s going on with her offspring, daughter Persephone is visiting her uncle Poseidon who raped her mother, his sister. Ceres had tried to escape this fate by turning into a mare, but Poseidon was adept at this himself – think sea foam and horses.

    The septile – a seventh of the zodiacal circle – is associated with seventh-planet Saturn and is accordingly ascribed the attribute of destiny or fate, so our choices at this time may be karmic or life-changing on a grander scale than normal .

    As for destiny’s horses, the Moon is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius as I write and the return to forward motion by Mercury in futuristic Aquarius makes this weekend seem particularly fated. Time to listen to some Patti Smith again, perhaps, and to ponder deeply on where we’d like to be in seven years’ time when Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius begins to be felt.

  9. chief niwot's son

    “It is as if humanity is moving beyond the synchronicity with the seasons we achieved long ago.”

    Len, it is also worth noting that old seasonal and climactic patterns are changing in our time. Perhaps we have offended the gods with “our mechanical and electronic manifestations?”

  10. Lizzy

    Yes, Len is right about Pluto, Nicolas. I’ve started to (tentatively) make friends with this foreboding planet – and I see that the more I’m able to let go of resistance and open up to what it has to teach me, the more I’m able to shed old restrictions and unhappiness. Though it’s usually a really tough battle! Just the other day I kind of understood that Pluto is where the strongest alchemic transformation happens in my life.

    Thank you as always, dear Len, for your wonderful pieces, your immense kindness and care.

  11. marilyn

    Len, “Be” or anyone else, “Be” stated that on Feb.17th – 22nd that Eris would put the “icing on the cake”. What will Eris do in this time frame, as I do have a manipulative Eris in my immediate family? If I can stop her, the only way I seem to achieve this is to be one step ahead of her. Now my second question, you have stated and also “Be” that these absurdities will finally stop on March 15th. There are two very important time dates of history related to this date. First being Saint Patrick, which was noted for removing ALL THE SNAKES in the gardens, that would surely stop the absurdities, or the Ides of March , where Brutus betrayed Ceasar Augustus. Both will do quite nicely in stopping the absurdities. What time are the absurdities going to stop closest to. The Ides or the anniversary of Saint Patrick.
    Thanks for the info

  12. Len Wallick Post author

    Geoff: Thank you for taking us to school so adroitly regarding the septile aspect in general and its specific application to this weekend’s astrology.

    Chief Niwot’s Son: You make a good point. It is not lightly that we must contemplate the position we have put ourself in with regards to what gave rise to at least our very physical being (if not more) at this auspicious time. The choices we face are not trivial.

    Lizzy: My thanks to you in turn for sharing your profound sense of and experience with Pluto.

    Marilyn: You know, i just concluded what seemed to be a very thorough and pedantic search for the Eris comment you asked about (from Barbara) and it would not turn up. Perhaps an expression of Mercury in storm phase out of aspect with Neptune – which would make it very possible for me to overlook something in plain sight. For the same reason i would propose we wait until Barbara’s recent computer problems are overcome so we can ask her directly rather than indulge in speculation or put words into her mouth in error. After all as the late, great astrologer Rachelle (“Rockie”) Gardiner would say over and over: “patience is the key to heaven.” One thing i will say however, is that integrating Eris energies (rather than an attempt at “stopping” them) is probably the best choice for the long run. As to “absurdities”, i don’t recall writing about any such, nor could i find that reference in Barbara’s past comments either. What we do have in the astrology is the last of the seven exact Uranus/Pluto square aspects on March 16 (or 17 depending on your time zone). Also, Saturn stations retrograde on March 14, and Venus enters Taurus on March 17. May my service in response to you today be satisfactory to you and also foster harmony and peace in your life.

  13. Len Wallick Post author

    Nicolas: As Lizzy inferred in her response to you, integrating Pluto is a matter of intentional surrender as an empowered act of your free will. Please be patient. Wait for what is the right time for you. You will know when that is. You will know what to do.

