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Speculation is not an entirely bad thing, so long as it is leads to something more solid. On occasion, an established way of explaining events or scenarios does not account for observations. In such a case, it makes sense to first examine available data carefully.


Most often, any given discrepancy between expectations and what happens can be traced back to errant information. Only once in a while (and only after the data has been verified) is it reasonable to question how the expectation was formed.

Looking at the motion and distribution of celestial bodies and points to get useful clues for understanding the world and your life is (to say the least) controversial. Yet, it is self-evident that you and planet Earth are part of a system defined by matter-energy moving in predicable ways through space-time.

If you will grant that any one part of a system tells you something about both any other part and also the whole, it is not unreasonable to employ astrology as a tool. Based on the present holistic distribution and motion of cosmic entities, astrology as an implement for at least orienting yourself should not be excluded from your personal tool box.

That’s because the world in which you live has demonstrated some undeniable trends since the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. One word which could fairly be employed to describe prevailing patterns over the last two-plus weeks is “unprecedented”.

From the behavior of some people to behavior of the Sun, exceptions to recent memory (at least) abound. Established means of anticipating and explaining account for less than they have for a long time.

In addition, there is no sign that extraordinary will cease to be more and more the rule anytime soon. For you (indeed for nearly everybody) that’s good news.

To become part of a paradigm shift which is presently being implied above and simultaneously expressed below, it is important not to speculate too much. By the same token, it is equally vital that you not confine yourself to ways and means of orientation and understanding which are not currently working as well as before.

Based on what the Sun is doing, it is reasonable to expect a new season in nearly any sense of the word. Looking at where the Moon is (and where it is moving), it should be possible to employ intuition in harmony with logic.

Mercury, Venus and Mars are each in their own way making progress towards a new beginning as well. Jupiter and Saturn imply that nobody is alone in any of this. Other objects orbiting the Sun (notably, but not confined to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are emblematically indicating both a long-term meaning and a short-term substance which cannot be cynically explained away as absurd, random or pointless.

Even a grounded skeptic cannot be construed to have a handle on what’s going on at this time. Awe and wonder are not unfounded, so long as you keep them in their place.

You may be justified in feeling small, helpless or confused for the moment. There is no reason to remain that way, however. So long as you run your imagination rather than having it run you, you can participate in achieving a greater understanding of what’s going on that will be serviceable for those not yet born.

You can start by examining what raw data you can gather with a critical eye, and follow the good information where it leads.

Offered In Service


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Besides endeavoring to be of service to all of you here at Planet Waves, Len strives to live in Seattle while working as a professional astrologer. To contact him for an astrology reading you can send an e-mail to: lenwallick@gmail.com. His telephone number is 206-356-5467. In addition to his profession, Len contributes to the Seattle community without monetary compensation by serving as a Reiki practitioner and teacher through classes and outreach offered by the Seattle Reiki Mastery Series modality.

2 thoughts on “What’s Going On

  1. Barbara Koehler

    That’s good Len; “Looking at where the Moon is (and where it is moving), it should be possible to employ intuition in harmony with logic”. Based on that sentence I had to look and see where the Moon was when Sedna was discovered back in 2003. For the last few days I’ve been obsessed with the story of Sedna and with where Sedna was at the time of the total solar eclipse on August 21.

    My particular obsession; the unprecedented volume of water (not confined to the U.S. but that was my focus) – first in Texas and now in the Caribbean and soon Florida – drew me to the Inuit goddess of the seas. In the chart for the Leo solar eclipse Sedna held a position whereby she participated in a Boomerang pattern, another Yod and a T-square.

    But first, Sedna’s discovery chart has the Moon at 18+ Cancer opposite Nessus at 21+ Capricorn which Eris at 19+ Aries completed a T-square with. Sedna herself was in a grand earth trine, she being at 17 Taurus retrograde, Jupiter at 15+ Virgo and Chiron at 14+ Capricorn. There was also a Yod between Vesta-sextile-Neptune, both quincunx Saturn who was conjunct the U.S. Sun in Cancer. That Saturn was technically within orb of a conjunction to the Sedna chart’s Moon who was technically (for the Moon) conjunct Ceres in Cancer who was opposite Nessus in Capricorn.

