Where the Elite Eat

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By Jen Sorensen

You’d think it would be normal to have a co-ed “eating club” at a university; Jen Sorensen pokes at the sexism fueling the Princeton men up in arms about it. Planet Waves publishes a cartoon by Jen — the first woman to win the Herblock Prize for editorial cartoon excellence — every Monday afternoon.

By Jen Sorensen

By Jen Sorensen

4 thoughts on “Where the Elite Eat

  1. Amy Elliott

    Saw this just today: Gender bias in student evaluations of professors


    “The difference in the promptness rating is a good example for discussion,” MacNell explains in the press release for the study. “Classwork was graded and returned to students at the same time by both instructors. But the instructor students thought was male was given a 4.35 rating out of 5. The instructor students thought was female got a 3.55 rating.” Considering that professors were rated on a five-point scale, losing an entire point on the “promptness” question just because students think you’re female is a major hit.

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