  14. Mandy

    Personal Mercury Review courtesy of Planet Waves:

    The Ten of Cups is also known as “Satiety.” It is the card of family, and inherent in that is the idea of nurturing.
    Next to The Devil, however, and linked by the two breasts, side-by-side, you come face-to-face with the idea of nurturing in its shadow form. What it is that I have turned to to nourish me that did not nourish me in the conventional sense? What is it that was offered to me that I suckled from when I had little or no choice, because it was all that was available?
    “How can I transform this understanding into something that really can feed me? How does owning the shadow that my family mirrored to me — which is mirrored in the idea of the ‘families’ that we are still part of — give me the tools to start finding new ways to satisfy, to fulfil, myself?”
    you have the opportunity now to replenish your cup — the vessel of your heart — with something altogether more conscious, and more aligned with your needs and desires.
    “You do the same thing, over and over; or you change.”
    this change is one that manifests in your outer life, as you

    The second Aquarius New Moon on Feb. 18 will break a pattern in place since October of last year…turning the pattern of the previous five months on its head.
    there will be an implicit meaning for you when Ceres merges symbolic energies with Pluto on Sunday.
    it’s plain to see that you have both some thinking to do, and some doing to think about.

    If you knew that to have everything you ever wanted, you had to let go of all that you have – would you do it?
    I discovered I truly wanted Sacred Relationship in all aspects of my life. I realized I would never be content with anything unless I really put effort into creating this, whatever the sacrifice.
    Discovering just what it is that you need to let go of as you go along is the tricky part.

    I’m quitting smoking. I quit last year, and was very happy with myself for doing so. I started the pattern again last October. Ceres/Pluto (healthy nourishment/toxicity) – it’s something my mother supported me in (sneaking me smokes behind my dad’s back) when I was young, just as she was withdrawing from me emotionally. I’ve known for a while that it’s a dysfunctional apron string I keep myself attached with – a convoluted attachment to her.
    I have the power to release my own inner Persephone. It’s part of Sacred Relationship with myself, my own body temple. I take responsibility for purifying my own toxic pipelines – a welcome sacrifice. A valentine of Love to myself.
    My young Aquarian guru has been singing “Let It Go!” 24/7. She has Venus conjunct the Galactic Centre, with a Mercury semi-sextile. I hear you Universe!
    Planet Waves – you’re beautiful and awesome. We all are.

  15. Len Wallick Post author

    Nicolas: You are most welcome.

    Mandy: Congratulations on the inspiring (and inter-disciplinary) way you combined your inspirations to such a constructive endeavor. May your effort yield wholeness, wellness, undiminished inspiration and an unprecedented quality of life.

  16. P. Sophia

    Oh Len, thank you for the encouragement of you understanding and in sharing.  I could explore for days on this one. Just now looking around my natal chart to current transits and the aspects all seem to be speaking to me. No, i could not make this up and feel so conjoined to/in the current astrology.  It speaks of liberty and the strength found in conciously letting go, to transform, to open up to true love through surrender.  But there is also such a nuance of energy in taking, being taken and release, sexually and emotionally.  Maybe this plays into the Mythologies as well.

    In addition to the trans Ceras/Pluto Conjunction, in my 4th house, for starters Pallas is conjunct natal BML 20+ which is currently conjunct the transiting Moon to Natal Ceras 25+ degrees in Sagittarius, 3rd house.  All this is in opposition to my natal ♀ Venus/ Mars conjunction at 20+ Gemini, 9th house. Side note to this, my dreams are coming true..currently i am in Paris as of yesterday, where my boyfriend had planned in saying and taking, “the girl that he loves, to the city of love, on the day of love”! 

    More than the personal, i have not forgotten Venus and Mars are starting a new initiation of their own in conjunctiion in Pisces this weekend or is it the coming week? And I think there is a much deeper spaning pattern beginning, some big stage here developing for everyone, as far as how we currently find ourselves and the way forward in balance, energetically. Finding the harmony of opposing spirits and wills. This aspect personally is lightly sextile my natal Jupiter at 20+ Taurus, and right on sextile natal Varuna 23+ degrees, where, (of course) trans Senda is currently sitting, conjunct.