    Already a powerhouse of a birth chart, in addition to being opposed to Sedna’s Moon, that Sedna discovery chart’s Nessus at 21+ Capricorn was sextile the Sun at 21+ Scorpio (which was conjunct the South Node at 20+ Scorpio) and they, Nessus and Sun, form a Yod with the U.S. Mars at 21+ Gemini.

    Transiting Saturn has been in the degree opposite U.S. Mars, 21+ Sagittarius, for 2 months. That makes a Boomerang that has been building up the Sedna Factor for 2 months. Suffice it to say this would qualify Sedna as a serious contender to be in the pantheon of gods and goddesses reigning over the solar eclipse on August 21.

    As for Sedna’s position in the August 21 eclipse chart, at 26+ Taurus, she sextiles Chiron at 27+ Pisces and they form a Yod with TNO Typhon at 28+ Libra who was opposite Uranus at 28+ Aries (who was trine the Eclipse itself). That’s a helluva Boomerang pattern and suggests a lot of water influencing this eclipse.

    Sedna was also part of a Yod through her sextile with Venus (24+ Cancer) and their subsequent dual quincunxes to Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 26+ Sagittarius which is conjunct the GC at 27+ Sagittarius.

    Then there was Sedna’s T-square to the eclipse chart’s Nodes (north node conjunct the eclipse, south node conjunct the U.S. Moon) that guaranteed Sedna’s influence in the Great American Eclipse story. Sedna was also trine the U.S natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, don’t you know. Therein lies her raison d’etre, her prominence at this time in U.S. history, IMO.

    Not only does her water symbolism come across in a most conscious way, her participation in the breakup of the obsolete patriarchal panoply shielding the old guard (so Capricorn!) patterns of thinking and behavior – those mores and folkways of today’s world – makes her one of the flag bearers for the present-day movers and shakers and for those not yet born.

  2. Pisces Sun

    Thank you Len. Barbara, so glad you were obsessed with Sedna! I was wondering a few days ago about what was going on as well. I didn’t focus on Sedna but rather Ceres. Thank you for amplifying Len’s excellent article. My home outside of Tampa has become an emergency shelter of sorts: 11 persons, 2 dogs, 5 cats and a guinea pig but thankfully, Hurricane IRMA has lost some of her force and is downgraded, but during this writing, we haven’t been hit yet by its full force! But everyone fears the floods and storm surge.

    It’s ironic to see the water in Tampa bay get sucked out to the Gulf. It looks like a big “gulp” by Mother Earth, soon-to-be-followed by a huge “hurl,” as if to say, I am sick. You’re making me sick, and by implication, “heal me, heal yourselves.”

    Water, like emotions, permeates. It cleanses and forcefully goes wherever it can. It also softens or breaks even the most hardened rock—transforming landscapes into gorges and Grand Canyons. Similarly, logic (steep in doctrine, religiosity, greed, masculine expression of brutality of die-hard competition and war, over sharing and peace) has ruled far too long– without heart/emotion. I welcome “Sedna’s influence in the Great American eclipse story.”

    Abusers living in denial need to admit their problem before they will address it. Climate deniers need to admit climate change is a real problem caused by mankind’s use of fossil fuels. It’s my understanding, we can expect more climate punches after Irma, maybe with Jose’ which is following IRMA’s track in the Atlantic. Because of politics, the US and other “advanced nations” have never aggressively met our climate change problem, instead, they tried to negotiate “progress” toward a status quo, at a poorly measured state of environment, not one that represented a healthy planet. We may never achieve reversal of climate change at this juncture, but we certainly could aggressive halt continued deterioration of our planet. But first, we must admit we have a problem…Sedna seems to be doing her part in helping us!

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