You Belong Here (Whether You Know it or Not)

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Photo by Kelley Rico

“We are the mystery we seek to solve,” claims Kelley Rico in this brief and compelling look at the ways the astrological birth chart can be used as a map or blueprint for claiming our place in the cosmos and remembering why we are here — another in our series of featured Cosmophilia articles.

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by Kelley Rico

What is before and behind us are small matters compared to what is within us, said Thoreau and a few others. What lies within is the real birthright we seek and must claim to be fully alive. We are the mystery we seek to solve.

The fact of our presence here indicates a level of belonging here, and it is interesting that we nevertheless struggle so deeply with feelings of separation and doubt about all of it.

Photo by Kelley Rico

Photo by Kelley Rico

What we need to help solve our mystery and claim our birthright is a witness to our experience, not someone to judge it and assess our worth. Although far more common, the latter leaves us no wiser, and minus the mystery as well.

Fortunately, these many mysteries come equipped with blueprints and maps, as can be seen in our natal charts. The energies of the universe are essentially neutral and we move through them with greater or lesser ease depending on how we think about them. We can learn about that thinking, how to direct it, how to learn from it and how to claim our true and real selves by investigating the particular picture of time presented by a natal chart.

Your natal chart shows where the fault lines and powers are in you. It’s your cosmic blood and bones, so to speak. Pivotal to finding your inner voice and path wherever it may be or lead to, it also shows how to reach the healing that your birthright calls for.

That takes what it takes in terms of effort and perhaps more importantly, awareness of a different kind of time. Time is not a straight and unitary line, and part of the challenge of claiming your birthright is realizing how this works in your life. There is no doubt that your birthright and healing can be found and achieved using the wonderful tool of a natal chart, picturing as it does both you as an individual and you moving through all time.

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