    Retrograde Jupiter is conjunct natal Mercury in 11th house, Leo 13+ degrees. I definitely have been having something to say about this.  ..I am thinking perhaps this might be the balance, or surrender point for me?? 

    Trans Juno is now conjunct natal Eros as well.?! Trans BML is conjunct natal Uranus at 7+ Virgo, 12th house opposite trans Neptune in Pisces. So transfiguation, along with the Pluto aspect is change. On the one hand i am reminded of the feeling of being locked into an old pattern energy, but the cosmos are giving the push, encouragement and sending the energy to release this.

    Lizzy as always, and Mandy, thank you so much for your comments as well.  As you bring in the 10 of Cups, and nourishment piece.  This speaks to me of my 10th house.

    But the 11th house I often correlate with the tarot, IV of Wands. It is of Leo where Jupiter currently is in retro and resides. It is of creative expression, pleasure, happiness, the broadening of the mind, and the joy piece that is deep at my core. 

    I have crossed that bridge! It is a time of celebration. It is here, right in front of me, unlocking my 10th house needs. I am currently living it, and actively consciously re-creating this energy in my life now. I can taste it, and feel it on every level.  It is physically present. I am finding there is a methodical and calculated way, to create this in a secure and stable environment.

     Still sometimes I catch myself momentarily sliping back to the old thinking, pattern energy, and this is a reminder to me to release. This time is asking we leave things behind in the past, and enjoy ourselves and our life today.

    We are in a new phase and season as you say Len.  It is a time to appreciate and recieve. I dont have to be fearful this energy will be lost, or taken away. I will not be overcome. I do, and recieve this for me today.

  17. Barbara Koehler

    Len, for some reason my comment isn’t making it to the comments section. Just want you to know I especially appreciate your reference to Pluto as kidnapper in light of the present-day headlines regarding hostage taking and all. Won’t repeat it as this one might not make it either!

    So sorry I don’t remember where I made those comments Marilyn and without knowing the context from which they were made, my memory is useless. Perhaps the March 15 date referred to the last Uranus square Pluto, along with some other juicy aspects.

  18. Barbara Koehler

    Len, Pluto the kidnapper does play a role in the present period’s astrology doesn’t he? With terrorist kidnappings as well as such ancient forms of murder now in the forefront of world news, there is a strong link between the ancient past and the present. Perhaps Ceres’ conjunction with Pluto is sending us a message about pushing mothers (and fathers, and even countries) too far? Transiting Persephone has just left her conjunction with Neptune and she is moving toward a sextile with Pluto herself; quite a drama seems to be taking shape. Hopefully our little robot emissaries will shed light on the story.

    It also occurs to me that last August Mercury (children) and Jupiter (lots of) were conjunct in Leo (kids) and they were square Pluto (kidnapper) in Scorpio (other people’s $$). As that was the start of their latest cycle, it was to become a theme for the whole period of about one year. At the time of the 1st Aquarius New Moon on January 20th, the day before Mercury stationed retrograde, they were about to reach their opposition. That won’t happen until March 1st so maybe we would get a better grasp of the whole hostage-taking (aka kidnapping) by studying that 00+ Aquarius New Moon chart. Perhaps March 1 (Mercury opposite Jupiter) will bring new information regarding this subject.

    Marilyn and Len, if I knew when and to what I was responding to regarding the Eris comment I might be able to elaborate, but out of context my memory is of little use. So sorry. Perhaps the reference to March 15 had something to do with Saturn’s station retrograde, Mercury’s square with Saturn and Uranus’s last square with Pluto, all happening around that time. Also, at the March 20th solar eclipse in Pisces, Mars (21+ Aries) will conjunct Eris (22+ Aries) as both are conjunct the U.S. Sibly Chiron (20+ Aries) who opposes the U.S. Juno (20+ Libra). Also, Eris is still quincunx the U.S. Neptune (22+ Virgo).

  19. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara! Thank you so very much for persevering to overcome your computer problems in order to check in as regards Marilyn’s question and weigh-in with your astute understanding of the Ceres-Pluto dynamic as it applies to current events. Our conversations, collaborations, and considerations here never seem quite complete without you! We are so very grateful for you!

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